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Neighbours Episode 1867 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1866 - 1868>>
Episode title: 1867
Australian airdate: 09/03/93
UK airdate: 10/01/94
UK Gold: 28/12/99
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Greg Bartlett: Stephen Curry
Summary/Images by: Graham
Debbie asking Annalise if she's on with Lou again. Annalise replying that she's got someone much nicer in mind.
Helen telling Wayne that Greg Bartlett, who attacked her, is staying as a house guest.
Annalise asking Rick to borrow his house - and then telling Debbie that she's after Wayne.
No. 26
Helen hands Greg $2, as per their contract, for bringing in the washing. She adds that she can offer him $5 for mowing the back lawn and raking up the leaves. Greg snaps that that's slave labour. Helen shrugs that he can take it or leave it. Greg heads outside, reluctantly. Jim joins Helen and mutters that she shouldn't be paying Greg to do chores around the place - he's getting free room and board as it is. Helen, however, replies that he's got a big enough chip on his shoulder; she doesn't want to him give him more reason to resent the world - and at least she's getting all these odd jobs done around the place. Jim then mutters that Greg is hardly a little ray of sunshine. Helen appeals to him to give the boy a chance.
Coffee Shop
Stephen is doing the books and he asks Phoebe if she's noticed that most of their customers now are under- 18; he didn't plan on them scaring off the older customers. Cameron comes in and tells Stephen that he and Beth have done it: they've taken the Oath of Allegiance and signed their names in blood! Stephen looks at him blankly and Cameron clarifies that they've joined the Peace Patrol! Phoebe comments coolly that you hear about these vigilantes in the States who do more harm than good. Cameron, however, tells her that the Peace Patrol aims to stop crime before it happens.
Lassiter's Complex
A short time later, Stephen is walking across the Lassiter's Complex. He stops outside the hotel Brasserie and grabs a menu from one of the tables.
Erinsborough High
Standing by their lockers, Debbie hands Annalise a key to No. 22, saying it's from Rick. She then asks Annalise what makes her so sure that Wayne has the hots for her. Annalise just smiles condescendingly:
ANNALISE: Oh, Debbie, when you've had more experience with men, you'll understand the symptoms. The guy practically drools every time he sees me.
DEBBIE: I can't say I've noticed.
ANNALISE: Do you really think he'd let other people know that he was rapt in one of his students?
At that moment, she spots Wayne and tells him that she's still having trouble understanding those chemical equations; she thinks she needs some coaching. She adds that Rick and Debbie need help too and Rick's got swimming training tonight and wanted to know if they could all go to his house later. Wayne listens and then says he'll be there about six. He walks off, leaving Debbie to comment to Annalise:
DEBBIE: I did not notice him licking his chops!
ANNALISE: You just wait 'til I get him alone!
Back yard of No. 26
Jim joins Greg, who's trying to get the lawnmower to start. He asks Greg if it's got any petrol in it. Greg nods that he's checked. He goes on that he thinks the choke's jammed open and flooded, but he can't figure out how to close it. Jim nods that he may be right - the same thing's happened a few times before. Greg goes on that he's always had a thing about engines and stuff. Jim smiles that that's why *he* became an engineer. Greg comments that he bets Jim makes a packet! He adds that maybe *he* could have gone to uni and studied something like that if they hadn't chucked him out of school. Jim tells him that he still *could*.
No. 26
In the kitchen, Helen remarks to Wayne that Jim and Greg seem to be having an amiable talk out there. At that moment, Jim comes in and comments that Greg pinpointed the problem with the lawnmower; he's got a love of motors, apparently. Helen smiles that the two of them *do* have something in common! Jim starts looking for the oil can and Helen tells him that it's in the laundry. As Jim hunts around, he tells Helen that he can't get out of his mind that Greg assaulted her. Helen tells him that she saw him and Greg working together out there; if anyone can get through to the boy, *he* can.
Ramsay Street
Phoebe - pushing Hope in her pram - is walking up Ramsay Street with Debbie and asks her what that is she heard about Julie going back to school. Debbie nods reluctantly that it's true. Phoebe asks if she'd be better off going to uni as a mature- age student. Debbie sighs:
DEBBIE: No, it has to be High School and it has to be *my* High School.
Phoebe asks why she doesn't get Wayne - who's approaching them - to talk to her. Debbie replies that *he* thinks it's a *good* idea. Wayne calls out to Debbie and asks if she isn't supposed to be waiting for him at Rick's place, as Annalise said they wanted some coaching. Debbie just grins:
DEBBIE: You can have all that on your own!
No. 22
Annalise has changed into a very little black dress. She opens the door to Wayne and invites him to sit on the couch. Wayne asks if there wouldn't be more space for them at the dining room table. Annalise, however, tells him that Rick's still at the pool, so it's just her. Wayne suggests that they should do this another time, but Annalise tells him quickly that she's very keen. Wayne shrugs and sits down next to her on the couch, asking her what it is about equations that gives her so much trouble. Annalise says:
