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Neighbours Episode 1875 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1874 - 1876>>
Episode title: 1875
Australian airdate: 19/03/93
UK airdate: 20/01/94
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semmler
Heikki: Dean Measor
Delivery Person: Russell Ousley
Porter: Jeff Richards
Receptionist: Emily Robinson
Brigitte: Rebecca Habersberger
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rick's backpackers run up a $1000 phone bill.
The Office
Phil is back from Sydney having had an unsuccessful trip. Gaby is burning with curiosity and says Julie has rung her several times.
Gaby tells Phil that the Brasserie profits are down. He protests that it's been packed out every night since they started promoting it, but apparently most of the money has gone on paying for the promotions, budget deals and advertising.
Doug and Pam have arrived for their weekend away. They're surprised to hear that meals are included and Doug says his client Harry must really love him(!) When they get to the room, it's a suite with French champagne included. Doug suggests that they relax in the spa for a while.
Hannah is gluing stuff at the kitchen table and Debbie and Julie are getting irritated with her. It turns out that someone has glued the kettle to the kitchen bench and Hannah says it was Holly.
Phil arrives home with Gaby in tow. Phil and Julie hug and Gaby looks on, rolling her eyes.
Gaby is ranting to Brad about Phil cheating on Julie (although she doesn't mention any names).
Rick is worried about the phone bill - they'll have to think of something. One of the backpackers asks Debbie about the sights to see around Erinsborough. Rick says he can arrange a tour(!)
After dinner, Pam suggests that they ring Harry to say thank you and Doug agrees. Pam asks the receptionist for the contact number of the person who organised the weekend for them and she informs them that the booking was made by "Ms Jill Weir"! Pam and Doug are stunned.
DOUG: What's she up to now?
Rick is introducing some backpackers to "Rick's Erinsborough Adventure Walk"! The first stop is Lassiter's Lake which apparently has a Loch Ness style monster in it(!) He leads them off.
Coffee Shop
Doug and Pam have returned early from the hotel. Doug explains to Jim what happened with Jill booking the room and wants to know if Jim was in on it. Jim wasn't, but says maybe this was Jill's way of making things up to Pam and Doug? Doug doesn't think this is likely - Jill is up to something.
Pam is ranting to Gaby and Brad about Jill Weir "haunting" them. Gaby tells her to calm down but Pam seems rather paranoid about the whole situation.
A road
The backpackers are quizzing Rick about how the Loch Ness Monster can live in such a shallow lake, and how some of the sites can be 300 years old when Australian settlers only arrived 205 years ago? Rick says that the sites were built by the Aborigines(!) Rick then shows everyone the house where "Crocodile Dundee" was brought up. The backpackers are very sceptical, but Rick talks them around. He ushers them all on to a bus.
Julie tells Hannah off for getting her clothes dirty. Hannah says it was Holly again, and Julie says she'll have to find another friend.
Jim has asked Jill to meet him. He says it's none of his business, but he knows about Jill shouting Pam and Doug a hotel room. He asks how Jill paid for the hotel. She said she didn't really have her car fixed, she used the money Jim gave her.
JIM: What possessed you, what are you planning? Are you trying to get back into their lives?
JILL: Is that what they think? That I'm back to cause them trouble? Did Doug ask you to speak to me?
JIM: No, no, he has no idea.
JILL: Jim, I'm not the same woman I was. I just want to make up for what I've put them through.
JIM: Why don't you let them get on with their lives?
JILL: I've caused more harm than good haven't I?
JIM: It was a nice gesture. I'm sure you meant well.
JILL: Thanks. That helps.
Gaby walks by and sees Jim with Jill. She looks shocked.
Coffee Shop
Phil suggests a truce to Phoebe and Stephen - they could both go back to their old menu and the Brasserie will stop their promotions - at least they'd both stop losing money. Phoebe and Stephen refuse. Phil says he'll have to get nasty - when Cathy's lease comes up for renewal in a few months, he won't renew it.
The Office
Gaby is on the phone to Brad telling him about seeing Jim and Jill.
Phil comes in looking rather distracted and says he's late for a meeting. Gaby rolls her eyes again.
Garden of No.32
Julie is looking for Hannah. She finds the spa on, but Hannah isn't there.
Hannah is talking to Jim about her friend Holly. Julie rushes in and tells Hannah off for putting bubble bath in the spa. Hannah says Holly did it. Julie says Hannah is banned from seeing Holly from now on!
Hannah goes off home, but Jim tells Julie to stay for a chat. They chat about Jill Weir being around and Jim tells Julie that he's spoken to Jill himself, and she only bought Pam and Doug a weekend away to try to make up for all the trouble she'd caused. Julie says she doubts they've heard the last of Jill.
Rick is telling Brad about his tour - last stop was a wildlife park and everyone got their photo taken with a koala. Everyone was happy - and Rick made $200.
Just then, the phone rings and it's Cathy. She wants to talk to Auntie Margaret, so Rick says she's in the shower(!) Cathy tells Rick that she's coming home - any time in the next few days.
Rough side of Melbourne
Phil is driving around asking randomers on streets questions. Gaby is following him in her own car, spying on him. She finally sees Phil giving a woman some money and going off with her. Her jaw drops open.
<<1874 - 1876>>
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