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Neighbours Episode 1889 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1889
Australian airdate: 08/04/93
UK airdate: 09/02/94
UK Gold: 27/01/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Beth Hutchison: Maureen McInerney
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lauren tells Cameron he should audition for something.
- Phil tells Hannah she can keep Holly as long as the real owner doesn't turn up.
- Julie wants an early night with Phil.
- Beth shouts at Brad that she doesn't want to buy a house and the wedding's off(!)
The Office
Phil has had compliments from a client about Gaby's work and is very pleased.
Julie and Hannah come in and Julie asks Phil for a word. She tells him that she's found Holly's owner and she's coming to pick her up this afternoon. She belongs to Mrs Hutchison's boy. She asks Phil to tell Hannah but he isn't keen - Julie was the one who found the owner, so she'll have to do it.
Julie gently breaks the news to Hannah who is very upset. She runs straight to Phil for a hug. Julie says they can have a party to cheer Hannah up.
Cameron is writing some comedy stories up, based on his mother's antics. Lauren suggests he invites a few friends around to try his material out. Beth storms in and goes straight to her room.
Doug assures Brad that Beth didn't mean it and that it will blow over. Pam comes in and Brad tells her the wedding is off, much to her confusion. Pam explains that Brad has got a bit obsessed about the house and all his ideas for cost- cutting were ruining Beth's wedding dreams.
Hannah is hugging Holly very tightly when the real owner arrives. Apparently the dog's name is Sheba. The owner says that her son lost interest once the dog passed the puppy stage, and thinks Holly/Sheba will get much more love with Hannah. Julie is horrified, but can't say anything(!)
No.28 (outside)
Cameron tries out some of his material on Brad, but he's not really in the mood.
Hannah is very happy to have Holly, and also about her party(!) Phil then comes in holding a puppy! Julie is outraged and says Phil is making himself look good, and her like the bad guy. Julie says they can't have two dogs and the party will be expensive.
Cameron is trying out some of his material on Beth, who also is not in the mood.
Brad comes round to see Beth who is still in a very hostile mood. She tells him she doesn't want to marry a yuppie but Brad says he's just trying to be responsible, like she wanted. Beth says they have to strike a balance - a house would be nice one day, but they need to think about their relationship and have some enjoyment out of life. The engagement is back on.
Phil goes back to work. Hannah tells Julie that she overheard Phil on the phone ordering flowers for her.
Doug is helping Cameron with his material, but Cameron isn't sure Doug's jokes are right for his audience.
The Office
Julie comes to see Phil, but he's gone to a meeting. She tells Gaby about the second puppy and that they need to find a home for it. She goes into the office to leave Phil a note and sees his clothes there hanging up. She looks at them in confusion.
Pam comes to see Beth and tells her she's glad she and Brad have sorted everything out. Beth wonders if Brad is over- compensating about being luke- warm about the marriage originally. Pam assures her that Brad is very committed to her.
The Office
Phil comes in, wearing his jogging stuff. Gaby tells him that Julie has been in - and suggests Phil tells her about the detective before she jumps to the wrong conclusion.
Lauren, Brad, Beth, Pam, Doug and Cameron are having drinks. Cameron tries out some of his new comedy material on them. He makes a lot of jokes about his girlfriend being a blonde and Lauren does not look pleased, although the rest of them laugh. She protests that the jokes were really sexist, but no- one else seems to mind.
Phil comes home and Julie observes that he's had a shower and a clean shirt. Also Phil is coming home late, and there's money missing from their account.
JULIE: I'm not a fool, Philip, you're obviously having an affair!
PHIL: I'm not!
JULIE: You won't admit it, would you, but I know what I know!
PHIL: And what you know is completely wrong, I'm not having an affair, I'm going to a gym! I'm trying to get fit! I changed into my gym gear at work, and left my clothes there - afterwards I had a shower and put on a fresh shirt. And as for being late home a lot, I'm working hard. And I've got to make up for the time I'm spending in the gym. OK, does that cover everything?
JULIE: Except the flowers.
PHIL: They were for Gaby to say thanks for the diplomatic way she's been handling a very difficult customer.
Julie is silent.
JULIE: Well...when did you decide you wanted to go to a gym?!
PHIL: You told me I was putting on weight...I got a bit sensitive about it.
JULIE: Oh, Philip!
She laughs and hugs him. They agree not to have secrets from now on.
Pam and Doug arrive home. Pam wonderes what to do with the $2,000 now that Brad and Beth aren't buying the house. Doug tells her to spend it on something wild and impractical for herself.
Brad tells Cameron that Lauren wasn't impressed with his jokes.
Gaby sees Julie and they have a conversation about Phil's "secret" - but they're at crossed purposes - Julie is talking about the gym, and Gaby thinks she's talking about the detective. Gaby is surprised that Julie is taking it so well.
GABY: And you don't mind?
JULIE: Course not. Once he explained why he was doing it, I understood perfectly. He didn't need to keep it a secret from me.
GABY: I thought you'd feel that way. After all, Michael is his son. And even if detective is pretty expensive, can't begrudge Philip wanting to find him!
JULIE: Michael? A detective?
GABY: I...thought you said Philip told you?
JULIE: About the gym! Nothing about this! Nothing at all!
<<1888 - 1890>>
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