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Neighbours Episode 1884 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1884
Australian airdate: 01/04/93
UK airdate: 02/02/94
UK Gold: 20/01/00
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Russell Butler: Stephen Whittaker
Customer: Chris Goodall
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Benito and Lou are planning a TV commercial for the car yard.
- Gaby tells Pam that she thinks Jim is going out with Jill Weir.
- Annalise finds divorce papers for her parents - is her father still alive?
Lou is telling Benito his idea for an advert - 50 female dancers in "tasteful see- through costumes"(!) decorated with car parts. The girls then all turn into cars. Benito says that it sounds like an advert for a massage parlour, and favours something boring.
Cathy comes round looking for Benito. She drags him off. Benito says the advertising agency will decide on the right ad!
When he's gone, Lou tells Lauren he'll make a rough version of the ad himself to show the advertising agency.
Coffee Shop
Helen is preoccupied and goes over to talk to Annalise. Helen tells her that the thing with Wayne got way out of control and wants to put it behind them. Annalise tells her about the divorce papers - she thinks her father is still alive after all. Helen says Fiona must have had her reasons, but agrees that Annalise has the right to know about her own father. Annalise is very upset about the whole thing.
Doug sees that Pam is preoccupied. She tells him the rumour about Jill Weir and Jim (hang on, she told Gaby not to say anything to Doug!). Doug says it can't be true.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe wants to make some kids clothes for Hope to save money. She also wants to get a job, but daycare is a problem. Cameron is at a table and suggests that they take in a lodger to help them make ends meet. Stephen thinks this is a great idea. He writes up a notice for the board on the spot!
Annalise has called Fiona in to see her.
ANNALISE:(abruptly) Where's my father?
FIONA: ...dead.
ANNALISE: Mum, I've got the divorce papers! I want the truth!
FIONA: OK, so he's not dead. You want the truth? He walked out on us. Well, to be more accurate, he walked out on *you*. Couldn't stand the responsibilities of being a father.
ANNALISE: I don't believe you.
FIONA: It happens to be a fact. Right or wrong, I figured it was best you thought the creep was dead. I felt *that* pain would be easier for you to handle.
ANNALISE: Oh, yes, you had my best interests at heart(!)
FIONA: If you see that as wrong, then please forgive me!
ANNALISE: Just stop it, will you?! All I want from you is a phone number or address where I can contact my father.
FIONA: Forget it!
ANNALISE: Where is he?!
FIONA: You don't know what kind of person he is! Just drop it, Annalise!
ANNALISE: No! There's no way! I've got a right to know about this! And there's no way you're going to get out of telling me!
Pam and Doug have called Jim around, and Helen is there too.
DOUG: Why are you doing this?
JIM: What?
DOUG: This business with Jim Weir.
JIM: Oh. (Looking at Helen) No need to ask where that little titbit came from.
PAM: Gaby saw you.
JIM: So?
PAM: She said you looked very cosy.
JIM: Perhaps you'd like to know why Jill and I were in the park.
DOUG: So, Gaby wasn't mistaken?
HELEN: Jim, that phone- call earlier, the person who hung up, was that Jill?
JIM: ...yes, as a matter of fact it was.
PAM: Oh, Jim, you know how she operates, what harm she can do...
DOUG: You know what she did to us.
JIM: This is my business, and I'll thank you all to stay out of it!
DOUG: Yeah, well, we're not staying out of it! Jill Weir has no place in our lives! Or yours.
JIM: I have done nothing to be ashamed of, and I don't have to explain my actions. Not to any of you.
He walks out.
Annalise comes round to see Lou. Lauren explains that Lou wants Annalise to help with his commercial. Annalise tells Lauren that she's just found out that her dad is alive. She starts crying and Lauren doesn't know what to say, so just hugs her.
Coffee Shop
Helen is ordering lasagne for dinner. She sees Fiona at a table, who says what a nice man Jim is. They talk about Annalise's father - Fiona says Helen doesn't know the facts, and doesn't want to discuss them. Helen says that Annalise not knowing her father might be contributing to Annalise's behaviour, but Fiona is unmoved.
Stephen and Phoebe are interviewing a bloke called Russell to be their lodger, who is a computer programmer. He offers to pay a month's rent in advance. They tell him they'll let him know.
Car Yard
Lauren is filming Lou for the "rough cut" of the car TV advert. Rick tells Lou that Benito is going to make a video of his own.
Annalise, having made a miraculous emotional recovery, comes out of the car yard office dressed in a slinky black dress and drapes herself over the car bonnet as instructed by Lou. Lauren says that it's very exploitative and refuses to do any more filming. Lou turns to Rick to do the filming instead. He then hilarious demonstrates to Annalise how she should drape herself on the car!
There is a frosty atmosphere between Helen and Jim. Helen apologises for the scene at the Willises and says she won't interfere again, she was just worried. Helen tells Jim that she bumped into Fiona Hartman in the Coffee Shop and thinks she's extremely irresponsible. Jim doesn't look pleased and says Helen is very intolerant and self- righteous(!)
Doug is pacing and worrying about Jim and Jill. He vows to steer clear of both of them from now on.
Cathy comes round to as Doug to help Benito with a video shoot. Pam has had a phone call from the bank - there seems to be an extra $2000 on the company books, and she can't understand why.
Coffee Shop
Helen apologises to Fiona for their run- in earlier. Fiona is not gracious about it, and tells Helen she's a do- gooder.
A bloke asks Cameron if he knows anything about the room for rent on the board. Russell happens to be there, and tells him that the room is taken.
Cameron tells Stephen and Phoebe that he's met their new boarder - he acted like he'd already got the room. They've already told him that they've got the room (but after Cameron saw him) Phoebe thinks it's a bit pushy, but Stephen isn't worried.
Benito, Cathy, Lou, Lauren and Annalise have gathered to view Lou's video. It features Lou talking very woodenly and Annalise draping herself awkwardly across a car. Lauren says it's very sexist. The video continues with Annalise showing features of the car - it terrible all around. Cathy agrees that Lou's advert is sexist.
Benito puts his own video on. If anything, it's even worse. It features Cathy, Benito and Rick as a family. Rick is detailing cars and Cathy is doing the books. Doug randomly turns up holding a bunch of balloons.
The advertising agency are apparently going to judge which one is best.
No.26, the following morning
Helen gets up, wanders into the kitchen, and is surprised to find Fiona in it(!) Jim rushes in - it's obviously the morning after a night of passion.
<<1883 - 1885>>
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