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Neighbours Episode 1882 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1881 - 1883>>
Episode title: 1882
Australian airdate: 30/03/93
UK airdate: 31/01/94
UK Gold: 18/01/00
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Holly: trained by Luke Hura
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Kay: Libby Tanner
Umpire: Libby Stone
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Hannah hasn't got any friends.
- The school bullies leave Julie with a big bill at the Coffee Shop.
- Wayne asks Gaby out yet again.
- Brad tells Beth excitedly that he's bought them a house!
Julie comes in looking dejected and tells Debbie and Hannah what happened with Louise. Debbie has hurt her knee at netball - Louise is giving her a hard time too. Julie says they have to stand up to bullies.
Brad tells them that he's going to an auction this week, and the bank will give them pre- approval if they can get a deposit together. Brad has $450 in the bank, and $300 coming in off boards. Beth admits she doesn't have any savings - she bought a bed for them. Brad says he could use his credit card, but it's clear that he can't raise the money. Doug tells Brad not to rush, but Brad wants him to at least check the house out.
Hannah is still talking to Debbie and distracting her from her homework. They bicker and Hannah storms off.
Phil comes in and tells Debbie off for fighting with Hannah. Debbie shouts at him that Phil and Julie are ignoring Hannah, and they'd better do something for a change!
Garden of No.26
Debbie and Wayne come to find Hannah in the tree- house. She's talking to her imaginary friend again.
Rickety House
Brad, Doug and Beth arrive at a house that is basically a wreck. The windows are broken and there's graffiti on it. I suppose it's quite big though(!)
Debbie tells Phil that she thinks Hannah is getting worse - she's now denying she has an imaginary friend. Debbie tells him to spend time with Hannah and stop making promises they can't keep. Hannah is very upset about not having the party, for example. Phil says that maybe he and Julie should slow down their lives a bit.
Netball Trials
Debbie is playing netball with Julie, Phil and Hannah watching. Louise is taunting Debbie and then pushes her to the ground. The referee gives Louise a last warning, but Debbie has sprained her ankle and limps off. Julie is the reserve, so has to take her place, much to Phil's amazement.
Julie takes the ball and eyes Louise.
LOUISE: I'm going to enjoy this!
Gaby and Wayne have just arrived. Unfortunately, the waitress is Wayne's ex and she's obviously still very angry with him. Not a great start.
Rickety House
Beth and Doug don't think much of the house, but Brad is still enthusiastic. He says they don't have to do all the work at once. Beth points out that it's a bit far from their family and friends, and the beach, too. He admits it's a bit crazy, but he wants Beth to be happy.
BRAD: A lot of people think I'm some kind of loser. It would give me a chance to prove them wrong!
Beth is quite touched by his commitment to their marriage and hugs him.
Netball Trials
Louise and Julie are still squaring off. Louise pushes Julie to the ground. The umpire gives Louise another "last warning". Unfortunately, she hears Louise calling her a "stupid old cow" under her breath, and sends Louise off. Phil, Debbie and Hannah cheer.
Wayne and Gaby are getting on well, but the waitress is being very unprofessional, taunting Wayne.
They tuck in to their meal, but Wayne's has been covered with salt by the waitress(!)
Beth tells Doug that she will go along with the rickety house plan for Brad's sake. She's surprised that he's so committed. Doug says the house should be comdemned - they'd be better off bulldozing it and starting again!
Julie sits down with Hannah for a chat (wearing a very fetching shell suit). Hannah insists that she doesn't have an imaginary friend anymore. She asks if she can go and get something from the tree house.
When she's gone, Debbie and Phil come in. They talk about their lifestyles. Phil tells Julie that she needs to spend more time with Hannah. She gets angry and says it's as much Phil's fault as hers.
Wayne calls the waitress over and tells her that the steak is raw. She's still being unprofessional. There is a bit of a scuffle and the steak ends up in Wayne's lap.
Brad is trying to think of ways to raise money for the house deposit. Beth points out that there are many other costs, and this house will totally change their lives. Brad might have to give up surfing. He says he's fine with that(!)
Julie has dug out her old netball trophies. They wonder why Hannah still isn't back from the tree house, and Phil heads off to look for her.
Debbie tells Julie that she handled Louise very well tonight. Julie agrees not to cause anymore hassles at school.
Phil finds Hannah talking to a puppy in a box! It turns out that's who she was talking too earlier. Phil agrees that Hannah can keep the puppy.
No.28 (Porch)
Gaby and Wayne are saying goodnight after a rather disastrous date. Gaby has seen the funny side, and agrees to go out with Wayne again. They kiss.
Brad is still adding up his budget when Gaby comes in. He and Doug are surprised to hear that Gaby has been out with Wayne. Brad says it was all his idea - he told Wayne that he should get a girl to stop the Annalise rumours. Gaby is not impressed.
<<1881 - 1883>>
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