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Neighbours Episode 1886 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1886
Australian airdate: 05/04/93
UK airdate: 04/02/94
UK Gold: 24/01/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Russell Butler: Stephen Whittaker
Director: Anna Field
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Helen tells Jim that she may have to move out permanently.
- Phoebe sees Russell taking pills. He says they're vitamins.
- Lou is worried about coming across as a "shonky car salesman"
Coffee Shop
Phoebe asks Russell why he spends so much time hanging out at the Coffee Shop. He says he's just being sociable.
Phil comes in dressed in jogging gear and Phoebe introduces him to Russell. They chat about Russell being a computer whiz and Russell tells Phil to give him a ring if he ever has trouble with his computer maintenance people.
Lou is rehearsing his advert which is a rather boisterous to say the least(!) Lou isn't sure, but Lauren says she guesses the agency know what they're doing.
Julie warns Hannah not to get too attached to Holly in case the owners turn up. Phil comes in and tells Julie that Helen has gone to Brisbane. Julie says it must be because of that "dreadful woman" Fiona and explains about Jim giving Fiona the earrings. Julie thinks Jim is having a mid- life crisis(!)
Cathy is very surprised that Helen has taken off without a word. Jim introduces her to Fiona and says he'll let Helen know that she called.
When Cathy has gone, Jim reassures Fiona that Helen will get over her dislike of her. Anyway, it's his house and he can do what he likes(!)
JIM: Listen, you're the best thing that's happened to me in years. I feel young again.
They kiss.
Phoebe is still freaked out by Russell but Stephen says he's fine. Russell comes in and Phoebe asks him why his light was on during the night. Russell says he was writing.
Julie knocks and gets Jim out of bed.
JULIE: Where is she?!
JIM: In Brisbane.
JULIE: No, not Gran! Fiona!
JIM: Well, at home, as far as I know.
JULIE: She's not here?
JIM: She doesn't live here, does she?!
JULIE: I don't know. You tell me!
Julie explains that she's rung Helen and she's told her everything.
JULIE: You had no right to bring your one- night stand into this house!
JIM: Fiona is not a one- night stand. I enjoy her company very much.
JULIE: Spare me the gory details, please!
JIM: And regardless of what she is, or isn't, it is none of your business!
JULIE: Dad, you gave her mum's earrings!
JIM: Yes! And knowing Ann, she would have been the last one to object! She would be happy that I have finally found someone to make *me* happy! Which is more than I can say for the rest of my family.
JULIE: I can't believe I'm hearing this.
JIM: I am entitled to a life of my own, Julie, now if you can't accept that, GET OUT! And don't come back until you *can* accept it.
The Office
Stephen brings Phil some non- fattening breakfast. Annalise comes in and tells Phil that all the computers have crashed. Indeed, the screen of the computer in the office is flickering. Phil gets straight on the phone to the maintenance people.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is having a strong coffee when Jim comes in and joins her. He wants to talk about Fiona.
Behind the counter, Stephen tells Phoebe that the Lassiter's computers are down.
Annalise tells Jim that her mother has no right to stop her finding her father.
ANNALISE: Take my word for it. Mum's out for what Mum can get. From me, you, or anybody else. That's why she goes through men like I go through pantyhose.
JIM: Fiona does have some very fine qualities.
ANNALISE: Yeah, and she'll make sure that you see them first. When she's got you hooked, she'll start playing the line for all she's worth. You'll find out. If you're dumb enough to hang around that long.
Carpenter's Cars
The advertising lady insists that Lou has to stick to the script. Benito and Lauren are observing from a distance and cringing(!)
The filming starts and Lou tries to play the character straight, rather than as "Larriken Lou". The advertising lady is not impressed.
The Office
The maintenance people have told Phil it will take a couple of days to fix the computers. So Phil has called Russell in who says he can fix it in a couple of hours. Phil says he'll double the usual fee is Russell can fix it today.
