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Neighbours Episode 1898 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1897 - 1899>>
Episode title: 1898
Australian airdate: 21/04/93
UK airdate: 22/02/94
UK Gold: 09/02/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Stephen is moaning about Russell monopolising the phone again. Russell must have heard him because he emerges from his bedroom and hands Stephen the phone.
Phoebe tells Stephen to stop griping about Russell - he's got as much right to use the phone as any of them.
Doug comes in and tells Gaby and Pam that he and Wayne aren't going on the trip after all.
DOUG: OK, you might as well know. Wayne's gun's gone missing.
PAM: Missing?!
DOUG: Yes, he thinks someone might have taken it.
GABY: That's awful!
PAM: Is he sure?
DOUG: Pretty sure, yes, he's just taking another look now.
PAM: What did I tell you?! Isn't this exactly what I was saying last night?!
DOUG: I know, you don't have to tell me, I know!
Wayne is checking his ammo which he keeps in a locked box in the garage.
Rick comes to tell Wayne that he's going away to see his parents for a week. Wayne says he'll have to take some schoolwork with him. Debbie backs Wayne up(!) He is about to ask them if they've seen the gun, but decides not to.
Phil tells Julie that he's going to the office and then the gym in a while. She complains that she doesn't get to see him much these days.
JULIE: You're not still angry with me about the business over Michael, are you?
PHIL: I guess there's no point being angry, but please don't ever try and hide something like that from me again. Whatever Michael did, he's my son. I need to know he's OK.
Julie asks why Phil is always down the gym, and he says he's thinking of hiring a personal trainer! Hannah thinks it sounds rough, but Phil says he'll get a discount as Lassiter's manager.
Coffee Shop
Wayne tells Doug that he still hasn't found the gun. They wonder who could have taken it. Doug wonders if it could have been Russell - they don't know a lot about him. They ask if Russell is OK. Stephen says he is a bit strange - he's got a box that he keeps hidden.
Stephen is aghast to hear that Wayne's rifle is missing. Doug thinks it's time Wayne called the police.
Car Yard
Lou sees a well- dressed woman looking at a car and goes over to introduce himself. He starts giving her the patter, but she is clearly very knowledgeable and observes that the car has had a respray, and therefore must have been in an accident. Lou denies this and says it's only had one careful lady owner(!)
The woman introduces herself as Naomi Watson and tells him Benito is looking for a partner to buy out his share in the car yard.
Phoebe apologises to Russell about the phone incident and he says it's fine. He compliments her on how good she is with Hope. He goes off to make them some lunch.
Stephen comes in and asks where Russell is. He tells Phoebe that a gun has gone missing from the Robinson house and thinks they have the right to ask Russell a few questions. Phoebe doesn't think so and says they can't invade their privacy.
Russell comes in at that moment and offers to make Stephen some lunch too.
Car Yard
Naomi Watson is apparently a car sales person herself. Lou says they get a lot of lady customers and if Naomi could handle them, he could deal with the marketing!
NAOMI: Let's get one thing straight. If I buy into a partnership, that's what I expect to be - a partner. With a full say in everything, promotions, strategies and future directions.
LOU: Future directions?
NAOMI: Yes! I think this place could afford to go a little more...upmarket. Don't you?
LOU: Upmarket?
She starts talking about taking on a franchise and selling new cars, which would require upgrading the offices and moving away from the "shabby shed" image(!) SHe heads into the office to looks at the books.
Pam and Gaby see on the television that a criminal called John Vaughn has escaped by climbing through the window of the police station toilet. He's held up a jewellery shop. Wayne has come in and Pam makes a pointed comment about where criminals get guns from.
Wayne hasn't found his rifle yet.
Phil is chatting with his new personal trainer. He recommends that Phil concentrate on mental toughness with aerobics, early morning swims, stretching and consolidating exercises. This is in addition to the gym(!) He snatches a jam mallow out of Phil's hand and tells him sugar is poison to him from now on(!) He has to eat fruit and fibre.
TRAINER: Mental tones means muscle tone!
They agree to meet up at 6am tomorrow(!)
TRAINER: In a few weeks you won't recognise this man!
JULIE: That, I can believe(!)
Rick is going to try to get all his schoolwork done before heading off to Sydney. They chat about Benito's interview and Debbie worries that Rick will have to move to Sydney if Benito gets it. She's not happy, and as they talk about it, Rick suddenly gets a headache.
Russell is wearing Stephen's robe. Phoebe is trying to get Hope to sleep and not having much luck, so Russell offers to have a go. Phoebe tells him she'll manage.
Gaby and Pam are ranting about guns. (Pam is wearing a blouse that looks curiously like a child has done potato prints on it.) Wayne admits that he was in the wrong about having a gun in the house.
WAYNE: I should never have left the wardrobe unlocked, not even when I was in the house. I just pray it hasn't fallen into the wrong hands.
He heads off to call the police.
GABY: Er...that won't be necessary.
She reaches under the settee and pulls out Wayne's gun.
PAM: Oh, I think so!
Wayne just looks relieved.
Outside No.22
Debbie gives Rick a couple of paracetemol which he takes. He asks Debbie not to tell anyone, and promises to see a doctor when he gets back.
They realise this will be the last time they see each other before Rick leaves for Sydney and kiss.
Wayne is checking his gun over.
GABY: It's alright, I didn't do any damage. Jim saw to that.
DOUG: Jim?! Was he in on it?
PAM: It was all Jim's idea. He found your wardrobe unlocked and decided to teach you a lesson. Give you a bit of a scare.
WAYNE: Well, he succeeded.
GABY: So you'll get rid of it?
WAYNE: I'll take it back to the farm where it belongs. There's a proper gun cupboard there. I still reckon guns are fine as long as they're used for their proper purpose and kept safely.
PAM: The leopard hasn't changed his spots then?
WAYNE: Well, if you mean do I believe all guns should be banned out of hand...no.
PAM:(to Gaby) See?
GABY: Come on Mum, he's learnt his lesson!
PAM: You may think that's good enough, Gaby, but I'm not so sure.
Lou is telling Phil about Naomi over a beer. (Hang on - isn't Phil supposed to be on a "my body is a temple" diet?!) Lou isn't sure about Naomi as a partner, but will need to find an alternative for Benito. He asks Phil if any of his contacts might want to buy Benito out. Phil says he'll keep his ears open.
Phoebe tells Stephen that the rifle has been found, so Russell isn't a homicidal maniac after all(!) Russell comes out and sits down. Stephen goes off to get his dinner out of the oven. Phoebe is very tired and Russell sympathises with her.
No.32, the following morning
The personal trainer is banging on the door and shouting. Julie drags herself to the door, and Debbie and Hannah have also been woken. The trainer orders Phil to put his training gear on!
Russell is working from home this morning. He hopes Phoebe doesn't mind, but she says she's glad of the company. Russell tells Phoebe he's sorry there's a bit of friction between her and Stephen at the moment, that he thinks she's a wonderful mother. He starts to give her a shoulder massage.
PHOEBE: Thanks, Russell. You're a real friend.
RUSSELL: I'd like to be more than that.
Suddenly he leans in and kisses Phoebe.
<<1897 - 1899>>
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