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Neighbours Episode 1893 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1893
Australian airdate: 14/04/93
UK airdate: 15/02/94
UK Gold: 02/02/00
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Alan Coleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
JULIE: Philip, I...I...
PHIL: I'm waiting for an answer, Julie!
JULIE: Mrs.Stevens called a couple of days ago, but she...
PHIL: Oh, what?!
JULIE: Don't yell at me, Philip! She assumed that I knew about your little trip to Sydney when you were looking for Michael, remember? Your supposed business trip.
PHIL: Don't you try that! What did she say?! Does she know where Michael is?!
JULIE: She said she'd seen him in that shelter she runs. See, Deb, so he must be alright!
PHIL: You weren't going to tell me, were you?
JULIE: Philip, I tried...
PHIL: You knew how much I've been looking for him! You knew how hard I've been trying, how much money I've spent, how much time...
JULIE:(angrily) Oh, don't come Mr High and Mighty with me! You didn't explain it until after I'd caught you out!
JULIE: And remember what he tried to do to this family?! He almost destroyed us! Philip, I couldn't take that risk again!
PHIL: I didn't want him to come back here, I didn't ask for that! I just wanted to make sure he was alright! Oh, damn! If I've missed Michael because of what you've done, I will never forgive you!
He walks out.
JULIE:(to Debbie) Look, I did it for *us*! For all of us! Debbie, you know what Michael's like, he almost killed me!
DEBBIE: That was a really low act, Mum. Dad had a right to know.
She walks out too.
Doug is impressed with Gaby's tent (which she has set up in the Willis living room!), but teases her about wild animals(!) Gaby is packing a load of things into her backpack, and then Doug knocks the tent down(!)
Brad and Beth come in late to find Lou watching telly. He tells them that his heart isn't in the car yard anymore - Benito is driving him crazy.
Phil is sitting up in the dark crying and Debbie comes out and sits with him.
DEBBIE: At least we know that he's OK. I mean, he was a couple of days ago.
PHIL: We don't know what mental state he's in. Where he's living...those shelters are only temporary. Despite his tough act, he's still just a kid.
DEBBIE: I worry about him too, Dad, honest.
She hugs him.
DEBBIE: I don't know...maybe if he came and lived back here...Hannah's petrified of him, and after what he tried to do to Mum...
PHIL: Yeah, I know, but it's not even as simple as that. If he did come back there's every chance he could end up in jail.
DEBBIE: I'm sorry.
PHIL: We'll be right, Debs. Guess I've got you to keep me sane.
No.26, the following morning
Julie has come to see Jim about the incident with Fiona last night. Wayne doesn't know anything about it, and Jim has been out all night - at Fiona's. Julie is shocked.
Brad and Doug are teasing Gaby about the awfulness of camping and she kind of half- believes them and looks rather worried(!) Wayne comes to pick Gaby up and balks at the weight of her rucksack. He takes a few items out - like a hair- dryer!
Phil is on the phone to the shelter, but apparently Michael has moved on. In the kitchen, he gives Hannah a hug and glowers at Julie.
Then Holly the dog pulls up one of Julie's plants. She is not pleased.
Camping Area
Wayne is showing Gaby the hiking route and some rough- looking men heckle her.
Car Yard
Benito and Lou are bickering again. Lou says that Benito has an attitude problem - he's taken away all the small nice things (like soft toilet paper!) to save a few cents and taken all the joy out of the job. Lou says that Benito doesn't really sell any cars anyway! Lou finally snaps and says they can't afford to buy each other out, so they'll have to divide the car yard down the middle and each have a patch!
Camping Area
The weather isn't too good. Gaby strides quickly through the Bush, despite Wayne's advice to take it easy and enjoy herself.
Phil is telling Doug about Julie hiding the Michael sighting from him. Doug then goes over and joins Beth and a couple of mates at a table. Brad is working behind the bar and doesn't like Beth mooning over him in public.
Julie pops round for a cuppa and a chat with Pam, but Pam is just going out to work. She tells her that Phil found out about the Michael sighting.
Camping Area
Wayne is soaked from the rain so decides to go for a swim in a rather murky river. Gaby warns him about yabbies and leeches. He says there aren't any, but then finds a yabbie on his leg!
Julie is pottering about, clearly upset. She accidentally drops a vase on the floor.
JULIE: Damn you, Michael! Damn you!
She starts to cry and Holly comes up and comforts her.
Camping Area
Wayne wants Gaby to re- site the tent - she's put it up in a dodgy place. She refuses, so he wanders off on his own for a walk.
Car Yard
Lou is painting a white line down the middle of the car yard(!) They bicker about who gets to use the office and Lou says they'll toss a coin. Unfortunately the coin lands in the white paint!
Hannah sees the broken vase. She thinks Holly did it, so confesses herself. Julie tells her there's no need to lie, she won't get rid of Holly - she thinks the dog is good for them.
Car Yard
A customer approaches a car parked in the middle of the white line. Both Lou and Benito scramble to sell him the car and then start bickering. The customer gets fed up and leaves.
Doug has popped in for a beer and a chat with Brad about Phil and Julie. Brad is nervous about getting married - what if he and Beth get divorced? Doug thinks if he and Beth work at it, they'll be OK.
Beth comes in and shows Brad a blister she's got from work. He tells her how beautiful he is and then kisses her, apologising for telling her off earlier.
Camping Area
A figure approaches Gaby and her tent. Later, Wayne returns to the campsite and sees a car driving off and no sign of Gaby. He calls out to her, but there's no reply. Then he sees a bloody knife on the ground!
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