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Neighbours Episode 1873 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1872 - 1874>>
Episode title: 1873
Australian airdate: 17/03/93
UK airdate: 18/01/94
UK Gold: 05/01/00
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Goran: Carl Lindgren
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Dave: Cameron Beattie
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lauren decides to stay in Erinsborough.
- Gaby tells Wayne she wouldn't be seen dead with a lech like him.
Brad thinks the house is a bit of a state and Rick says he'll tidy up soon. The phone rings and it's Cathy - he tells her that everything is under control. He says his aunt is out jogging(!)
Brad says Rick needs a proper excuse as to why Aunt Margaret can't come to the phone. Rick says 'Aunty Margaret' will send Cathy another fax!
Coffee Shop
Some school kids mock Wayne about Annalise. Helen offers him a lift to work as his car is being repaired.
Cameron comes to see Lauren with a picnic and suggests a sunrise picnic. She tells him she's a bit busy, but Cameron says he's already spoken to her boss(!)
Some kids have chalked messages on the board and Wayne is not impressed. He confronts the class.
WAYNE: Obviously you think this sort of thing is some kind of a joke. So, let me clue you in. It's not funny. People can be hurt and reputations ruined by gossip, however untrue.
KID: Oh sure. Been in the dark room lately, Mr D?
Goran and his friend come round and thank Brad for his hospitality. He tells them that they can't stay because his mother won't let them. He directs them to a hostel in Elliott Park. But instead, Rick intervenes.
The Office
Phil is on the phone to someone called Kim, arranging to meet her later. Gaby looks a bit suspicious. Then Phil asks her for the airline schedules and she offers to book for him. He tells her shortly that it's not a business thing and he'll take care of it himself.
Rick is moving Goran and his friend in for $10 a night each! He then shows Brad the $20 and says now he has money to eat! He then offers to serve them breakfast for an extra $5. He asks Brad for advice on running a hostel. Brad says lots of hostels get their guests to do a few chores. Rick is very pleased - by the time his parents get back he'll have made a fortune *and* have a tidy house!
Lauren tells Beth that she was quite impressed with Cameron and his picnic this morning. Beth says Cameron is a good reason to stay in Erinsborough, but she has another one - will Lauren be her bridesmaid? Lauren happily accepts.
Brad and Cameron come in. Cameron gets a trumpet from his room and plays "When The Saints Go Marching In".
Wayne is telling Helen what happened at the school - he doesn't know if he can stand it all over again. There's nothing in the story, but it won't stop tongues wagging. Helen asks him what happened at his last school and he explains that he was in his first year of teaching - she had a crush and he handled it badly: she tried to commit suicide. Helen says the Education Department didn't blame him, but the rest of town did, so he decide to make a fresh start in Erinsborough.
Cameron explains that he took up the trumpet to annoy Faye - in fact, once he was invited to join an orchestra, but he decided to go into law instead.
The Office
Julie tells Helen what happened at the school today. She thinks Wayne should be sacked(!) Helen tells Julie that it's all just talk, but Julie says where there's smoke there's fire and she's going to report it to Mr Notts. Helen would rather they had a word with Annalise.
No.24 (pool)
Cameron, Brad, Beth and Lauren are messing about in the pool.
Coffee Shop
Helen invites Annalise to join her and Julie at a table. She is quite hostile and says she and Wayne "haven't really done anything wrong"(!) She tells them that not all of the rumours are true - just some of them(!)
No.24 (pool)
Beth watches Brad and Lauren messing about in the pool and looks a bit put out. They end up quite close to each other, so Lauren swims away and kisses Cameron instead, much to his surprise. Beth is pleased to see Lauren kissing Cameron, but is rather confused by the sour look on Brad's face. Slowly, she starts putting two and two together.
The Office
Wayne comes in and Gaby totally blanks him.
The Inner Office
Gaby nosily asks Phil where he's staying in Sydney. She asks why Julie doesn't know and he says she doesn't need to know. Phil is clearly irritated by Gaby's stickybeaking, and who wouldn't be!
Brad and Cameron are chatting about Lauren. Cameron says he really likes her and Brad says he's happy for him.
Annalise comes in looking for Debbie. The phone rings and Rick answers it - it's Cathy. She is enquiring about the spelling errors in Aunty Margaret's fax(!) Rick tells her she just hasn't written in Italian for a while. The Swedish backpackers walk past and Rick tells his mother he's watching a foreign film(!)
Ramsay Street
Wayne comes to talk to Julie about the rumours. Julie tells him she's reporting him - Wayne says Annalise is making everything up.
Just then, Annalise comes down the street and Wayne calls out to her.
Beth confronts Brad about Lauren. She asks if he was trying to impress Lauren in the pool earlier. Brad gets very defensive.
BETH: Something's going on, because you're acting really weird!
BRAD: Nothing's going on! And I don't like being accused!
BETH: I just want you to be honest with me!
BRAD: OK. OK, you want me to be honest? I was attracted to Lauren. But nothing happened, I swear.
BETH: Well...are you in love with her?
BRAD: No! Well, I don't know, that's why I was avoiding her, maybe I thought I was!
<<1872 - 1874>>
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