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Neighbours Episode 1885 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1885
Australian airdate: 02/04/93
UK airdate: 03/02/94
UK Gold: 21/01/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Russell Butler: Stephen Whittaker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil tells Hannah she can keep a dog she as found.
- Phoebe and Stephen take in a lodger called Russell.
- Lauren isn't impressed at Lou's sexist TV ad.
- Helen finds Fiona in her kitchen - after a night of passion with Jim.
Phil tells Gaby that there's no word on Michael yet - he's doubtful they'll ever find him, but he'll keep hoping.
Julie comes in.
PHIL: What can I do for Australia's prettiest schoolgirl?!
JULIE: You can't flatter me into a good mood this morning, Philip!
Julie is fed up of Hannah's dog, which has been chewing everything in the house, and wants it to go. Phil says Hannah is very happy with the dog - if the owners do claim the dog, he might buy her another dog anyway.
Julie asks Phil is he's put on any weight recently(!)
Jim and Fiona are being all lovey- dovey in the kitchen (yuk). Helen bites her tongue and decides to skip breakfast(!)
Lauren tells Cameron that Chukkie the horse is feeling better. Benito and Lou come in - the advert agency have chosen Lou to go in the TV advert, as he thinks he has great personality - they're going to build the whole campaign around Lou. Benito is not pleased. He threatens to pull the plug on the whole project. Lou just says Benito is just bitter that he has no charm and talent!
Russell has arrived. He gives Stephen and Phoebe a month's rent in advance. He tells them that he's happy to babysit Hope as well. Russell seems a bit weird and won't let Stephen pick up any of his stuff. A photo falls out and Russell says shortly that she used to be his girlfriend.
Helen is having a chat with Lou. She asks him what he knows about Fiona Hartman. He says he can't give her a character reference.
LOU: I think Fiona Hartman is a self- centred gold- digger. And I pity any poor sod who gets mixed up with her!
Fiona has to head off to work soon. She moans that nothing she does is ever good enough for Annalise. Jim laps all this up and kisses her. Yuk. They agree to meet up later. Fiona puts on her earrings and says they're cheap and cheerful, and that she's never had any expensive jewellery(!) Jim goes off to get something.
Helen comes in and Fiona tells her she's just off to work. Jim comes back and gives Fiona some nice earrings. Helen is horrified to see that they belonged to Ann!
Phil is looking at his face in the mirror asks Gaby if he's getting fat. She says diplomatically that he's getting a bit "cuddly". Phil is offended.
In the inner office, Phil calls the hotel gym to organise a personal trainer.
Helen is ranting at Jim for giving Ann's earrings to Fiona. Jim is not pleased and says he really likes Fiona. Helen thinks Ann's earrings should go to Julie or Lucy, not to someone outside the family. Helen insists that Fiona is taking advantage of him. He warns her to stop interfering.
Benito and Lou are bickering about the TV advert.
Julie asks Phil to nip to the shops for something for dinner.
Phoebe introduces Cameron and Lauren to Russell. They chat for a bit, and Russell is rather unforthcoming about himself. Phoebe gives out some mango and carrot juice to them all(!)
Helen is telling Julie about the earring incident with Jim and Fiona. She thinks Fiona Hartman is bad news, and she feels so unwelcome in her own house. Julie is distracted, thinking about Phil. She thinks she's been neglecting him. She also thinks he seems a bit secretive and detached. Gaby keeps letting things slip to make Julie think Phil isn't being entirely honest with her. For example, Phil was smelling of a strange cologne today, and has been late a few times.
JULIE: Gran, what if Philip's having an affair?
Helen points out that Phil has been a good and faithful husband, and Julie agrees that she must have been imagining things.
Helen has come to grill Gaby about the incident of her thinking Phil was having an affair. Gaby says she just put two and two together wrongly.
Lou is worried that he'll come across as a shonky car salesman on TV - he wouldn't want to embarrass Lauren. She reassures him.
Jim and Fiona are hanging out. They kiss, and Jim says he's going to take Fiona out tonight. She's got him a present - a model of an old car.
Helen comes in through the back door and overhears Jim and Fiona talking in a lovey- dovey way. They start talking about Helen.
JIM: Don't worry about Helen. *You're* the important woman in my life now.
Helen looks sad.
Russell has apparently been in his room all afternoon. Russell pops out for water to take his "vitamins". Stephen thinks Russell will fit in well, but Phoebe looks rather suspicious of him.
Jim comes in to find Helen's bags packed.
JIM: What's all this?
HELEN: I didn't expect to see you before I left.
JIM: I just drove Fiona home, she wanted to change for dinner.
HELEN: Yes, of course.
JIM: Where are you going?
HELEN: I'm going to stay with Madge, actually, I feel a bit superfluous around here at the moment.
JIM: Helen, I asked you to stop interfering, that doesn't mean I want you to leave.
HELEN: Nonetheless, I feel that you and Fiona will feel more comfortable with me out of the way.
JIM: Nobody has to be uncomfortable! If you would just take the trouble to get to know Fiona...
HELEN: I know all I need to know, thank you very much.
JIM: Why are you being so stubborn about this?
A taxi honks outside.
HELEN: That's my taxi.
JIM: I really wish you wouldn't. You're making me feel like I'm driving you out of your own home!
HELEN: Quite frankly, Jim, you are. This infatuation you have for Fiona is all very well, but if when I return you still feel the same way about her, I'm afraid I'll have no choice but to move out permanently. Would you mind helping me with these please?
Jim does not look happy.
<<1884 - 1886>>
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