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Neighbours Episode 1892 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1892
Australian airdate: 13/04/93
UK airdate: 14/02/94
UK Gold: 01/02/00
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Alan Coleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Russell comes in and surprises Phoebe who jumps, and tells him she was moving things to do the vacuuming. He tells her aggressively that she was snooping, and that she had no right. He tells Phoebe to stay out of his room, now and in the future.
Debbie tells Julie that the earrings she's trying on are disgusting!
JULIE: They're a gift for Fiona. What do you think?
DEBBIE: Yeah, they should suit her(!)
Debbie asks if it's true that Michael might be coming home. Julie tells her that Phil has been trying to trace him, but without success. Julie isn't keen to have Michael home, but Debbie says she guesses she loves him, as he's her brother. But she's not sure that Michael will forgive her for dobbing him in to the police, and he has been very aggressive to Julie in the past.
Rick pops around to see Debbie. He tells them that everyone is talking about Hannah's party, then drags Dbbie off.
Jim tells Fiona that they should have a party so he can introduce her to the rest of his friends. They kiss, but Fiona is worried about Julie's attitude towards them as a couple. She suggests inviting Julie and Phil over for dinner. Jim is pleased and says she's more than welcome to use the kitchen.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is fed up of Ben "helping" her and sends him off to the car yard. Ben isn't keen to go as he's avoiding Lou!
Rick tells Debbie that he's had an idea - he wants to organise parties for other kids on the cheap, and wants Debbie to help him.
Phoebe comes in and tells Stephen that Russell is acting really weird. She admits she was snooping and looked in the box under Russell's bed. Stephen isn't too impressed, but is surprised to hear there was an Elliott Park Rehabilitation ID card in there.
Fiona invites Julie to dinner and she accepts. Julie gives Fiona the earrings - as a peace offering. Fiona opens them and strainedly tells her that they're lovely(!)
JIM:(hugging Julie) That's much better. You've made my day.
In the kitchen, Fiona grimaces at the earrings(!)
Wayne is on the phone when Rick and Debbie call around. Rick tells Wayne that he needs a favour - a gig as a clown at a kids' party this afternoon. Wayne refuses at first, but Rick talks him around.
Stephen is badgering Phoebe to apologise to Russell. He says he could be rehabilitating from anything - perhaps an accident. When they go to Russell's door, he's installed a padlock on it.
Coffee Shop
Wayne is dressed as a clown. Apparently he was very good, and the party went very well overall. Wayne tells Rick he's never doing another party again! Cathy warns Rick not to overdo things.
Stephen is not impressed with the damage to the door caused by the padlock. Phoebe apologises to Russell. Stephen says Russell will have to sort out the damage to the door, but he just goes into his room and closes the door behind him, bolting it from the inside(!)
Stephen allows that Russell may be "a bit off- centre"(!)
Phil arrives home and Debbie hugs him. She asks after Michael, but Phil hasn't had any success locating him. He thinks they'll just have to accept that Michael doesn't want to be in touch with them.
Julie is feeling stressed and tells Phil that Fiona is up to something - she's being suspiciously nice(!) She's worried that Fiona is getting her claws into Jim.
Fiona has made sushi for dinner. She and Jim hug. Julie and Phil arrive and they all greet each other. Julie offers to help Fiona with the dinner.
Stephen has found out that Elliott Park Rehabilitation concentrate on drug rehabilitation. He says it does make sense - Russell has some bad mood swings. He doesn't know what to do - he has Phoebe and Hope to think about.
Phoebe hears Russell shouting to himself in his bedroom.
RUSSELL: I don't need it! I don't need it anymore!
Phil, Julie, Fiona and Jim have finished their sushi. Julie goes into the kitchen to help Fiona. Julia is upset that Fiona wants to use one of Helen's antique plates to serve the meal.
FIONA: Ah yes, but with your grandmother not here tonight, I'm the lady of the house, aren't I!
JULIE: Not for long.
FIONA: Ah, that's where you're wrong, Julie. Your grandmother made it quite clear that if I stayed, she'd move out. And I'm quite certain Jim doesn't want me to go anywhere.
Phil, Julie, Jim and Fiona are finishing their meal (Beef Wellington). Julie tells Phil privately that Fiona is a bitch, but Phil says she's making something out of nothing. Julie goes back into the kitchen and is shocked to see Julie and Jim kissing.
Coffee Shop
Benito is telling Cathy that he's not getting on with Lou, while Rick and Debbie mop the floor in the shop. Rick says he's going to make millions doing children's parties. Just then, he gets a sudden headache, but claims he's fine.
Julie finally snaps.
JULIE: Dad, can't you see!? This woman is doing her best to break up our family!
JIM: She's doing no such thing.
JULIE: How can you be so blind?!
JIM: Stop it.
PHIL: Simmer down, Julie.
JULIE: Look, look at her! Can't you see what she is? Neither of you heard what she said in the kitchen. She plans to kick Gran out of the house.
FIONA: You misunderstood! I just said that Helen might move out. Meaning that, although we wouldn't want it that way, she might be happier in a place of her own.
JIM: Julie?
JULIE: I suppose it could be interpreted that way, but it's not the way she said it.
FIONA: Oh Jim, I can't win. It does seem no matter what I do, Julie just doesn't like me.
JULIE: You can say that again.
FIONA: I'd better go.
JIM: No, Fi...
FIONA: I'm not going to come between you and your daughter.
PHIL:(to Julie) Now see what you've done?
FIONA: Goodbye, Jim.
She leaves.
JIM:(to Julie) Satisfied?

Stephen and Phoebe are looking through their budget. Russell comes out and tells them he's going for a walk. Stephen tells Phoebe that he's not sure what to do about Russell - but she says maybe they should give him a chance if he's trying to get off drugs.
STEPHEN: Fine. But if he makes one more false move, he's out.
Phil thinks Julie is jealous of Fiona(!) He says that what Julie is doing to Jim is the same as what Michael tried to do to Phil and Julie. Julie says it's not the same thing - Michael is psychopathic(!) Debbie hears this and is not impressed - they don't even know if Michael is alive. Julie lets slip that someone called about Michael. Phil and Debbie are shocked.
<<1891 - 1893>>
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