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Neighbours Episode 1894 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1893 - 1895>>
Episode title: 1894
Australian airdate: 15/04/93
UK airdate: 16/02/94
UK Gold: 03/02/00
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: Alan Coleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise comes round looking for Brad or Beth. Lauren isn't very comfortable talking about Brad and Beth, but offers Annalise a cup of tea, apologising for being a bit tetchy.
Annalise tells Lauren that she and Beth went to Tech together. Lauren asks if Annalise was around when Brad and Beth started going out. Annalise says she wasn't, but that they were friends for ages first before Beth chose Brad to be her first(!) and it just went from there. Lauren is rather surprised at this.
Coffee Shop
Rick tells Brad that he's doing a birthday party this afternoon and Brad offers to help him. Rick asks Brad to sort out the food. Rick begs Cathy to let him hold the party at No.22 and Cathy tells him flatly, no.
Camping Area
Wayne races back to the camping area office, but it is closed.
Jim, Doug and Fiona are discussing Julie's behaviour last night. Annalise comes over and Fiona suggests they move in together. Annalise isn't keen, saying they'll just fight like they did before.
Lauren and Beth are looking at bridesmaid's outfits in a catalogue. Brad tells Beth that he has a great afternoon planned for them!
Jim moans to Doug about his family's attitude towards Fiona. When he's gone, Annalise tells Doug that she and her mother don't get on. Doug tells her she should make an effort.
Telephone Box
Wayne races up to a payphone, but a woman is using it. While he's waiting, Wayne recognises a bloke getting into the ute he saw leaving the camping area. He gives chase in his own ute and runs the guy off the road. Wayne grabs the bloke's throat, much to his surprise(!) and demands to know where Gaby is, but he doesn't know anything.
Annalise asks Lauren if she knows anyone who's looking for a flatmate. They discuss some possibilities, but Annalise's best option seems to be her mother.
Telephone Box
Wayne is on the phone to the police, who are on their way.
Beth is teaching Brad how to ice cakes for the kids, but he's not very good.
Camping Area Office
Wayne arrives back to find Gaby casually sitting with a bandaged hand. He rants a bit and then Gaby explains that she cut her hand picking flowers. He tenderly asks her if she's OK (much to her surprise). She explains that the ranger gave her a lift to the hospital.
Just then, the police turn up and Wayne explains that it was a false alarm and offers them a cup of tea(!)
Jim is back from the doctor and apparently has slightly high blood pressure. He decides from now on he's not going to let his family interfere in his life. He kisses Fiona and thanks her for worrying about him.
Coffee Shop
Rick arrives with ten children, much to Cathy's annoyance. Beth arrives with food, so she doesn't have much choice other than to let him carry on.
Wayne and Gaby are back and are discussing their trip with Lauren and Doug. Lauren suggests that they try horse- riding next. She asks Wayne if he'd like to buy a share in a race horse.
Coffee Shop
Things are rather chaotic and all the kids are throwing food. A bloke comes in for a quiche, but Cathy can't hear him over the kids' shouting, so he walks out.
Cathy tells Rick off and tells him to get out. He takes the kids off to the park.
Jim and Fiona are relaxing in dressing- gowns (yuk). Jim asks if Fiona will be moving in with Annalise, but Fiona doesn't think Annalise wants to.
Rick and co are on a train ride with the kids. Rick ends up grabbing a girl that isn't at the party and their mother tells him he's disgusting(!)
RICK: This has got to be the worst day of my life!
Annalise pops round to see Fiona. She tells her she wants to move in with her after all. But now Fiona says she doesn't want to.
ANNALISE: Had a better offer, haven't you? Oh, I see. Jim's going to set you up in a little love- nest. That's it, isn't it.
FIONA: Actually, no. He's asked me to move in here with him.
<<1893 - 1895>>
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