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Neighbours Episode 1865 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1864 - 1866>>
Episode title: 1865
Australian airdate: 05/03/93
UK airdate: 06/01/94
UK Gold: 24/12/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Bert Willis – Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Margaret Alessi – Bev Gardiner
Mark – Joel Marrocco
Karen – Uyen Vu
Summary/Images by: Graham
Margaret telling Rick she thinks she'd better stay.
Julie snapping at Philip that she's had enough of the office; why doesn't he ask Gaby to work full- time?
Wayne and Gaby discovering they've got to spend the night in the same hotel room.
Brad realising the Waterhole licence has expired.
No. 22
Debbie smiles that if someone offered *her* a trip to Hawaii, she'd be on her way in two seconds flat! Margaret says Cathy's just doing the right thing by *her*. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Margaret goes and opens it to Pam, who says Doug and Bert have gone to the pub so she thought she'd pop in for a cup of tea. She adds:
PAM: It seems like forever since Chrissie and Paul moved out of this place.
MARGARET: Yes, but they made the right move - they're very happy.
Rick tells Pam that Margaret is heading off to Hawaii. Margaret, however, sighs that she doesn't know what to do; Cathy sent a fax to say Ricky would be fine, but she just can't feel easy about it. Rick points out that people are dropping in all the time. Pam adds that Ramsay Street's a pretty friendly place. Rick reminds Margaret that Uncle Frank will be disappointed if she doesn't turn up - and what about Chrissie? Margaret admits:
MARAGET: I do miss her. I'm longing to see little Andrew again.
With that, she declares that she'll 'phone Frank and tell him to book her ticket. Rick looks at Debbie in delight!
Brad serves a customer and then sighs at Annalise that every time he pulls a beer, he thinks some dude from the Liquor Licensing Commission is going to come in and close them down. Annalise comments that they can't keep selling alcohol without a permit; they're just going to have to get rid of the customers. At that moment, Bert and Doug walk in and Bert orders a couple of beers. Brad comments that he thought he'd given up the drink. Bert replies that he's given up the hard stuff, but a few beers won't do any harm. He and Doug go and sit down. Behind the bar, Annalise suggests to Brad that maybe they should be really rude to everyone and they'll take off. Brad, however, says suddenly:
BRAD: Hey, I know - we'll *give* the stuff away!
ANNALISE (frowns): *Give* it away?
BRAD: Yeah! We wouldn't be breaking the law. The customers will be happy as Larry. It'll be a great PR job for Lassiter's.
ANNALISE (grins): You're a genius!
No. 32
Philip is sitting with an upset Julie on the couch, telling her gently that she's been through a rough time; if she just lets Gaby show her basics of the computer program, she'll pick it up in no time. Julie, however, retorts that she's supposed to be his secretary, not some junior learning the ropes. Hannah comes in and tells Julie that *she* could help her; computers are really easy once you get the hang of them. Julie mutters at Philip:
JULIE: See? Reduced to coaching by my baby daughter.
Philip suggests to Hannah that she go and feed Cracker. He then tells Julie not to take things to heart; she'll soon get used to the new system. He adds that he wishes he didn't have to go back to Lassiter's tonight; they need to talk this through. Julie, however, retorts that there's nothing more to talk about: she's no longer his secretary and that's that.
Hotel room
Gaby and Wayne walk into their hotel room to find to their horror that there's just one double bed in there. Gaby snaps that one thing's for sure: she's not staying here. Wayne points out that this is the only available room. Gaby mutters:
GABY: I'll take the bed, naturally.
WAYNE: Naturally?
GABY: If you had an ounce of gentlemanly instinct, there would be no question.
WAYNE: I thought we agreed that I'm an ill- bred hick.
GABY: You must be a wonderful influence on those poor kids at Erinsborough High.
WAYNE: I try to make them understand what equal opportunity means.
GABY (exclaims): You don't really expect me to sleep in a *chair*?
WAYNE: You're smaller than I am.
GABY (snaps): If you don't give me this bed—
WAYNE: What will you do? Appeal to the tribunal? They might think it's a bit odd that you're here with a bloke in the first place.
Gaby glares at him furiously.
Brad serves more beers and comments to Annalise in concern that people are going to drink the bar dry. Doug calls for two more beers. Philip comes in suddenly and Doug smiles at him that it was a good idea of his to turn on free beer; he ought to make it a regular event! Philip looks at Brad sharply.
No. 22
Rick tells Margaret that he and Debbie are going to do some more study at Debbie's place, and the two of them head out. When they've gone, Pam comments to Margaret that they're a couple of tearaways but they're basically pretty good kids. Margaret admits that she's probably been worrying unnecessarily, but she'd just feel better if she could talk to Cathy first. Pam suggests giving her a call. Margaret tells her that she tried, but couldn't get through; Rick sent a fax through, but she should have asked Cathy to call her. Pam suggests sending another one. Margaret, however, admits that she doesn't know how to operate the machine. Pam smiles that she'll give her a hand.
Annalise is telling Philip:
ANNALISE: It's my birthday. I wanted everyone to have a good time.
