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Neighbours Episode 1874 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1873 - 1875>>
Episode title: 1874
Australian airdate: 18/03/93
UK airdate: 19/01/94
UK Gold: 06/01/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Wolfgang: Mike Stelzig
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick makes No.22 into a backpackers hostel.
- Cameron tells Brad that he really likes Lauren.
- Brad confesses to Beth that he was attracted to Lauren.
Beth is speechless for a moment.
BETH: You *thought* you were in love with her?!
BRAD: I'm just trying to be honest with you - I got confused! Look, Beth, I couldn't help the way I felt. But nothing happened, that's it - end of story!
BETH: End of story?! You're engaged to me and you thought you were in love with someone else?!
BRAD: Yeah, it was a mistake, I love *you*! It's the truth! Look, why would I be telling you otherwise? It's not worth the hassle!
BETH: So now I'm a hassle, am I?!
BRAD: You know that's not what I meant.
BETH: Do I? I'm not sure I know anything about you anymore.
BRAD: Beth...
BETH: Don't touch me!
BRAD: I can understand you being mad...
BETH: I'M NOT MAD!!! Alright, I am mad! Do you know what I am most of all? Humiliated.
BRAD: If I'd thought this would happened I would never have told you.
BETH: So you'd have stuck to the lie, is that what you're telling me? Look, I need to be by myself.
BRAD: Beth, we have to work this out!
BETH: Yeah, I know! But I can't take any more of this right now.
She walks out.
Lou tells Lauren he's had all her personal stuff flown in by personal courier for her. Lauren is very pleased. He suggests he, Lauren and Cameron go out to a restaurant tonight.
Rick has taken on three more German backpackers - Wolfgang, Ludwig and Heinz(!) Rick tells Debbie that he's advertised all over town and will take the posters down before his parents come home.
Pam asks Brad why he looks so down. He says he's just stressed at work.
Doug comes in and Pam thanks him for booking them a weekend away (she opened a letter with the details this morning). Doug doesn't know anything about it, and reads the letter in confusion. Pam says the letter must be for Gaby.
BETH: So...how long have you been in love with Lauren.
BRAD: I told you, I'm not in love with her! I just got a bit confused, that's all.
BETH: Sounds like love to me.
BRAD: Look, she's cool in a lot of ways. But she's different to you. She's into the beach and stuff and I can relate to that straightaway. Yeah, maybe I got a bit infatuated, but our relationship, you and me, we're about different things to that, deeper things than the surf and stuff. Life's more complicated than that, so it couldn't have been love.
BETH: You still haven't told me. How long have you had these feelings?!
BRAD: I don't know!
BETH: Oh, come off it, Brad! Of course you know! You said, 'straightaway'. Am I right?
BRAD: Well it could be, I haven't been counting. But it's over now, we sorted it out.
BETH: How can it be over?! You've been engaged to me and having secret feelings for someone else. I'd say that's a pretty serious situation, wouldn't you?
The backpackers compliment Rick on his breakfast. The phone rings (it's Cathy) and one of the backpackers answers it. Rick quickly grabs the phone and says he is a German exchange student visiting the school(!)
Ramsay Street
Lou takes Lauren outside and shows her a car he's bought for her. She is shocked and then hugs him in gratitude.
Doug tells Pam that there's something odd going on at No.22 - it's like the United Nations over there(!) Brad is looking depressed and heads off to practise his basketball. Doug tells Pam that the letter might be from a rich bloke he did a job for last week - he did promise Doug a little 'something extra'. He'll give him a ring to find out.
Lauren tells Lou that he doesn't have to keep spending money on her. Lou tells her that Cameron is a great bloke and a good catch.
Ramsay Street
Brad is shooting a few baskets when Lauren comes out and calls over to him to come and see her car. He goes over for a look and they're chatting when Beth comes along. She totally blanks them both and walks off. Lauren is confused.
Doug looks through the windows of No.22 and then knocks on the door. There's no answer, so he goes round to the back, where Rick and the backpackers are in the spa. Rick says his parents know all about the backpackers staying and Doug advises him "not to let things get out of hand" and also to keep the noise down.
A road
Lauren drives past Beth on the road and stops to invite her to come for a drive. Beth decides to get in.
LAUREN: Listen, is everything OK?
BETH: Sure, why not?
LAUREN: You've just been a bit quiet today. I thought maybe I was bugging you or something.
BETH: No, no. It's Brad. We're having a fight.
LAUREN: Guys can really get on your nerves, can't they? Without even trying.
BETH: They sure can.
LAUREN: Cameron used to get on my nerves when I first arrived. But lately he's been really sweet. Really romantic, picnic breakfast...you know, silly stuff. But it's sweet.
BETH: Sounds like you two are getting it together.
LAUREN: Yeah...Cameron's a special kind of guy. He's so sincere and kind and gentle. Not like the guys back at home, that's for sure!
BETH: I'm really happy for you.
LAUREN: Yeah, I'm happy for me too!
Coffee Shop
Brad is telling Stephen his woes, saying he thought he was being responsible and mature in telling Beth(!) Stephen says that maybe Brad sub- consciously wanted to sabotage his engagement to make himself available for Lauren. Brad is offended.
BRAD: Get this straight, I love Beth! I just want things to get back to normal, man!
Debbie tells Rick that some of the backpackers are naked in the spa. Rick laughs and says they *are* from Sweden(!) Suddenly they realise that one of the backpackers is on the phone to Germany and looks very worried. Apparently they've all rung home as they were feeling homesick(!)
Doug has rung his client (Harry) but there was no- one there. He's sure it was Harry who sent them the hotel getaway though.
Lou tells Cameron that he thinks Lauren is into him - she told him herself! Cameron is pleased.
Rick is on the phone to the phone company to see how much the bill is. He tells Debbie that he'll have to pay the whole phone bill so that his parents don't find out. It turns out to be $1,089.27!
Coffee Shop
Beth comes in and Brad asks if they can talk.
BRAD: Beth, you mean everything to me, this is making me into a nervous wreck!
BETH: Well, you should have thought about that before you got the hots for Lauren!
BRAD: I know, I know. But at least it proves one thing. Lauren doesn't matter to me, or I wouldn't be going bananas!
BETH: I'm not so sure.
BRAD: I know it shouldn't have happened. But I'm over it, can't you forgive me? Please?
BETH: It can't be as though it never happened. But yes, I'd like to make things up.
BRAD: Great!
BETH: Provided...
BRAD: Provided what?
BETH: Well...I still don't think we're ready to get married.
BRAD: OK, so what do you want to do, wait a while?
BETH: Maybe. Maybe we should just forget the whole idea.
BRAD: What, for good?
<<1873 - 1875>>
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