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Neighbours Episode 1872 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1872
Australian airdate: 16/03/93
UK airdate: 17/01/94
UK Gold: 04/01/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semmler
Jack Weston: Jack Andrews
Jack's Father: Lance Hately
Dr. Palmer: Gillian Savage
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou begs Lauren to stay.
- Debbie tells Annalise that she and Wayne could be in big trouble.
- Jim hits a car and the driver turns out to be Jill Weir.
A road
Helen and Jim get out of the car and ask Jill if she's already. Her neck is a bit sore. She insists on paying for the damage. Jim similarly insists on taking her to hospital to have her neck checked out.
Helen tells Jim quietly to be careful - the odds of them having an accident involving Jill must be astronomical, and after what she put Pam and Doug through, she wouldn't be surprised if Jill had "arranged" the accident on purpose.
Outside the Pub
Lou and Doug are talking about Lauren. Lou says he's been neglecting Lauren and needs to put it right.
Wayne walks past and grabs a little boy who's about to fall into the water. The little boy's name is Jack and he's waiting for his Dad. Doug suggests that Wayne gets Phil to make an announcement for his dad over the speaker.
Brad pops around to say hello. Cameron asks Lauren if they're going out tonight, but she unenthusiastically tells him she'll see him later. When she's gone, Brad tells him that Lauren is thinking of going back to Queensland.
The Office
Annalise is moaning that she's ruining her nails doing washing up(!) Wayne comes in and finds the boy is having an asthmas attack - he dropped his inhaler in the water. Gaby tells Wayne to call Dr.Palmer while she comforts the boy.
Jim is waiting with Jill to have an xray. Jill says that Jim has always been kind to her and she mentions Pam and Doug. Jim changes the subject, asking Jill if she's working, but she hasn't been able to find anything. Jim says he'll pay for the repairs - legally, it's his responsibility anyway.
Jim plumps up Jill's pillows, and Pam happens to walk by and see this.
Lou comes in with some flowers for Lauren, but she's not there. He tells Cameron he's determined to spoil Lauren so that she won't go back to Queensland. He advises Cameron to do the same, but Lou thinks Lauren is just playing hard- to- get(!)
Pam sees Jill at the desk and says hello, but rather stiffly. She asks Jill how she is and says she's picking up her life.
JILL: How's Doug?
PAM:(shortly) Fine.
Pam mentions that she saw Jim with Jill earlier. Jill says Jim is a very nice man and she can see why Pam is so fond of him(!) Jill doesn't let on about the car accident, and implies that she and Jim have been in touch the whole time.
JILL: He's been very supportive. I don't know what I would have done without him.
The Office
Doctor Palmer has arrived to tend to the little boy, who is still having an asthma attack. She gives him an inhaler. Wayne tells Gaby that was very good with the little boy and may have missed her calling as a nurse!
Doug says someone called Goran called Brad. Brad doesn't know anyone called Goran. Pam come in, switches off the television and tells Brad to make himself scarce(!)
DOUG: Has something happened?
PAM: You bet your life it has. Jill Weir's back in town.
DOUG: Are you sure?!
PAM: I saw her, Doug, with my own eyes! And guess who was with her?!
DOUG: Some men in white coats, I hope(!)
PAM: Jim Robinson!
Doug is stunned.
PAM: She hurt her neck somehow and he brought her to the hospital. And she said, and I quote, 'He's been very supportive', unquote.
DOUG: ...There's no law that says they can't be friends.
PAM: From what I saw, Doug, they were a lot closer than that!
DOUG: He knows what she's like...he saw what she tried to do to us. There's no way he's going to get mixed up with her after all that.
Lauren comes in and sees some flowers on the living room table. Cameron tells her that he's taking her out for dinner tonight, as Lauren needs spoiling. Lauren thanks him, but asks if they can do it another night. He is not very impressed.
Lou comes in and Lauren tells him to stay out of her relationship with Cameron. Lou ignores this and tells her to give Cameron a chance.
Pam and Doug have asked Jim to come round. He's bemused that they think he's going out with Jill Weir and he tells them about the car accident. He's shocked that Jill didn't mention the accident to Pam, and instead gave Pam the impression she and Jim were together. They wonder what Jill is up to. They hope Jill hasn't decided to go after Jim.
Coffee Shop
Gaby and Wayne are wiating for the little boy's father to turn up. He sees the juke box and Wayne gives him some money to play a record.
Wayne is reading the new Coffee Shop menu and asks Gaby what tempura is. The boy's father comes in and immediately starts signing to him - turns out his father is deaf and hadn't heard the announcements.
When he's gone, a bit of an awkward silence comes between Wayne and Gaby. Gaby gets up to leave, but there's clearly a bit of romantic tension between them. She decides to stay after all.
Pam, Doug, Brad and Gaby are having dinner. They tease Gaby about Wayne, but she says Wayne hasn't even asked her out. They discuss the rumour about Wayne and Annalise - they've all heard the same story. Pam thinks it might be true. Gaby looks shocked.
Lauren and Cameron both can't sleep. Lauren apologises for knocking Cameron back earlier. He says he's decided to leave her alone, but Lauren says that she really does like him and he's part of the reason she stayed in Erinsborough.
Jill Weir rings Jim and Helen warns him not to encourage her. She tells him she's got a good quote for the car, but they want to do the repair immediately. She wants them to meet for coffee tomorrow and organise the paperwork then. Jim isn't keen, but she is very persistent and he finally agrees to meet her at the Coffee Shop on High Street at 10am the following day.
Wayne comes round to see Gaby and invites her out to a Japanese restaurant. She is very hostile and says she's probably a little old for him(!) Wayne is confused, and even more so when Gaby says she 'wouldn't be seen dead with a lech like him'!
<<1871 - 1873>>
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