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Neighbours Episode 1881 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1881
Australian airdate: 29/03/93
UK airdate: 28/01/94
UK Gold: 17/01/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Wally: Brad Lindsay
Claudia Cincotta: Erin Pratten
Karen: Uyen Vu
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Beth tells Brad it's time they started having some fun.
- Julie suggests a party so that Hannah can get to know some of the other kids at school.
- Gaby apologises to Wayne. He tells her to "stick it"
- The kids at school surround Julie saying they're going to teach her not to dob.
Pool of No.24
Brad and Beth are swimming. Beth starts talking about all the stuff they have to do to get ready for the wedding.
BRAD: Wouldn't it be great if we could just get married without all the hassles?
BETH: Heaven!
BRAD: Hey, then let's do it! We'll cancel the church and get married on the beach!
Beth thinks it sounds good, but Pam and Doug would be disappointed. Brad says it's settled - they'll cancel everything!
Hannah is talking incessantly to Debbie, who is trying to do her homework. Julie comes in soaking wet and very angry. She explains that the kids put her head down the toilet and held it there(!) Debbie just says that's what you get for dobbing on people.
JULIE: I've got a good mind to go to the police!
Julie vows to report the kids to the headmaster.
JULIE: No- one holds my head in a toilet and gets away with it, do you hear me?! No- one!
Doug and Gaby are surprised to hear that Brad and Beth want to get married on the beach. Gaby says they'd better adapt the dress so it doesn't blow in the wind. Doug warns them that a wedding is just one day, they need to think ahead to all the other stuff.
Phil is shocked to hear about the toilet incident. Debbie still thinks that Julie brought it on herself but Phil interrupts her and tells her to back Julie up. Hannah interrupts Julie, trying to talk about her party. Julie is still thinking about outsmarting the kids.
No.32, the following morning
Hannah follows Rick and Debbie out of the house to go to the Coffee Shop.
Wayne sees Brad and they chat about the Annalise incident. Brad says Wayne should get a girlfriend his own age. Wayne says there's a shortage of volunteers(!)
WAYNE: You've got to wait for the right one, mate.
BRAD: Yeah, I guess so.
Gaby is doubtful that Beth really wants a beach wedding. Beth says that she doesn't mind, saying she's happy with the beach arrangement. She gives Gaby the guest list, and asks if it's petty not to invite Annalise. Gaby doesn't think so. They talk about Wayne and Gaby tells Beth that Wayne is very angry with her, and she doesn't blame him.
Louise the school bully knock Julie's books out of her hands. Julie tells Wayne that she's having a hard time. Wayne says Louise is a hard case - she gets pushed around at home. Julie suddenly gets an idea.
Beth comes in to find Brad working on some budgets for their future. Beth says they should have enough money to rent somewhere, but Brad wants them to be able to save too, so he's been working out a savings plan.
BETH: We're not going to start having babies next week.
BRAD: Yeah, but we need a plan. We're not just going out on some heavy date. We're getting married, Beth! I never really thought about what that means before.
BETH: It means we love each other. And we're going to spend the rest of our lives together.
BRAD: Yeah, well, love's cool, but it's not money in the bank. If we're going to do the marriage thing, we're going to do it right.
Beth looks a bit stunned.
Louise and some of the other girls taunt Julie. Julie says she should probably go along with the code of ethics in the school, and besides, she'd like Louise and her to be friends. Debbie calls Julie over and asks her why she's talking to Louise. Julie says that Louise doesn't have a positive adult role model, and maybe she can change that.
Coffee Shop
Gaby tells Brad that she's not convinced that Beth wants a beach wedding. It won't be much of a wedding day to look back on, either, in her opinion. A bloke comes over and says that he still suspects Wayne was getting it on with Annalise, even though she's confessed otherwise. He thinks Wayne is shifty. Gaby stands up for Wayne and tells the bloke he's spreading vicious rumours. Wayne comes in and catches the tail end of this.
Julie is telling Louise that having an adult as a friend could be a big advantage. Louise says they could open a credit card in her name(!) Julie says that she'd be able to give Louise a reference for a part- time job, for example. Louise asks if Julie could get her into an adult movie(!) Louise invites Julie to come to the Coffee Shop with them after School.
Debbie is moaning to Phil that Hannah is annoying her. But it's not her fault - Hannah is lonely. Phil is distracted and asks Debbie to put up with Hannah for a while. Debbie wants him to sort out the party for Hannah. Phil suggests inviting a couple of Hannah's friends over in the meantime for a mini- party.
Doug comes in and finds Brad deep in thought. He's still trying to figure out how he and Beth will ever be able to afford their own home. Doug says he has a lot of contacts, and he'll have a look around for a bargain - after all, he's a builder and could do an average house up. Also, he'll help Brad with the money for a deposit. Brad becomes a bit brighter and thanks Doug.
Wayne comes to see Gaby. He's heard what Gaby was talking to the bigoted bloke about, and thanks her for her support. He accepts her apology over the Annalise thing, and they agree to start again as friends. Wayne awkwardly heads off.
Hannah and a girl called Claudia are hanging out. Claudia is not very well- mannered and is just watching cartoons and eating chocolates. Then she walks out, saying she's going home. The other girl didn't even turn up! Hannah is upset.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Louise tells Julie that she and her parents get on really well, and it's not true that she has problems at home. Another girl tells Julie that there's a phone call for her inside, so Julie rushes off.
Brad is on the phone to someone about "a lot of money". He tells Gaby he's got to run off to see a bloke.
When he's gone, Wayne pops over to ask Gaby out (that's why he was awkward before). Gaby isn't sure - they've had so many false starts. But eventually she agrees.
Outside the Coffee Shop
There wasn't anyone on the phone. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids have done a runner and left Julie with the bill!
Brad rushes in and tells Beth he has incredible news.
BRAD: I've bought us a home!
<<1880 - 1882>>
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