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Neighbours Episode 1899 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1899
Australian airdate: 22/04/93
UK airdate: 23/02/94
UK Gold: 10/02/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phoebe pulls away from Russell.
RUSSELL: I thought you were interested!
PHOEBE: Why?! I'm married!
Russell pours out how well they've been getting on recently, how good Phoebe said he was with Hope and how Phoebe and Stephen haven't been getting on.
PHOEBE: Russell, I thought you understood, I love my husband!
RUSSELL: Oh, Phoebe...I really am sorry. I read it wrong. I was way out of line. It didn't happen. Can we just forget it? I mean, Stephen doesn't need to know, does he.
Phoebe just looks at him.
Lou is looking through the racing guide and can't see any mention of the horse (BUnsen BUrner) that Lauren has taken to the meet. Beth asks Brad if Lauren said anything to him and he says she didn't. He suggests to Beth that they go for a walk.
When they've gone, Lou advises Cameron to forget about his relationship with Lauren - she never changes her mind once it's made up.
Phil staggers in drenched in sweat. Debbie just looks at him while Phil goes on about how great it is to have a personal trainer.
PHIL:(between gasps) I feel incredible!
DEBBIE: Yeah, right!
Debbie tells Phil that she's missing Rick a bit. Phil laughs and says Rick has only been gone for twelve hours(!) Debbie is worried that the Alessis will move to Sydney and she'll never see Rick again. Phil says there's no guarantee that Benito will get the job, and if he does, Debbie can go up in the school holidays.
Cathy, Rick and Benito are taking a boat across the bay to Manley. Rick is moping about Debbie. Benito says he's really optimistic about his interview.
BENITO: Come on Ricardo, get with it! The Alessis are Sydney bound!
RICK: Great(!)
Coffee Shop
Phoebe comes to talk to Stephen about Russell. She apologises for giving him a hard time about Russell, but Stephen apologises too, saying he shouldn't have suspected Russell of taking Wayne's gun.
PHOEBE: I shouldn't have taken his side. He's nothing in my life, you and Hope mean everything.
STEPHEN: I love you too. A lot.
They kiss.
Phoebe offers to hang around the Coffee Shop for a bit with Stephen. It's clear that she wants to avoid being alone with Russell.
The police call round to see Lauren, to get her statement about the car accident she witnessed while out with Brad the other day. Cameron tells the policeman that Lauren is out of town for a few days.
POLICEMAN: You wouldn't know her boyfriend's name? We didn't get his details.
CAMERON: I'm her boyfriend. Or I was. Why?
POLICEMAN: Oh, you don't match the description.
CAMERON: What description?
POLICEMAN: Well, the guy she was with at the time. Early 20s, long blonde hair, the surfie type. You know him.
CAMERON: Yeah. I know him.
Lou comes to see Lauren. He wants to know what's going on, and Lauren admits there was no country meeting - she just wanted some time on her own. She slept at the stables last night. Lou asks Lauren to come to him when she has a problem - if Cameron's not the right bloke for her, then that's it. Lauren feels awkward being around Cameron at the moment, but Lou says she can't hide from him forever.
LOU: If you're going to share a house with the bloke, you may as well be mates.
Lauren is apologising to Cameron for pretending to go away. Cameron tells her it's fine, and then asks her about the accident she saw.
LAUREN: Just a rear- ender. No- one was hurt.
CAMERON: Bloke in the back doesn't stand a chance with a couple of eyewitnesses to dob him in.
LAUREN: A couple of witnesses? Who's the other one?
CAMERON: I thought you'd know.
LAUREN: I didn't anyone there. I was on my own.
CAMERON: Cop must have got it wrong then, he seemed to think you were with your boyfriend.
LAUREN: Well, he made a mistake, alright?
CAMERON: Hey, I'm just asking. It's funny, his description of the bloke fitted Brad, that's all.
LAUREN: Well, there might have been other people around, I don't know. Plenty of guys look like Brad.
CAMERON: Perhaps he was just passing and you didn't notice him.
CAMERON: The cop called him your boyfriend. Why would he assume that unless you were together?! You said you didn't want to lie to me, but you are!
LAUREN: I'm not, it's just...
CAMERON: You were with Brad. And it's not the first time you're off alone together, right? I've been giving it a lot of thought. When things started to go wrong with you and me, it was the same day I saw you and Brad at the beach.
LAUREN: Cam...there's no point in all of this.
CAMERON: There is for me! You lied about where you were that day, you can't stand to be in the same room with him and Beth. That's guilt, Lauren. All I want to know is how far this thing with Brad has gone.
LAUREN: We made love, OK?!
Cameron is shocked.
LAUREN: Happy now? You just had to push, didn't you.
Sydney Hotel Room
Rick rings Debbie and tells her his parents love Sydney, but he misses her.
Lauren is going out, but Cameron calls her back - he wants to talk.
CAMERON: A few weeks ago, you said you were interested in somebody else. Was that Brad?
LAUREN: Cam...I wish you wouldn't do this.
CAMERON: You owe me the truth. Was that Brad?
CAMERON: So this has been going on a long time behind my back.
LAUREN: Nothing's been going on. It just happened once.