PHILIP (suspiciously): It's *your* birthday, but *you're* buying the drinks?
BRAD: No. Me.
PHILIP: You don't mind if I check the till?
BRAD: Oh no, it's all above board, and, er, we're doing a terrific trade.
With that, he quickly puts some money in the till. Philip shrugs that it must be costing him a fortune, but it's his party. With that, he heads out. When he's gone, Annalise comments to Brad that it *has* cost him a packet. Brad nods that he can't keep it up; he's broke. Annalise asks what they can do now, then. Brad pauses and then says he's got it: they'll stop serving beers and serve mocktails instead - non- alcoholic cocktails which they pretend are really lethal!
Across at his table with Bert, Doug is saying that Wayne's the *last* bloke Gaby would go for. Bert insists that they've got the whole night to get to know each other!
Hotel room
Wayne is lying in the bed while Gaby tosses and turns in the armchair. She snaps eventually that there's no way she can sleep in the damn thing. Wayne points out that it was *her* idea to toss for it. Gaby growls:
GABY: If my grandfather knew how you were treating me, he'd be disgusted.
WAYNE: Serves him right for trying to push his bad- tempered granddaughter down my throat.
GABY: The last thing I wanted was to spend the night with *you*, buster.
Wayne suggests that they try and get some sleep. Gaby, however, mutters that she'll show him, the hick. Wayne then points out that they could share the bed - but he warns her not to try any funny business. Gaby moves pillows into the centre of the bed and then climbs into it reluctantly as Wayne comments:
WAYNE: You've really got tickets on yourself, haven't you. I'm not even *tempted*.
No. 32
The next morning, in the lounge room, Debbie says to Julie that if she's not going into work, can she help her with one of her assignments? Philip says goodbye and heads off. Debbie shows Julie her assignment -on computing - but Julie looks at it for several seconds before remarking hesitantly that it looks pretty complicated and leaving Debbie to it. Rick comes in and asks Debbie if she's ready to hit the road. Debbie sighs that she didn't finish one of her assignments. Rick, however, tells her that they've got *bigger* things to think about. Neither of them notices Hannah appear in the hallway and listen as Rick tells Debbie that his Aunty Margaret's finally on the afternoon 'plane; tonight they party at *his* place! He asks Debbie if her parents will let her come and Debbie nods that she'll just tell them she's staying at a girlfriend's. Hannah steps into the room at that moment and smiles:
HANNAH: What if I tell them different?
She asks for $10 to keep quiet!
No. 28
Pam offers Brad more coffee, but he declines, saying he's got to fly: he wants to be at the Licensing Commission as soon as it opens. Gaby and Wayne arrive home and Wayne smiles at Bert that it was great. Bert, looking delighted, says:
BERT: You really enjoyed yourselves?
GABY: Who wouldn't?! Chauffeur- driven car, fabulous dinner, and the accommodation... wow!
WAYNE: And such charming company!
BERT: You're laying it on a bit, aren't you?
WAYNE: Well, it wasn't all beer and skittles to start off with, but we sorted things out and we had a really great time.
BERT (smiles): I'm very pleased to hear it!
Doug and Brad head out. Bert says he'd better get moving too, as he's got a few things to sort out. He heads into his room. Pam heads out to check the mailbox. Left alone with Gaby, Wayne asks coolly:
WAYNE: Is there *always* a mass exodus by your family when a visitor arrives?
GABY: In this case, who could blame them? Spending twelve hours in your company seemed more like a life sentence to me.
WAYNE: Likewise!
GABY: But at least we made granddad happy, and that is terrific - because as of now, I hope I never set eyes on you again.
WAYNE: Yeah, well, it might be a little difficult seeing we live in the same street, but don't worry - I'll do my best to ignore you.
Bert emerges from his room suddenly, saying he thinks he's left his reading glasses. Gaby looks at him sheepishly.
Ramsay Street
Julie is bringing the bins in and Pam wanders over and asks her if she's treating herself to a day off. Julie retorts that she's not going to the office anymore. Pam remarks that she thought that's why Gaby had to leave. Julie explains that Philip was really impressed with Gaby's efficiency - especially her computer skills - so she's obviously the best person for the job. Pam comments that that doesn't sound like the Julie Martin *she* knows. Julie sighs that she's been making a mess of things - look at Michael. Debbie and Rick emerge from the house suddenly and Debbie asks Julie if she can stay at Kelly's tonight - she said she'd help her with her assignment. Julie nods that that's OK. Debbie and Rick walk off and Julie tells Pam that Debbie asked *her* for help first, but it was really beyond her. Pam smiles:
PAM: Join the club! The stuff they teach kids at school these days is all gobbledegook to me! If you want the truth, it makes me feel like a bit of a dill!
JULIE: Me too!
No. 28
Bert is laughing that the double bed was the last straw, eh?! Wayne tells him that he really tried, but Gaby has to be the most impossible female he's ever come across. Gaby adds that, as for a repeat, no thank you. Doug comes in and tells his father that he's got the men started on the job, so the two of them can spend the rest of the day together. Wayne says he'd better be going and he heads out. Gaby tells Bert that she's sorry; she really did try. Bert shrugs that you win some, you lose some; he'd better get his bags packed.