ANNALISE: Can I be totally honest?
WAYNE (nods): Sure.
ANNALISE: It's you.
WAYNE (surprised): *Me*?
ANNALISE: Well, yes. How can I concentrate on boring old Science when *you're* teaching it?
WAYNE: I don't make myself understood?
ANNALISE: Oh yes, I understand all right, Mr. Duncan. Wayne... I just want you to know that I feel the same way about you.
WAYNE (taken aback): Now hold on just a minute...
ANNALISE: Oh look, you don't have to worry - we've got the place to ourselves; and I'll be very discreet - I promise.
As Annalise makes a move towards Wayne, he leaps up off the couch.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is looking at the menu from Lassiter's Brasserie and Stephen tells her to look at the price of the Fish Pie; he reckons they can charge $5 less and still make a healthy profit. Phoebe doesn't look convinced. Stephen tells her that once the regular Brasserie clientele find out that the Coffee Shop is serving the same food at half the price, they're going to jump ship faster than rats on the Titanic. Phoebe points out that they won't if they're drinkers.
No. 22
Wayne is snapping at Annalise:
WAYNE: I should have seen it coming. I'm a teacher, dammit.
ANNALISE: I don't know why *you're* so angry. *You're* the one who was giving me all the big come- on signs.
WAYNE (retorts): No. I know better.
ANNALISE: Wayne, every time you looked at me—
WAYNE: You're *imagining* things.
Annalise bursts into tears as she sobs that he thinks she's ugly, doesn't he. Wayne assures her that he doesn't - but he's not about to get involved with a student. He sits down and puts his hand comfortingly on Annalise's shoulder, telling her that if he gave her the wrong idea, he's really sorry. Annalise cries that it's all right. She then moves towards him, causing Wayne to snap:
WAYNE: You just don't take no for an answer, do you?
ANNALISE: I usually don't *have* to. What's the harm, anyway? I told you: I know how to be discreet.
WAYNE: And *I* told *you* I'm not interested. For crying out loud, what do I have to say to convince you? I'm not about to put my career on the line to indulge some schoolgirl fantasies.
ANNALISE (indignant): 'Schoolgirl'? Is *that* what you think of me?
WAYNE: Look, I'm sorry, but it's just not on, Annalise, OK?
With that, he walks out, leaving Annalise looking upset.
Ramsay Street
Doug pulls up in his ute outside No. 28 as Wayne walks across to No. 26. Doug invites him for a few drinks at the Waterhole later, but Wayne declines. Doug asks what the problem is. Wayne shrugs that he and Annalise Hartman had a bit of a misunderstanding over a Chemistry problem.
Coffee Shop
Debbie walks into the Coffee Shop to find Annalise sitting at a table. She asks her in surprise what she's doing there; did Wayne tell her to rack off? Annalise, however, retorts:
ANNALISE: No. He dropped me off here afterwards.
Debbie asks in astonishment if they didn't... Annalise smiles that they didn't have much time to discuss schoolwork. Debbie exclaims:
DEBBIE: I don't believe it. You and Mr. Duncan actually...
ANNALISE: Got it on?
DEBBIE: Oh. I just didn't think he'd be *like* that.
ANNALISE: Like what?
DEBBIE: You know: interested in one thing. *You*, yes!
Annalise tells her that she and Wayne will be seeing a lot more of each other from now one. She then tells Debbie that she can't say anything to anyone; Wayne could lose his job and that would ruin everything for him. Debbie looks at her and then agrees, adding:
DEBBIE: You can't be as dumb as you act. Mr. Duncan would *never* be interested in an airhead.
No. 26
Wayne is working at the desk in the lounge room as Jim looks at his drawings for the hydraulic jack, explaining that Greg couldn't wait to see them. Wayne mutters that he'll go and work in his room. Jim asks if he's got something on his mind. Wayne replies that he's not very proud of himself at the moment: he got himself into a situation and he over- reacted a little, but it's all been sorted out.
Jim walks through to the kitchen, where Helen tells him that Greg's going to the shops. She takes a $50 note out of her purse, saying she hasn't got anything smaller. Greg stares at it and takes it. He heads out. When he's gone, Helen bets Jim $5 that Greg will be back in five minutes, explaining that Greg has to understand that she's willing to trust him.
Ramsay Street
Doug and Cameron watch as Greg emerges from No. 26. Cameron calls out 'hello', but Greg ignores him and walks off down the street. Cameron remarks to Doug that that's the second time the boy has cut him dead when he's tried to say hello. Doug asks what relation he is to Helen, but Cameron explains that he's a friend of the family. Doug says he thought Wayne said he was some kind of nephew... and Jim told Pam that he's one of Helen's arts students. Cameron remarks that the boy doesn't strike *him* as the artistic type; does anyone know why he moved in? Doug just muses:
DOUG: Give it a rest: you're becoming a worse busybody than your mother!
Coffee Shop
Phoebe serves Cameron and Doug a coffee. Stephen comes into the shop, holding a box, and asks Phoebe if he can see her in the kitchen. She joins him and he shows her that the box contains some bottles of wine to sell in the Coffee Shop. Phoebe retorts that they'll be closed down. Stephen, however, tells her to look at the label: they're non- alcoholic. He beams:
