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Neighbours Episode 1891 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1890 - 1892>>
Episode title: 1891
Australian airdate: 12/04/93
UK airdate: 09/02/94
UK Gold: 31/01/00
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Russell Butler: Stephen Whittaker
Summary/Images by: Sal
Number 30:
Phoebe comments to Stephen that it's weird that the computer viruses turned up when Russell arrived on the scene and that it was weird that he knew exactly what to look for and was able to fix the problem really quickly. Stephen scoffs that it's his job to know how to fix it! Phoebe admits she might be being silly, but she heard him talking to himself too.
STEPHEN: What was he saying? 'I am the walrus'?!
Phoebe tells him not to make fun of her, but Stephen says everyone talks to themselves. Phoebe comments on the fact that Stephen wouldn't come out for dinner either. Stephen suggests that maybe he's trying to stay out of their way - or maybe he enjoys his own company. Stephen muses on the fact that Russell could be lonely and Phoebe jumps on the fact that Russell doesn't have any friends. Stephen says that he might be shy and instead of Phoebe giving Russell a hard time, she should try and help him - by introducing him to Annalise! If she can't brighten Russell up, nobody can!
Number 32:
Julie loads the washing machine and Phil walks in in his pyjamas. Julie's made him a cup of tea and Phil remarks on her attentiveness towards him now that she's got her revenge over Michael. Julie hastily tells him that there's no point going on about it. Phil tells her that it would've stayed on his conscious if he hadn't tried to find Michael. Julie tells him to drop the subject and Phil confesses he doesn't want to dwell on it. He tells her that, despite the party, she'd been remarkably tolerant. As he kisses her and strokes her hair, Julie looks uncomfortable, especially as he mentions that he just wishes he knew where Michael was.
Julie changes the conversation to a family holiday. Phil asks her how that'll fit in with her studying but she says that she's been neglecting them all recently and from now on, family comes before schoolwork. Phil looks pleasantly surprised as they embrace and says that if her workaholic brother can spare him from the office, it sounds great. As he kisses her and comments on how lucky he is to still have his girls, Julie looks guilty.
Number 30:
Annalise is sitting with Phoebe and Stephen in the living room and is expecting Russell to be ugly, as the ones who need help to meet girls always are. Stephen goes to get Russell but on the invite, Russell refuses, saying that he's busy. Reluctantly, Russell agrees and appears and talks to Annalise. He's surprised that she merely works at Lassiters - he thought she'd be an actress or a model and encourages her to go for it. Stephen smiles at Phoebe.
Number 24:
Lou's still laughing at Cameron's performance as they enter the house. Lauren says if Faye treated all of Cam's girlfriends in the way he says, she's glad she hasn't met her! Cam says the whole routine was a blur but Lauren tells him he was sensational and she can't believe he made it up as he went along. Lauren's disappointed when Cam says he won't do it again - he's achieved what he wanted, and he wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for Lauren. They kiss and Lou makes a hasty exit towards bed. Cam comments on how Lou's come around to the idea of them being a couple and the pair snog on the sofa.
Number 30:
Russell is telling a funny story but when Hope begins to cry and Phoebe exits, he appears to lose all interest in Annalise. When Stephen goes to make coffee, Russell brushes her offers of meeting up again off and hastily exits to his room. Phoebe asks Annalise what went on and Annalise is confused - one minute she should be a model, the next she's a waste of time. She says he's a bit of a loonytune.
Number 32:
Julie clears the breakfast dishes in a furious mood, proclaiming that if Holly makes one more false move, she'll be kicked out. Phil tells her to calm down and asks her what's wrong - she was tossing and turning all night. Julie tells him it's Michael, as last night Phil gave her the impression that if he found Michael, he'd bring him back home. Phil tells her that Michael's still his son and he'd like to think he's salvagable. If he didn't end up in a correction centre, Phil would have to try and help him.
Julie is stunned, considering everything Michael did. Phil tells her that he understands her feelings, but it doesn't stop him worrying about his son, where he might be. Pam knocks around with Holly and Julie is annoyed that Holly's dug up Pam's front garden. Phil announces he has to leave and tells Julie to stop fretting - it may never happen.
Coffee Shop:
Stephen admits that walking out on a hot girl like Annalise is not normal behaviour, but maybe Russell was just shy. Phoebe comments that it didn't look that way when they were all together. Stephen suggests that maybe Annalise made a pass at him whilst they were out of the room - and that's enough to make any bloke nervous! Annalise walks in on the conversation and asks how the 'demented boarder' is. Phoebe says they don't know, as he's not left his room since. Annalise tells them that she heard of a guy who conducted experiments on rats in a rented room.
Stephen laughs and suggests that Russell may be a little out of the ordinary, but he's not that weird. Annalise isn't convinced but Stephen wonders if it's because Russell ran out on her. Annalise tells Phoebe to do her a favour and not introduce her to anymore of their weird friends! Stephen says he thinks they should leave Russell to get on with his own life as he pays the rent on time and doesn't mess up the house. He tells Phoebe not to pursue it.
Number 24:
