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Neighbours Episode 1883 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1882 - 1884>>
Episode title: 1883
Australian airdate: 31/03/93
UK airdate: 01/02/94
UK Gold: 19/01/00
Writer: Rod Zielinski
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
No.26 (morning)
Wayne tells Helen that he had a terrible date with Gaby, but that it went well! Jim has slept in after getting in late last night - now he's late for a meeting in the city. Helen asks him for a cheque for the household accounts and then he rushes off.
When he's gone, Helen looks at some of the stubs in the cheque book and her face reads concern.
Outside No.22
Lou is trying to get Rick to detail cars for $10/hour. They agree on $15!
Benito comes out and Lou tells him that Phil Friendly is doing TV ads - and making a lot of money. Lou says they could advertise on TV too - he's rung a few agencies, and there are people in Elliot Park who do ads. Benito isn't sure.
Wayne brings Gaby some flowers, and to his surprise, has a frosty reception. He asks her what's going on. Gaby says she knows about the Annalise rumour thing, and Wayne assures her that she's wrong. She tells him to get lost.
Cathy pops round for a cup of tea. Helen tells her that Jim is seeing someone, but she doesn't know who. (She clearly suspects it is Jill Weir though). Cathy advises her to talk to Jim.
Coffee Shop
Beth asks to go surfing later, but Brad is working a double shift to get money. He heads off. Beth invites Annalise to have a coffee with her. Annalise is suspicious, but sits down anyway. They have an awkward conversation about work.
Jim comes in. The meeting went well - they did like his designs. Helen asks Jim why he's written out two cheques to Jill. He admits he felt sorry for her and gave her some extra money. Helen is not impressed, but Jim says crossly that it's none of her business.
Coffee Shop
Benito asks Cathy if she's seen the Phil Friendly ads. She has, and thinks they're dreadful. Benito says he and Lou are going on TV too - he's spoken to the agency in Elliot Park, and he'll retain editorial control.
Outside the Pub
Wayne tells Brad off for what he said to Gaby. He is very dense and says he can't see the problem(!) He apologises though, and Wayne calms down a bit, saying that maybe he and Gaby aren't meant to be together. Brad says he'll talk to Gaby.
Gaby tells Pam that she really likes Wayne, but is fed up of all the problems between them. Pam tells her not to take Brad's story too seriously - Wayne asked her out long before the Annalise rumours. Gaby admits this is true.
Pam asks if Gaby has heard anything about Jim and a mystery woman. She hopes it isn't Jill Weir.
Jim comes to invite Lou for a drink at the Waterhole. He says he can't, because he's shooting a TV ad for the car yard. Jim is surprised. Beth asks if Lou is going to be on the advert himself - she thinks he'd be great!
Gaby pops round to see Helen. She says there's talk going round about Jim and a mystery woman - she wants to know if it is Jill. Helen says she doesn't know for sure. Gaby is shocked - she nearly destroyed the Willis marriage, after all. Helen says there's nothing they can do but hope Jim comes to his senses.
Brad pops home for lunch. Pam tells Brad she's very proud of him for working so hard to save money for the house.
Gaby comes in, and Brad tried to explain about Wayne and the rumours. She tells him not to worry about it - she clearly has bigger things on her mind.
Car Yard
Rick is detailing cars. Lou gives him $7.50 an hour (didn't they say $15?!) but then snatches it back, saying it's compensation for the money Rick cost him on the sale of the car last week!
Wayne comes round to see Gaby. She looks a bit sheepish and says she knows Wayne didn't really ask her out just to quash rumours of him and Annalise. She apologises for her temper. Wayne asks if she wants to go out again, and Gaby agrees. This will be the last chance for them, though!
Benito and Lou are discussing the content for the TV ad. Benito doesn't want Lou in it, but Lou is adamant that he's star material!
Coffee Shop
Fiona and Annalise are having coffee. Fiona tells Annalise that she's had some good news, but doesn't tell her what it is. She heads off. Annalise looks through the window and sees Fiona ripping something up and throwing it in the bin. Annalise goes to the bin and retrieves it.
Helen answers the phone and then puts it down. She tells Jim that there was no- one on the other end. That's happened a few times lately.
Gaby has told Pam that she thinks Jim is going out with Jill Weir. Pam is unhappy to hear this. She tells Gaby not to tell Doug.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is putting together the stuff that Fiona threw in the bin. Beth comes in and helps her - it looks like a legal document. The name on the document is Annalise's father (who apparently died when she was little). It's a decree absolute!
ANNALISE: He can't be alive?! Has she been lying to me all this time?!
<<1882 - 1884>>
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