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Neighbours Episode 1866 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1866
Australian airdate: 08/03/93
UK airdate: 07/01/94
UK Gold: 27/12/99
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Julie tells Debbie and Hannah that she's going to study at Erinsborough High
Number 32
Debbie is absolutely appalled at the idea that Julie would want to join Erinsborough High. Julie thinks that there's nothing wrong with her wanting to finish off her education, but Debbie thinks that the other kids are going to destroy her - other kids get ripped on if their mother volunteers for tuck shop duty, never mind joining the class! Julie is very disappointed in how selfish Debbie's attitude is.
Number 28
Gaby is convinced that now Julie has resigned, Philip will appear at the door begging her to take the secretary job on. Doug is miserable.
PAM: If that face gets any longer, you'll be walking around with carpet burn on your chin!
Pam tries to cheer him up, saying that Bert'll probably be back within a week. Gaby says that it could've been worse - they could've parted enemies. Gaby gets irked when they bring up Wayne - she reckons she gets nauseous even hearing his name! Pam and Doug point out that Bert thinks they're made for each other, but Gaby says he was way off track.
Gaby answers the door - it's Philip.
GABY: What a surprise(!)
Pam and Doug raise an eyebrow at each other as Gaby's prediction comes true - Phil does ask Gaby to fill in for Julie. Gaby makes him squirm, suggesting that she's happy having the time off. Phil suggests that she come in for the next few days at least, and then make up her mind afterwards - he needs a computer programme finishing off. Gaby agrees and Phil exits.
GABY: What did I tell you? He was practically on his knees!
Number 32
Debbie and Julie are arguing about whether they need to talk about Julie's return to school. Debbie says there's no point as Julie's already made up her mind. She storms out of the door, bang into Phil.
PHIL: Who are you running away from?
DEBBIE: HER! She's ruining my entire life!
PHIL: How's she doing that?
DEBBIE: She's going back to school. MY school.
PHIL: Hang on a minute. Jules, is this true? You? At Erinsborough High?!
Phil is greatly amused by it all. Julie is upset that everyone thinks it's a stupid idea. Phil says he doesn't think it's stupid; he's just surprised. Debbie begs Phil to get Julie to change her mind - it's going to ruin her life. Phil reckons it's not that drastic, but he understands where she's coming from. Debbie storms out. Hannah tells Julie that she thinks it's a great idea.
Phil can't stop laughing! He tells Julie that he admires her for what she's doing, but he can see why Deb's got her knickers in a knot over it - most kids don't like admitting they've even got parents, let alone be seen at school with them! He suggests night school, but Julie thinks she'd be away from the family too much - and another school is ruled out because of the distance and collecting Hannah. Julie is really sad about the reactions she's got - she thought people would be pleased and proud, but instead she's had hassle and abuse!
Number 22
Rick's party is in full swing. Rick's rushing around trying to confiscate all of the ornaments before they get broken. Debbie is following him around, whinging about Julie. Rick tells her to chill out - they're raging! Annalise has a wisecrack at Debbie over Julie trying out for the netball team and looking great in a pleated skirt!
There's a knock at the door and after 3 lads walk in, Wayne Duncan follows. Rick can't believe someone invited a teacher - but apparently Debbie did because she thought he was a nice guy! Other students don't feel the same way and a couple of them depart. Annalise laughs at the idea of Debbie being interested in Wayne as he wouldn't be interested in a child. Debbie asks who he would be interested in - and Annalise reckons that he'd be interested in her.
Number 28
Gaby is talking about the secretary job - she enjoys working with Phil, and Lassiter's is close to home but the money isn't great. She wonders if she should hold off for something else, but Doug warns that the outlook isn't great - economic doom and gloom, and she should be glad that she has a job. Pam takes the opposite view - Phil was pretty desperate to have her back, so Gaby could negotiate for better terms. Gaby thinks secretaries are ten-a-penny but Pam points out that she has a business degree, experience and knows the complex inside out. Pam thinks that Phil can't afford to lose Gaby.
GABY: Which puts me in a very good negotiating position!
DOUG: Just don't negotiate yourself into the dole queue.
Number 32
Julie tells Phil that she's not stupid - she just couldn't work out the computer programme. Phil thinks if she'd cut herself some slack, she'd have figured it out. Julie says that Hannah has more idea about computers than she does, and when Debbie asks her to help with her homework, she doesn't have a clue. Phil tries to make her feel better, but Julie feels inadequate.