Lassiter's complex
Annalise and Brad are walking across the complex, Annalise saying she can't believe Philip believed that story about her birthday! At that moment, though, Philip emerges from the Robinson Corporation office and stops them. He tells Brad tersely:
PHILIP: I just got a 'phone call from the Licensing Commission.
BRAD: Yeah?
PHILIP: The application *should* have been lodged yesterday.
ANNALISE: Is there a problem, Mr. Martin?
PHILIP (coldly): Yes, Annalise, there is a problem. Perhaps we should discuss it in my office - *now*.
No. 22
Rick beams at Debbie that it's countdown to party time! The 'phone starts ringing and Rick goes and answers it. His mother comes on and asks for Margaret, but Rick tells her that she's not there right now. Cathy then asks him about a fax about Hawaii. Rick tells her quickly that that's Uncle Frank's itinerary; Margaret just thought she'd be interested. He asks her if she's having a fun trip. He listens and then smiles that that's fantastic! He adds that everything's just fine and she's not to worry. With that, he hangs up. As he does so, Margaret comes downstairs and asks if that was the 'phone she heard. Rick says it was for him. Margaret sighs that she does wish his mother would call - she put in the fax that it was urgent. Rick says quickly:
RICK: That *was* mum. She just told me to tell you not to worry and have a great time in Hawaii.
Margaret sighs that it's a nuisance she missed her. Debbie suggests that she go and finish her packing. Margaret, however, says there's no hurry: the airline 'phoned earlier to say the flight's been delayed until 10:00 tonight.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Philip is telling Brad tersely that it was his responsibility to get that application in on time. Annalise points out that it gets really busy at the bar; it's pretty easy to forget about forms and things. Philip retorts that a Bar Manager is not paid to forget important dates. Brad insists that it won't happen again - and they did OK; just check the takings. Annalise explains about how they served mocktails but charged the price for the real thing. Philip muses that he's not sure he approves of that - but he then relents and admits that it showed initiative and they didn't put their problems onto other people. Annalise adds:
ANNALISE: Yeah - and I had a terrific birthday after all!
No. 32
Gaby is sitting with Julie in the lounge room, telling her that she didn't have to quit. Julie, however, sighs that she has to face it: she's just not qualified. Gaby points out that she's not very good at accepting help from anyone. Julie admits that it's not easy taking orders from someone younger than you. She adds that she's sure Phil will be in touch with Gaby soon about rehiring her. With that, Gaby gets up and heads out. Debbie and Hannah come into the lounge room and Julie comments to Debbie that she's dressed up; she thought she was going to Kelly's place to study. Debbie replies quickly that it's just nice to get into something trendy after that daggy school uniform. Julie heads out of the room, leaving Hannah to comment to Debbie that their mum would flip if she really knew what was going on. Debbie retorts:
DEBBIE: You promised, Hannah.
HANNAH (grumbles): For a measly $5.
DEBBIE: Yeah, well, if Rick can't get his aunty out of the house, there might not even *be* a party.
No. 28
Wayne shakes Bert's hand and tells him that he's glad to have met him. Gaby then gives Bert a hug and smiles at him to behave himself in Fiji. Bert grins that there's no point in going if he has to do *that*! Pam hugs Bert and tells him that she's so glad about him and Doug. Bert then turns to Doug himself and says:
BERT: Better late than never, eh, son?
DOUG (hugging Bert): I love you, dad. Take care - you hear me?
They pull apart and Brad tells Bert that it's time to go. He, Bert and Wayne head out, leaving Doug to ask Pam:
DOUG: Why did I leave it so long?
PAM: You found each other. That's all that matters.
No. 22
Rick is waiting impatiently for Margaret's taxi to arrive. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Rick opens it to Annalise and two other kids. He says to them quickly:
RICK: I'm glad you guys could come. Now we can get stuck into our 'study'.
ANNALISE (catching on): The sooner the better!
The three head inside and Margaret asks Annalise in surprise if she always gets dressed up to do her homework. Annalise replies that it sort of cheers them up. One of the other students - Karen - adds that wearing uniform all the time's a real drag. Rick tells them all that Margaret's waiting to catch a taxi to go to the airport. Annalise, however, says she's got no hope at *this* time. Margaret comments that the flight's not until ten. Rick tells her that it takes hours to get through Customs; it's a real drag. Margaret gives in and says she'll walk down towards Lassiter's and see if she can get a cab from there. She gives Rick a hug - as an amused Annalise looks on! - and then heads out.
No. 32
Julie walks into the lounge room, where Debbie is minding Hannah. Debbie snaps at her:
DEBBIE: Where have you been? I have to go.
JULIE: I've been talking to Wayne Duncan.
DEBBIE (annoyed): Oh great. What have I done now?
JULIE: Nothing. We were discussing *me*. I'm going back to school - as soon as it can be arranged. We're going to be studying together, Deb!
A look of horror crosses Debbie's face!
<<1864 - 1866>>
Debbie Martin, Pam Willis, Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1865
Debbie Martin, Pam Willis, Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi

