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Neighbours Episode 1880 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1880
Australian airdate: 26/03/93
UK airdate: 27/01/94
UK Gold: 14/01/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Mr Knotts: Simon Hughes
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Dale: Peter Tzefrios
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Stephen tells Brad that Lauren is the one he really wants. He denies it.
- Cameron tells Lauren he loves her and asks if she feels the same.
Ramsay Street
Julie and Pam are still looking for Hannah. They bump into Debbie and she suggests they try Holly's. Julie explains about her run- in with Holly's mother.
Back garden of No.32
Debbie is looking for Hannah, and overhears her talking to "Holly". She approaches her and sees that Hannah is talking to an imaginary person. She calls out to her and says they'd better go home as Julie's worried.
Rick tells Brad and Doug that he has to get the cash for the phone bill together very soon. Brad suggests selling everything he has(!)
Julie is about to ring the police when Debbie and Hannah come in. Julie hugs her and tells her she's been really worried. Debbie explains that Holly is an imaginary friend. Pam assures Julie that it's normal for children who are lonely to invent friends. Julie looks mortified.
Julie sits down with Hannah and she admits that Holly is imaginary. She tells Hannah she's sorry for neglecting her a bit lately. The real Holly didn't want to play with Hannah, so she just made one up. Julie assures her that they all love her, and things will change from now on. She tells Hannah that she'll make new friends soon. She suggests that they could have a party and Hannah could invite people in her class and get to know them.
Brad tells Doug that he and Beth don't have any fun together anymore - there'll be plenty of time to be serious when they're old like Doug(!)
BRAD: I don't know, Dad. Maybe we're not right for each other.
Pam comes in and tells Brad that Beth is looking a bit fed up. Doug tells Brad he'll have to make his mind up - it isn't fair to leave Beth dangling. Brad says he'll go and see her tomorrow.
No.24, the following morning
Brad comes to see Beth.
BRAD: I think it's time we decided if we're going to make up or break up.
BETH: Well, that's up to you.
BRAD: Well, how do you feel?
BETH: I haven't changed, Brad. I love you. But I have to be sure that you love me.
Just then, Cameron and Lauren come out, looking very lovey- dovey.
BRAD: I love you Beth, and just you, dead- set! And I want us to be married.
Beth smiles and hugs him. Then they kiss. Lauren looks over, a bit conflicted.
BETH: Guess what guys? The wedding's back on!
CAMERON: Congratulations.
LAUREN: Yeah, congratulations...
Mr Knotts is teaching the English class. Julie says she's already done hers and he praises her, saying Julie is a good example to them. Julie continues to be a teacher's pet.
Beth thanks Doug for his help in her and Brad working things up. Doug thinks she and Brad might have got a bit spooked when things got a bit intense between them.
Julie has finished reading out a sonnet to the class. When Mr Nott pops out of the room, the kids start messing around. Julie tells them off. When Mr Nott comes back, Julie grasses them up, particular a guy called Dale, who gets detention. Debbie is mortified.
School (outside)
Debbie is fed up of Julie embarrassing her. Some of the kids gang up on Debbie and tell her to sort Julie out.
Julie catches up with Debbie, and Debbie tells her to stop harrassing the other students. Julie insists that those playing up spoil education for the rest, and she was perfectly justified.
Rick is still concerned about the phone bill, and is trying to think of something to sell to raise the last $300.
No.28 (garage)
Brad tells Cameron that he was surprised to see that Cameron and Lauren had taken it to the next level (so to speak). Cameron says everything's worked out - him and Lauren, and Brad and Beth back together too.
Cathy and Aunty Margaret come in, and are surprised to see Rick there. Aunty Margaret tells Rick off for implying to Benito that she has a drinking problem(!) Cathy asks why Rick's things are all over the living room. He picks up his text books and suddenly gets an idea.
Some kids are mocking Julie. Julie comes along at that moment and tells them off for smoking. She goes off to report them.
No.28 (garage)
Brad is working on his board when Beth and Doug arrive home. Beth suggests going for a surf - she wants Brad to teach her how.
BETH: I think it's about time we started to have some fun, don't you?!
BRAD: Sounds cool to me!
Rick has flogged his text books to get the last of the money for the phone bill. Benito sees the money and asks what's going on. He tells Rick he knows about the phone bill. Apparently Cathy got a statement early as they'd been phoning Italy. They didn't say anything because they were waiting to see what Rick would do. Benito takes the money for the bill. Rick even has to cover the calls to Italy that Cathy made!
Brad and Beth come back from surfing in a good mood. When Beth has gone for a shower, Brad asks Lauren about Chukkie.
LAUREN: Look, Brad, there's no need for us to feel funny around each other. I really am pleased everything worked out between you and Beth.
BRAD: And I'm rapt everything worked out between you and Cam!
They smile awkwardly at each other.
Debbie tells Rick that he probably got off lightly. Rick explains that he's sold his text books. Debbie says he can share hers.
Some kids come in and tell Debbie that Julie has dobbed them in for smoking. They decide to get revenge on Julie.
Beth and Brad agree to go surfing more often. They kiss. Cameron comes in and suggests a double date, but Brad wants to stay in. Beth is suspicious, and tells Brad that she thought everything was sorted with Lauren. He quickly changes his mind and says they'll go after all.
Debbie and Hannah head off to the Coffee Shop.
Some of the kids are lying in wait for Julie. Apparently Dale has been suspended. Julie says that they all have to obey the school rules. Some of the kids surround her and say they're going to teach her not to dob.
<<1879 - 1881>>
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