STEPHEN: Am I brilliant or what?!
Helen is rolling out some pastry as Jim joins her and comments that Greg's been gone a fair while; he reckons he's done a flit with her $50. Helen suggests that perhaps he popped into a pinball parlour. Jim says he thinks he should call the police. At that moment, though, the back door bangs and Greg comes in. He tells Helen that the milk bar didn't have any eggs and it's miles to that supermarket on the highway. Helen looks at Jim happily.
Coffee Shop
Cameron is trying the wine, and he comments that it's a bit thin and very sweet. He asks Doug what *he* thinks, but Doug replies that all wines taste the same to him. Cameron asks what will happen if anyone reports them. Doug adds that Gaby wouldn't be too pleased if the business was closed down for serving grog. Phoebe smiles at Stephen that he's had his joke. She then explains to Cameron and Doug that it's non- alcoholic. Cameron shrugs that it's not bad. Phoebe and Stephen return to the counter, leaving Doug to tell Cameron that he heard something else about the Robinson houseguest: Helen told Pam that he's staying indefinitely, but Jim told *him* that he's staying a couple of days at the most. Stephen overhears and comments that the sooner that guy's out of Ramsay Street, the happier *he'll* be: Phoebe thinks he lifted a couple of cans of drink in there the other day. Doug muses:
DOUG: Why would Helen Daniels harbour a thief under her own roof?
CAMERON (suspiciously): That's what *I'd* like to know.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phoebe is saying to Debbie in surprise:
PHOEBE: Annalise and Wayne?! Are you sure?
DEBBIE: He was with her for ages over at Rick's place this afternoon.
PHOEBE: But that doesn't mean *anything*.
DEBBIE: Well, if she'd just said that they'd slept together, I wouldn't have believed her, but she reckons they're an item. Not even Annalise would say something that outrageous if it wasn't true.
Phoebe comments that it's got to be a mistake. Debbie muses that she thought Mr. Duncan had better taste. She then swears Phoebe to secrecy.
No. 26
Wayne is doing some stretching and Greg remarks that it beats him why anyone would want to go running for fun. Wayne replies that it's a good way to get rid of some tension. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Wayne answers it to Cameron, who asks if Helen's around. Wayne replies that she isn't, but she shouldn't be too long. Cameron asks if he can come in and wait. Wayne heads out for his run. Cameron joins Jim, who asks if there's anything in particular he wanted to see Helen about. Cameron nods that it's this kid who's staying with them: what's his story? Jim tells him to sit down, saying:
JIM: I was afraid that you'd find out, but Helen insisted that you not be told the truth. She was sure you'd want to rush off to the police. She's got this crazy idea that she can *help* the boy. Personally, I think he must have knocked a screw loose when he assaulted her, but she is determined—
CAMERON: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that Greg is the same kid who assaulted us?
<<1866 - 1868>>
Greg Bartlett, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1867
Greg Bartlett, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1867
Jim Robinson

Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1867
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Cameron Hudson

Wayne Duncan, Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1867
Wayne Duncan, Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin

Jim Robinson, Greg Bartlett in Neighbours Episode 1867
Jim Robinson, Greg Bartlett

Wayne Duncan, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1867
Wayne Duncan, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Debbie Martin, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1867
Debbie Martin, Phoebe Bright

Wayne Duncan, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1867
Wayne Duncan, Annalise Hartman

Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1867
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Annalise Hartman, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1867
Annalise Hartman, Wayne Duncan

Wayne Duncan, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1867
Wayne Duncan, Doug Willis

Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1867
Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin

Greg Bartlett, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1867
Greg Bartlett, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Doug Willis, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1867
Doug Willis, Cameron Hudson

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1867
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Helen Daniels, Greg Bartlett, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1867
Helen Daniels, Greg Bartlett, Jim Robinson

Stephen Gottlieb, Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1867
Stephen Gottlieb, Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis

Debbie Martin, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1867
Debbie Martin, Phoebe Bright

Greg Bartlett, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1867
Greg Bartlett, Wayne Duncan

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1867
Cameron Hudson

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