Phil suggests that she do a secretarial refresher or a computer course instead, but Julie says she had her eyes set higher in the future. He agrees that she'd be brilliant at marketing, but to do it, she needs to finish high school first. Phil sees that Julie's got her heart set on going back and Julie tells him that she needs to do it for her self-confidence.
Number 22
Rick is stressing trying to save all of the knick-knacks of the house. Debbie approaches Wayne about Julie going back to school. Wayne is massively supportive of Julie, which disappoints Debbie. Rick is telling people to have respect - and then Lou knocks around. Lou's upset he didn't get invited and joins in!
Number 32
Phil and Julie are chatting.
PHIL: It's funny, isn't it? They say school days are the best time of your life. All I can remember is the endless hours of study and the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach just before an exam.
Julie says she's got it all to look forward to. Phil wonders how she's going to get on when she needs a note from her parents! They laugh and Julie is pleased that Phil's being so supportive - Debbie'll listen to him.
PHIL: Jules...? Are you planning on wearing a uniform?
JULIE: I don't think so. Why?
PHIL: I've seen your old photographs and I thought you looked rather cute. Why don't you just try on Deb's - just for me?
JULIE: Philip Martin!
(If you didn't feel sorry for Deb at first, you should do now!)
Number 22
Lou is touting for business with the students, passing out information and business cards on the Car Yard. He says an awkward hello to Annalise, and then Doug and Pam appear - they couldn't hear the tv in Number 28 due to all of the noise. Rick suggests that Lou is in charge - and Pam thinks that doesn't inspire confidence! Doug and Pam make the decision to stay and walk off with Lou to investigate Benito's alcohol stash.
Annalise tells Debbie that she can pull Wayne. Debbie thinks she hasn't got a chance, but Annalise manages to talk him into a dance. Doug, Pam and Lou all watch as she makes her move.
DOUG: With students like that, it makes you wonder how the poor bloke can keep his mind on the job!
Pam hits him!
LOU: Speaking from experience, mate - with great difficulty!
One of the students complains to Rick about the old people being there. Rick tells her they're just neighbours and if they ignore them, they might go away! Another student runs through to take the party to the spa, leaving just Annalise and Wayne dancing and Debbie watching. Rick worriedly runs after them. Doug thinks it's hilarious.
Number 28
Pam has rung Phil at Lassiter's. She pretends to be a recruitment consultant who has a string of jobs lined up for her. Pam tells Phil that with Gaby's qualifications, she's very much in demand. Phil tells her, shirtily, that he's well aware of it - considering that he employs her! Pam apologises for being indiscreet and hangs up. Gaby is stoked at Pam's performance.
Number 22
Rick is still tidying up. Debbie apologises for leaving early, but Rick tells her she didn't miss much - after everyone jumped in the spa, Jim Robinson came over to complain about the noise and at the sight of one more old person, all of the students bailed!
DEBBIE: So who was left?
RICK: The Willises, Mr Robinson, Mr Duncan. Oh and Lou "the party animal" Carpenter!
Rick says they sat around for ages listening to 45s and he had to keep flicking the lights to give them the hint to leave! Debbie says at least they stopped the students from wrecking the joint. Rick says he had it under control and Debbie does an impression of him telling everyone off repeatedly. There's a sudden groan and a very hungover Lou emerges from behind the sofa!
LOU: Oh, what a party. I had a blast!
Lassiter's Office Reception
Phil is filing some papers when Gaby walks in. She apologises for being late, saying she had some business matters of her own to attend to. Phil jumps straight to the phonecall that he received from the employment agency. He assumes she doesn't want the job he was offering. Gaby says she doesn't want to turn it down yet, but she has got other offers. Phil pumps her for information.
GABY: One. In the executive office of Henson Hotels. As personal assistant to Mr Henson. His secretary, Emily, is leaving and the job's been upgraded - more money, more responsibility. Genevieve seems to think it's mine if I want it.
Phil looks worried. He offers a pay rise - of $20. Gaby thinks it's a joke; Julie would've been on far more when she was doing the job. Phil says that Julie was older and more... He trails off and makes a quick exit to his office, telling her to think about his offer.
Gaby is not impressed. She goes over to the computer and looks at the payroll file, tracking down her own and Julie's last wages - and discovers that Julie was getting much more. Gaby is appalled.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Debbie is chewing Phil's ear off about Julie going back to school. Phil tells her that her that it'll blow over soon.
