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Neighbours Episode 1887 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1887
Australian airdate: 06/04/93
UK airdate: 07/02/94
UK Gold: 25/01/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Wayne asks Gaby if they can try again. She says they can.
- An extra $2,000 has been found in Doug's company books - Pam is confused.
- Jim determines to confront Julie about the earrings.
Pam is on to a client (Charlie) saying she can't possibly accept a gift of $2,000.
Doug and Gaby come in. Gaby tells them that she's going on a date with Wayne. Doug says she'd better get fit as Wayne is a fitness fanatic(!)
Debbie is lending Rick some school books as he's sold his own(!)
Jim barges in, looking murderous.
JIM: What is the big idea of you attacking Fiona?
JULIE: I didn't!
JIM: You had no right to demand those earrings back, they were a gift from me to her!
JULIE: Dad, you've got it all wrong, I didn't demand them...
JIM: Oh yes, you did. She's being very nice about it, but she's upset, and she has every right to be!
JULIE: Dad, all I said was that gran gave them to mum. Then she took them off and slapped them into my hands!
JIM: You are deliberately causing trouble. You were sounding off about Fiona before you'd ever met her!
JULIE: Dad. I was concerned for you.
JIM: Interfering, you mean, like you always do in other people's business.
JULIE: Don't you know she's lying to you? She's out for whatever she can get!
JIM: I don't know why everyone is against Fiona, but I will see anyone I like!
JULIE: Dad, this isn't fair, I didn't do anything! Fiona's turned you against me.
JIM: I said, enough! Now stay out of my life! And that goes for your grandmother too!
JULIE:(shocked) Dad!
He storms out.
Benito has received Rick's marks, which aren't good. He takes Rick by the ear and tells him he's failed practically every assessment this term. From now on, Rick will study two hours of Maths every day, starting today. Rick says he'll have to borrow Debbie's books, and is forced to admit that he doesn't have his own books. He lies and says they were stolen(!)
Jim and Fiona are off out to a restaurant. Fiona is defending Julie saying she cares about Jim and is only looking out for him.
In the kitchen, Gaby and Wayne are cooking a meal and chatting about their interests. Wayne says that perhaps they could play tennis together - perhaps tomorrow afternoon. Gaby looks a bit worried(!)
Pam has popped around for a cup of tea. Julie tells her that Helen has gone because she can't bear to see Jim get mixed up with Fiona. Pam is interested to hear this and asks if it's serious. Julie says that Fiona has got her hooks into Jim and is poisoning him against the whole family.
No.28, the following morning
Gaby is sewing and tells Doug that she's playing tennis with Wayne this afternoon. Pam tells Doug that she's going to apologise to Jim for jumping to conclusions about Jill.
Pam comes in looking for Jim and is surprised to find Fiona in the kitchen. They introduce themselves. Pam obviously feels rather awkward and asks how Fiona is getting on with Helen. She says she has barely met her yet, but hopes to get to know her better when she gets back from Brisbane.
Coffee Shop
Pam tells Cathy that she solved the mystery of the $2,000 - it was gratitude from one of her patients and he won't take it back. Pam thinks it's a bit unethical to accept it, but Cathy says she should just spend it!
Cathy finds some school books that have been left on the table and recognises them as Rick's (he has drawn cartoons in them). She says she'll have to go down to the school.
Tennis Court
Gaby arrives to find Annalise there - Wayne has invited Annalise and Stephen to play doubles. Gaby is not very pleased.
Cathy has apparently tracked down the new owner of the book and has found out that Rick sold the books at the School Book Exchange. Rick admits that he needs the money for the phone bill. Benito says he can buy the books back and then do some extra chores at the car yard to earn some money.
Pam asks Doug what they would do with an extra $2,000 spare. He says he'd help Brad out with his wedding expenses, and Pam agrees. Doug is suspicious, but before he can quiz Pam further, Julie pops round.
Pam tells Julie that she's met Fiona, and quite liked her - she seemed very pleasant and friendly. Pam thinks Julie has misjudged Fiona, but Julie is adamant that she hasn't - pulling the wool over people's eyes is Fiona's specialty, and now she's done it to Pam too!
Fiona tells Jim that Pam dropped around this morning and she had the impression Pam was a bit nosy(!) Jim says Pam is alright and admits that they nearly had a relationship once, but nothing ever happened - and it's strictly in the past now.
Tennis Court
Annalise has turned out to be an excellent player and she and Stephen are winning 5- 0. Gaby, by contrast, is hopeless.
Coffee Shop
Pam tells Cathy that she has an idea what to do with the money. Cathy tells her to spend it on herself.
Fiona comes in and Pam suggests that Jim and Fiona come around for dinner one night.
FIONA:(coldly) That won't be necessary.
PAM:(surprised) I just thought it might be fun.
FIONA: Mrs Willis, the last thing Jim and I need is anyone interfering in our relationship.
PAM: What?
FIONA: You had your chance with Jim and it didn't come to anything. Now it's my turn. And I can do without one of his cast- offs getting possessive and trying to muscle in. I'd appreciate if you kept your distance.
Rick and Debbie are studying. Rick says that his brain is fried, but Benito tells him to keep studying. Rick says he has a headache and can't see properly - also he feels sick. Benito is unsympathetic.
Benito and Debbie leave. Rick just holds his head.
Gaby comes in and Pam tells her about the $2,000 from Charlie, and that they want to help Brad out. Gaby thinks Brad wants to prove himself - Pam should wait and then help him out later if he needs it. She tells Pam that the tennis was a total disaster. But Wayne seemed to respect her for having a go, and has invited her to go fishing on the weekend.
Debbie comes back and finds Rick lying on the sofa holding his head. He writhes in agony and she quickly calls for an ambulance.
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