Lauren mutters that Cam's success has gone to his sinuses - he snored all night! Lou abruptly chokes on his breakfast - he didn't realise they were sleeping together. He agrees that Cam's a nice guy to date, but not to sleep with - he's appalled at how casual she is about it all. Lauren's surprised he's such an old fuddy duddy and promises they'll be more discreet - but Lou says he'll get over it. Cam gets a phone call from an agent who saw the show last night and wants to make Cam into a star. Lauren's enthusiastic but Cam isn't sure.
Number 32:
Hannah is scrubbing Holly's footprints off the kitchen floor, whilst Julie lectures her on not letting Holly annoy the neighbours. Hannah's fearful that Holly will be sent away and Julie comments that it's all down to how Holly behaves in the future. Hannah complains that if Michael's allowed home, Holly should be allowed to stay as well as he's far worse!
Julie asks her if it'd upset her if Michael returned and Hannah says that everything goes wrong when he's around - he hates her and she hates him. Julie reassures her, saying that Phil looked for Michael but he couldn't find him. Hannah's pleased - but then Holly walks in chewing Julie's Italian shoe!
Outside Lassiters:
Annalise watches Cam as he meets with his agent. The agent wants him to pay for his portfolio but Cam's reluctant. The talent agent spots Annalise and introduces himself, suggesting she should get into modelling. He tells her to call him and when he returns to Cam, Cam turns his offer down.
Number 30:
When Phoebe arrives home, Russell's tidied the living room and made tea and biscuits. He thanks Phoebe for last night - it's his way of doing something back. Phoebe's surprised to hear he enjoyed last night but he tells her that Annalise is very attractive and any time she's invited over, it's fine by him.
Number 28:
Julie and Pam are sorting clothes for the hospital, discussing Fiona. Pam suggests that Julie should pretend to accept Fiona, which could prompt Jim into seeing Fiona for what she really is. Julie confides in Pam about the phonecall she received over Michael's whereabouts. Julie protests that Phil had given up anyway and what he doesn't know, can't hurt him. Pam thinks it's too important to keep from Phil, but Julie points out that Hannah's scared to death, she wouldn't be able to cope herself and the family could break up altogether.
Pam tells her that Michael won't want to return home - he'll only end up in a detention centre if he did. She adds that Phil wouldn't let Michael hurt Julie or Hannah and that lying won't help matters. Julie says that owning up could be worse - but Pam tells her she has no choice.
Coffee Shop:
Cam advises Annalise not to get in touch with the talent agent as he's a rip off merchant. Annalise can't see the problem and thinks that Cameron is jealous because he was more interested in her than him! He leaves as Phil and Julie walk in. On seeing Annalise, Philip checks his watch and tells Annalise she should've been back at work five minutes ago!
Julie's hassling Phil for a chat but he's flat out with work. He relents and Julie attempts to confess to the business with Michael, begging him not to be angry. When he urges her to spit it out, she reveals she's going to make it up with Fiona instead. Phil's baffled that she came to see him at work to tell him that - and moreso that she thought he'd be angry about it! Julie pretends she wanted to get Fiona a present and she was worried about him not wanting her to spend money, but Phil's utterly confused and leaves for work!
Number 32:
Holly's in the washing basket and Hannah's horrified - if Julie sees it, Holly will get kicked out.
Number 30:
Phoebe's throwing in a load of washing and offers to do Russell's, but he refuses. Phoebe insists on stripping his bed and he's forceful in his protests against. Phoebe's surprised but Russell tells her at his last flat, nobody respected his privacy and now he has a thing about it - he feels really uncomfortable with people in his room. Phoebe stiffly apologises and Russell tells her he will take her up on his offer and goes to get his washing.
Number 32:
Hannah's putting out Holly's food when Julie arrives home. Julie asks Hannah to put the shopping away whilst she sorts the washing but Hannah tells her she's already done it. Julie's pleased, until Hannah confesses she accidentally dropped some of it on the floor but she's happy when she realises that Hannah's put the washing back in to wash again. However, when she takes it out, Julie's favourite jumper has shrunk!
Number 30:
Phoebe's hoovering up and enters Russell's empty room. She looks at his computer and then rifles through his wardrobe and under his bed, where she finds a box. Inside, she finds Russell's photocard for Elliott Park's Rehabilitation Clinic.
<<1890 - 1892>>
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1891
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1891
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Cameron Hudson, Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1891
Cameron Hudson, Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter

Phoebe Bright, Annalise Hartman, Stephen Gottlieb, Russell Butler in Neighbours Episode 1891
Phoebe Bright, Annalise Hartman, Stephen Gottlieb, Russell Butler

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1891
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Annalise Hartman, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1891
Annalise Hartman, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1891
Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1891
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1891
Annalise Hartman

Pam Willis, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1891
Pam Willis, Julie Martin

Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1891
Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Annalise Hartman

Hannah Martin, Holly in Neighbours Episode 1891
Hannah Martin, Holly

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1891
Julie Martin

Phoebe Bright, Russell Butler in Neighbours Episode 1891
Phoebe Bright, Russell Butler

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