PHILIP: The novelty will wear off and your classmates will find someone else to pick on.
DEBBIE: That is not the point!
Phil slams his office door.
PHILIP: No, that is not the point! The point is when someone tries to better themselves and has the courage to follow their dreams you don't rubbish them. You admire them and you respect them for it.
DEBBIE: You're taking her side!
PHILIP: Yes. I am. Julie's not doing this to give YOU a hard time. She's doing this to make her life better for herself. Can't you understand that?
DEBBIE: No! Can't you understand I'm going to be the school joke?
PHILIP: Bad luck. Because you're going to have to put up with it. Julie is going back to school and you're not going to give her a hard time.
Debbie turns to protest but Phil jumps in first.
PHILIP: End of story!
Coffee Shop
Gaby meets Doug and Pam and tells them about the measly bone Phil offered her. Doug is pleased that she got something. Gaby reveals she looked up Julie's pay and she was getting $100 more, not just $20. Doug is outraged.
DOUG: You tell Philip Martin that if he doesn't think that you're worth as much as his dippy wife, he can stick his job!
Pam thinks it's a big turn around from Doug's 'you should be grateful to have a job' speech, but Doug says it's a matter of principles. Gaby says that now she knows about the pay gap, she can't let it rest. Pam tells her not to get carried away. She suggests accepting his offer and then when she's made herself indispensable, ask for more. Doug says that she's already done that - that's why Phil was on their doorstep last night begging for her to return! Pam says he wasn't begging!
Gaby admits that she has got him over a bit of a barrel and Doug tells her to keep him there until she can get the money she deserves.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Phil is on the phone to Emily, Mr Henson's secretary. He mentions her resigning and Emily tells Phil that she's not leaving. Phil says he must have his wires crossed. He puts the phone down and looks thoughtful. Gaby comes in and asks if she can go early for lunch so she can meet Emily and discuss the Henson job.
Phil agrees but plays it tactically - he tells Gaby that he'd hate to lose her to a competitor and asks her what it would take for her to stay with Lassiter's. Gaby suggests $100 more a week. Phil whistles - it's a hefty demand. He agrees to pay it to her, but only if he can give her some more responsibilities. Gaby is very keen to have more responsibilities, and is even more stoked when Phil suggests that she should get a new job title - Personal Assistant to the Manager. Phil says they'll need a contract drawn up so that they both understand the changes.
Erinsborough High - Corridor
Rick says that the party was good but it would've been better if they hadn't been crashed by old people. Annalise thinks that some of the old people were a benefit! Wayne comes by and tells them to get to class.
ANNALISE: Coming, Mr Duncan.
DEBBIE: (mockingly) Coming, Mr Duncan(!)
Annalise pulls Rick back and asks if she can borrow the house whilst he's at swim training. Rick asks if she hooked up at the party, and Annalise says she did. He agrees that she can have the "Alessi love nest". He walks off and Debbie demands to know who she hooked up with.
DEBBIE: You are off your head! He'd never!
ANNALISE: I can get any man I want. Just you watch!
<<1865 - 1867>>
Debbie Martin, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Debbie Martin, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1866
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin

Annalise Hartman, Wayne Duncan, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Annalise Hartman, Wayne Duncan, Debbie Martin

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Debbie Martin, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1866
Debbie Martin, Wayne Duncan

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Doug Willis, Annalise Hartman, Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1866
Doug Willis, Annalise Hartman, Pam Willis, Lou Carpenter

Gaby Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1866
Gaby Willis, Pam Willis

Debbie Martin, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1866
Debbie Martin, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi

Gaby Willis, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Gaby Willis, Philip Martin

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1866
Gaby Willis

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin

Gaby Willis, Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1866
Gaby Willis, Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Philip Martin

Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1866
Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin

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