Julie comes in and tells Phil about her confrontation with Jim. Phil says he can't talk now, but will try to come home early.
A Park
Jim and Fiona are having a picnic, but Jim is preoccupied.
JIM: I suppose you ought to know. I ran into Annalise this morning - we had a long talk...about you.
FIONA: I can just imagine what she had to say.
JIM: She's still pretty bitter. Seems to me it's all tied up with your refusal to help her find her father.
FIONA: Believe me, Jim, it's best that she doesn't.
JIM: I gathered that Mr Hartman wasn't a particularly nice character.
FIONA: Utter swine would be the description that springs to mind.
JIM: Annalise gave me the impression that you have been a bit...unlucky with your relationships.
FIONA: Yup, I can really pick 'em! Present company excepted of course. I guess that's why I'm not expecting this one to last long either. It's too good to be true.
JIM: You can trust me, Fi.
FIONA: I'm not asking you for anything, Jim. Let's just enjoy it while it lasts.
They kiss.
Carpenter's Cars
Lou is insisting on doing the advert his way. The advertising lady says Lou's advert will be very boring. She says they have to reshoot the whole thing after lunch.
Jim has brought Annalise round to see Fiona. He wants them to make up. Fiona is not keen, but eventually agrees to talk.
FIONA: You were very small when your father walked out. He never bothered to get in touch again. He didn't care what happened to either of us. It's a hell of a thing for a little girl to grow up with. So, I told you he was dead.
ANNALISE: But I'm not a little girl anymore, am I?!
FIONA: And I still don't want to see you get hurt the way I was! And I'm afraid you will be if you find your father.
ANNALISE: I'll take that chance.
JIM: It's up to Annalise. She does have a right to know.
FIONA: Alright, I'll tell you.
ANNALISE: You will?!
She hugs Fiona.
FIONA: Not that there's much I can let you know, but the divorce lawyer tracked him down for me. She handled the whole thing. I didn't even ask where he was living, I didn't want to know.
JIM: But the lawyer would have the address on file?
FIONA: I suppose so. I'll find out.
ANNALISE: Thanks, Mum.
JIM: What if he refuses to see you, have you considered that?
ANNALISE: He won't!
JIM: Think about it, all those years without so much as a Christmas card!
ANNALISE: It won't be the end of the world.
JIM: And at least you'll still have your mum.
ANNALISE: Yeah! Yeah, I will.
She hugs Fiona again.
Lou tells Cathy and Ben that he's finished his filming. Cathy tells him she's pleased to hear he didn't go down the "Larrikin Lou" route. Lou looks a bit shifty. He invites Ben along to the viewing tomorrow, but Ben says he's happy to leave it to Lou.
Ramsay Street
Julie sees Fiona on the street and introduces herself.
JULIE: Dad's never had much luck with his lady- friends, not since Mum died. And he was so in love with her that no other woman could really compare. Not even his second wife, Beverly.
FIONA: Is that right?
JULIE: Yes. That's why I was so surprised he gave you those earrings. They were my mother's. I suppose he didn't mention that.
FIONA: No, he didn't.
JULIE: Yes, and my grandparents gave them to her on their wedding day. They were supposed to come to me. Still, I'm sure you'll take care of them. I wouldn't mind so much if I thought they were going to stay in the family. Dad's had so many of these...flings.
FIONA:(taking off the earrings): Here. Please take them. take them, please.
JULIE: He gave them to you.
FIONA: And you'll never let him hear the end of it, will you.
She stalks off.
The Office
Russell is just finishing off the computer fix. Phil says he's going to investigate how it happened, but Russell says it'll probably be like looking for a needle in a haystack. He gives Phil his bill and Phil is amazed that it's so reasonable.
Fiona is berating Jim for not telling her about the earring situation - and that she can see Julie's point of view. Jim says that nothing was promised to Julie, and he'll make Julie give the earrings back. Fiona says she doesn't want to cause trouble, but Jim goes off to confront Julie.
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