CAMERON: Can you be honest, just for once? I suppose the two of you have been having a great joke at my expense. Good old Cameron, so trusting. I feel like a fool.
LAUREN: We didn't do it to hurt you. We tried not to do it at all!
CAMERON: If I'd been there five minutes earlier, I would have caught you at it!
LAUREN: Just stop it! It wasn't something that we planned, Cam. It just happened.
CAMERON: Yeah, it took you totally by surprise(!) It doesn't "just happen" Lauren! You could have stopped it if you wanted to, but you didn't, did you!
LAUREN: Guess not.
CAMERON: And what about Beth? She's your friend, and Brad's fiance. She's the one who's really going to be hurt when she finds out.
LAUREN: There is nothing between Brad and me now. There's no point in telling Beth. You're not going to, are you?
Cameron says nothing.
Coffee Shop
Beth and Phoebe are talking about Russell going cold on Annalise. Beth thinks Russell might be a vampire(!) Phoebe explains that Russell used to have a girlfriend, but she has the impression that the breakup was pretty grim.
PHOEBE: Look, this is just between you and me...but Russell kissed me.
BETH: You're kidding! What did you do?
PHOEBE: I was too stunned to do anything at first! But then I told him to back off.
BETH: Does Stephen know?
PHOEBE: Not yet. I'm not sure if I should tell him.
BETH: You have to! Married couples can't have that sort of secret from one other.
PHOEBE: Yes, but no...Stephen's already got a bit of a set against Russell. He might throw him out or something. And...maybe it was sort of my fault.
BETH: Why?
PHOEBE: Well...I might have led him on a bit.
BETH: Phoebe!
PHOEBE: No, not like that! It's just Russell's really lonely and he's got no friends. I've been talking to him lately, spending lots of time with him. Anyway, he apologised and I'm sure it won't happen again. So what's the point in causing a big hassle?
BETH: Hmm, I guess you're right. So tell me, is he a good kisser?
She laughs at Phoebe's disgust.
Brad is appalled that Lauren has told Cameron about their indiscretion. She doesn't think that Cameron believes her that it was just one time.
BRAD: He's going to tell Beth.
LAUREN: I don't know, Brad. I think he might.
BRAD: I never meant to hurt her. What are we going to do? Maybe I could tell her, try and make her understand.
LAUREN: No, what if he doesn't say anything?! Then she'll just hate us both.
BRAD: We shouldn't have done it. Doesn't matter how much...what a mess.
LAUREN: Well, what are we going to do?
BRAD: I don't know. One mistake, and I ruin everything.
The Alessis are sitting at a table, and who should be selling watches nearby, but Michael Martin! Michael sees the Alessis, but they haven't seen him. He hastily packs up his watches and heads off.
Beth is ironing when Brad comes in. He sits down at the table looking guilty. Cameron comes out of his room and regards Brad silently.
BETH: What's going on?
CAMERON: Guess I'm still trying to get over what Lauren did.
BETH: It's rotten for you. I just can't understand why she changed so suddenly.
CAMERON: You think you know someone. Trustthem. And they blind- side you. I guess friendship and loyalty mean nothing to some people. So smug about it too when you think it's such a big secret. I reckon it'd serve them right if someone let their secret out of the bag. Beth...
CAMERON: ...I've got to go. See you.
He walks out.
BETH:(to Brad) What was all that about?!
BRAD: I don't know.
Phoebe has arrived home.
RUSSELL: Phoebe listen. About this morning...I really am sorry. I was way out of line!
PHOEBE:(shortly) Yes, you were.
RUSSELL: So, does Stephen want me to pack?
PHOEBE: I decided there was no point in telling him. As long as you can guarantee me that nothing like that will ever happen again.
RUSSELL: I swear I won't. I like you guys too much, I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.
PHOEBE: OK. And...I'm sorry if I encouraged you somehow. But I love Stephen. I have no interest in anyone else, and that's not going to change. Clear?
RUSSELL: You've made your point.
He walks off to his room.
Cameron has come to see Brad.
BRAD: So, are you going to hit me, or what?
CAMERON: I ought to. It's what you deserve.
BRAD: Look, mate, I'm sorry...
CAMERON: You're no mate of mine. A mate wouldn't race off with every girl I get close to.
BRAD: I didn't mean to, I tried to stop it...
CAMERON: Yeah, real hard, eh!
BRAD: Look, this thing with Lauren...it just got way out of control. Like this huge wave. You know you can't handle it, but it won't let you go - until it dumps you on the beach.
CAMERON: You're real big on beaches, aren't you(!)
BRAD: I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
CAMERON: Yeah, well you have, Brad. You've hurt me. And you're going to wreck Beth.
BRAD: No! Me and Lauren - that's over. I'll never cheat on Beth again.
CAMERON: Well, you might not get a chance to if I tell her!
BRAD: Look, you're mad at me, that's cool, and I don't blame you. So if you want to hit me, go on, do it. Come on, hit me, man! But leave Beth out of this. She doesn't deserve it.
CAMERON: She doesn't deserve a low- life like you either.
Cameron walks out without another word.
Benito and Cathy go back to the hotel with their shopping, while Rick goes for a walk. He comes across Michael selling watches on the sea- front.
RICK: Michael?
Michael looks up, shocked.
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