Bert Willis, Annalise Hartman, Brad Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1865
Bert Willis, Annalise Hartman, Brad Willis, Doug Willis

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1865
Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis

Annalise Hartman, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1865
Annalise Hartman, Brad Willis

Pam Willis, Margaret Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1865
Pam Willis, Margaret Alessi

Brad Willis, Annalise Hartman, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Brad Willis, Annalise Hartman, Philip Martin

Bert Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1865
Bert Willis, Doug Willis

Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1865
Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis

Julie Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Julie Martin, Debbie Martin

Hannah Martin, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Hannah Martin, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Bert Willis, Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1865
Bert Willis, Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan

Pam Willis, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Pam Willis, Julie Martin

Gaby Willis, Bert Willis, Doug Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1865
Gaby Willis, Bert Willis, Doug Willis, Wayne Duncan

Brad Willis, Annalise Hartman, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Brad Willis, Annalise Hartman, Philip Martin

Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Philip Martin, Brad Willis, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1865
Philip Martin, Brad Willis, Annalise Hartman

Julie Martin, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1865
Julie Martin, Gaby Willis

Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin

Bert Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1865
Bert Willis, Doug Willis

Mark, Karen, Annalise Hartman, Rick Alessi, Margaret Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1865
Mark, Karen, Annalise Hartman, Rick Alessi, Margaret Alessi

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Julie Martin

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1865
Debbie Martin

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