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Neighbours Episode 1888 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1888
Australian airdate: 07/04/93
UK airdate: 08/02/94
UK Gold: 26/01/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Auctioneer: Ian Sprake
Customer: Michael Zdrinis
Elderly Lady: Robyn Bissett
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Pam tells Brad that she's very proud of him for working so hard to save money for a house.
- Lou records a new advert for Carpenter's Cars.
- Lauren tells cameron that if her horse doesn't respond to the next course of medication, he'll have to be put down.
- Debbie finds Rick holding his head in agony and calls an ambulance.
Outside No.22
Rick is being stretchered into an ambulance. Benito has arrived now and looks very worried. He asks Debbie to inform Cathy while he goes in the ambulance with Rick.
Brad comes up and comforts Debbie, and then Cathy drives up in her car. They tell her what's happened, and she follows the ambulance in her car.
Lou and Lauren chat about Chukkamental. Lauren doesn't think he's ready for racing yet, yet they're giving him a run tomorrow to make a decision about his future.
Cameron comes in and shows them some old photos of himself at Uni that he's found - of him in plays and musicals. Lauren says he could audition for something, but Cameron says he's chosen law and his stage days are over.
Doug wakes Brad up and gives him a quote for the wedding reception. Brad groans and says he can't afford it. Doug says he and Pam can help out, but Brad says he'll handle it. Maybe he could talk to Beth about having a scaled- down wedding(!)
Rick is home - apparently it was just a severe migraine, brought on by stress. Benito looks very guilty. Cathy tells him not to blame himself.
Beth comes round and Brad asks her if they can scale down the wedding reception, and put the saved money towards the house. Beth says it makes sense, but they don't know if they'll get the house until the auction tomorrow.
Ben and Cathy have come round to watch the new advert with Lou, Doug, Beth, Brad, Cameron and Lauren.
They watch the advert, which is Larrikin Lou again, but to their surprise, a second, more sensible Lou also comes on to the screen!
LARRIKIN LOU: Hey, you! You! get yourself into gear, roll down to Carpenter's Cars for the deal of a lifetime! You won't get a better chance at this!
SENSIBLE LOU:(appearing on the left of the screen) Please ignore that individual, we don't need his charms at Carpenter's Cars. I mean if the product's good and the price is right, what more do you need? At Carpenter's Cars, the deals are the stars!
LARRIKIN LOU: But mate, they've got to know where to find ya! That's the important thing!
SENSIBLE LOU: Our advertising relied solely on satisfied customers. At Carpenter's Cars, the customers are our friends.
LARRIKIN LOU: Well, you tell your friends, but I'm telling you - come to Carpenter's Cars, remember what I say, the deals are the stars!
Everyone screams with laughter and pronounces the advert great. All except Cathy and Benito who looks at each other in horror.
No.22, the following morning
Benito is moaning to Cathy that Lou is making a fool of them, but she is more worried about Rick. Apparently the doctor couldn't be sure it was a migraine, and there is a family history of brain tumour. Rick overhears this and looks very worried.
Brad has got another bill for $400. He doesn't know what to do.
Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and tells Benito he's had a few ideas to back up his ad campaign - by running a Sausage Sizzle. Benito is not happy, but Lou is unphased! Just then, a lady recognises Lou and says, "At Carpenter's Cars, the deals are the stars!" Lou is delighted and asks her to join him for coffee, so she can tell him in detail what she thinks of the advert.
Rick tells Debbie he's feeling much better and can come to school today. He asks Debbie if Cathy told him anything about his diagnosis as he was a bit spaced out at the hospital, but all she knows is that they said it was brought on by stress.
Lauren is off to the horse trial. Brad comes in and Beth tells him that her wedding dress is really beautiful. She's also been looking into honeymoon destinations, but Brad wants to cancel it and go to the beach instead, so they can spend the money on their house. Beth is not happy, and says they've got years to save for a house.
Coffee Shop
Cathy asks Rick how his head is, and then Benito comes in and says the same. Rick looks a bit worried. Cathy has rung the doctor who says there's no need for a brain scan.
Benito tells Cathy that a lot of people have come to the car yard because of the advert, but they're not buying anything. The main problem, though, is the personality clash between Lou and himself. He'd like to buy Lou out. Cathy says she's not prepared to risk their small savings from the spaghetti sauce and tells him flatly, no. Benito says that as an alternative, Lou could buy *him* out and Benito can start again. He's not sure Lou can afford it though.
Beth tells Lauren that she's not sure about buying the house. Lauren says maybe they'll get out- bid at the auction, but Beth doesn't think that's very likely, as it's a dump(!) She hopes Brad will relax a bit after they've bought it.
Coffee Shop
Lou tells Doug and Cameron that he's had loads of customers in to the garage. Cameron tells them a story about his mum's driving, and Lou and Doug tell him he should go back on the stage.
Rick and Debbie are messing about but quickly stop when Benito comes in. Benito tells Rick to do his homework, but Rick tells him he's feeling a bit stressed. Much to his surprised, Benito tells him to rest and do his homework later.
Lauren tells Lou that Chukkamental finished last today, so the owners are going to sell him off. Lou says casually that Lauren should get a syndicate together and buy the horse herself. Lauren tells Cameron that she'd love to do that, and Cameron encourages her to try it.
House Auction
Doug reminds Brad to stay calm and remember his limit - $85,000. The bidding starts at $70,000 and quickly rises to $85,000. Brad is outbid at $95,000.
Carpenter's Cars
Lou has just sold a car when Benito comes to see him. He tells him he wants Lou to buy him out. Lou says he hasn't got the money and Benito should just lighten up. They argue and then talk about having a sales competition!
Brad is depressed about the house, but Brad says they'll find something else. Beth tells him angrily that she can't live like a pauper for the next 25 years.
BETH: If you want to buy a house, then you buy it. But you can buy it on your own, and you can live in it on your own because the wedding's off!
She storms out.
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