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Neighbours Episode 1822 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1822
Australian airdate: 01/12/92
UK airdate: 06/11/93
UK Gold:26/10/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Noddy: Richard Piper
- "Oh Julian" by Club Hoy
- "Der Zigeunerbaron" by Johann Strauss
- "Matchbook" by Ian Moss
- "The Black And The Blue" by The Bats
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Percy Slade cites Cameron as being a problem, and comments that they don't need a repeat of the "Marco Alessi situation". He suggests that Cameron is dealt with immediately.
- Noddy rings Number 32 asking if Cameron lives there. Beth tells him that he does, and Noddy smiles and hangs up.
- Benito accuses Debbie of leading Rick astray. Julie reckons it's the other way around. All four parents angrily "agree" that their kids should keep away from each other. Debbie and Rick are saddened.
Number 32
Cameron tells Beth that the more he looks into the Gavin Heywood / Percy Slade connection, the shonkier the whole council scenario appears to be. Beth is less interested - she thinks that paying their bills is a more pressing problem for the pair.
BETH: The rent's due tomorrow.
CAMERON: Has Helen said anything to you about renewing our lease?
Beth says she hasn't. Cameron guesses that Helen could be planning to put the rent up.
BETH: Well, if she does, we're cactus!
Cameron suggests getting a flatmate. Beth says that Gaby isn't likely to be back now that Doug and Pam have separated and Cameron doesn't like the idea of a stranger moving in.
BETH: It's either that, or we move out.
Cameron sighs.
Number 26
Helen opens the door to Pam, who's looking for Jim. Helen tells her that Jim's away until tomorrow. Pam says that they need to sort out dinner arrangements - which causes Helen to raise an eyebrow. Pam clarifies that she means the fundraiser for the homeless kids!
Helen seems relieved, and offers to pass on a message but Pam says she needs to talk to him personally. She says they'll catch up later, and she leaves.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Hannah is moaning.
PHILIP: What is it now, Button?!
Hannah is upset that Debbie got a holiday and she didn't...and now that Michael's coming back, she has to let Debbie share her room again too! Debbie wishes that she'd never come home from England!
Helen briefly reappears to tell them that Pam was at the door, and then quickly exits - skipping dinner - to go to sleep.
HANNAH: Dad, it's my turn for a treat.
PHILIP: So it is. The very first thing in the morning, we'll go down to the shops and you can choose *anything* you like.
HANNAH: *Anything*?!
PHILIP: As long as it doesn't cost over 10 dollars.
Bizarrely, Hannah seems very impressed by this meagre amount(!) and Philip beams!
Number 22
Rick is unhappy. He moans that Cathy was young once, so she should remember what it was like. Cathy thinks the problem is that she remembers it too well - and that's why she thinks that Rick and Debbie having some space from each other and slowing things down a bit is a good thing. Rick moans, but Cathy says that he won't charm her this time.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy is cleaning her car, which Bouncer is sitting in (supervising, I assume). She spies Cathy reading her post and cheerfully waves to her, but Cathy seems quiet. Philip drives past in his car. When he parks up outside 26, he toots his horn and Julie comes outside.
Dorothy pops over, querying why he's out so early. Philip tells her that he had some urgent shopping to do and Hannah excitedly shows Dorothy her new guinea pig - Gus.
JULIE: (slightly baffled) Why on earth did you buy her a guinea pig?
PHILIP: She chose; I just paid!
Hannah and Philip grin at each other and head indoors. Julie takes the opportunity to talk to Dorothy about Debbie and "that Alessi boy"! Julie says that both families have agreed that Debbie and Rick are seeing too much of each other, so they've mutually grounded the pair of them - and she wants Dorothy to keep that up at school. Dorothy agrees, and says that she's been considering splitting them up in class for quite a while as they're a destructive combination.
JULIE: Good. And they're not to get together in their breaks either.
DOROTHY: Short of chaining them to their desks, I can hardly guarantee that!
Julie says that they'll be grateful for Dorothy's co-operation and leaves. Dorothy rolls her eyes, and when Bouncer starts barking, she tells him that she couldn't agree more!
Number 26
Julie is ranting to Debbie about how she's not to see Rick at all. Debbie is annoyed as she and Rick didn't do anything wrong, but Julie is insistent on the separation to keep things that way! Philip is irritated by the whole argument taking place before school.
The front door opens and...
MICHAEL: Hi gang!
JULIE: What are you doing here?!
MICHAEL: That's a great welcome(!)
Philip is stunned, as Michael's school doesn't break up until midday. Michael says that they let him go early.
DEBBIE: (teasing) Couldn't wait to get rid of you, hey?
Hannah happily tells him that she has a new guinea pig, and Michael is genuinely enthusiastic for her. Philip can't understand why Michael didn't call him for him to pick him up. Michael looks abashed and pulls a letter out from his pocket and gives it to Philip.
MICHAEL: I guess you have to know sooner or later. I've been expelled.
Julie looks shocked and Philip wearily sighs.
Number 22
Cathy has received a letter from Marco which states his intention to stay away from Erinsborough indefinitely.
CATHY: "I've got myself into a bit of trouble. If I come back there'll be certain people waiting to give me a pretty hard time and I don't want to get you all involved." What do you know about all this?
Rick protests his innocence. Cathy guesses that it's money related, but she thought he only owed a couple of hundred. Cathy says that he also writes that they shouldn't worry - and she thinks that's a bit rich!
CATHY: "PS. Take care of Frank for me." Uncle Frank?!
RICK: Probably Frank the Indian! Typical Marco, up to his ears in trouble and all he can think about is a silly old statue!
Cathy asks Rick to tell her exactly what happened in London, reckoning that he must know something. Rick says that a guy came looking for them at the hotel room, calling himself Noddy's brother. Rick says that he was a nasty bit of a work, and Cathy looks confused.
Number 32
Beth opens the door to Cathy, who's after Cameron.
CATHY: Can you spare a few moments?
CAMERON: Anything to postpone the washing up!
She hands him Marco's letter and asks if Marco ever confided in him about being in some trouble. Beth says that Marco looked as if he didn't have a care in the world when he left for London. Cameron reads the letter and asks what the Frank bit means. Beth guesses that he means Frank the statue, but Cathy quickly says that he means his uncle Frank as they were very close(!)
Cathy says that none of it makes sense. Cameron thinks that Rick might know something, but Cathy says she's tried him. She mentions that Noddy's brother appeared in London. Beth wonders who Noddy is, and Cathy tells her that he's an unsavoury chap who came into the Coffee Shop looking for Marco.
Cameron asks Cathy to describe him and she mentions a cockney accent. Beth remarks that the guy who rang the house was a cockney, but Cameron is dismissive of the idea that they're the same person - because why would he be ringing Cameron?
Number 26
Michael is sitting on the sofa. Philip is pacing up and down with the letter from the headmaster detailing Michael's expulsion. Michael protests that it was an accident.
PHILIP: Okay. Let's hear it.
MICHAEL: A mate and me were smoking in the shelter sheds-
PHILIP: (interrupting) I thought I had your word on that!
MICHAEL: I've only had the occasional one. Anyhow, the bell went so we ditched our butts and took off for class. Somehow, the shed caught fire.
PHILIP: You could've caused considerable damage.
MICHAEL: But we didn't. They put it out before anything got really wrecked. And no-one was hurt.
Philip asks if he told the head the same story. Michael says that he did, and Philip can't understand why he's come down so hard on him. Michael explains that he'd been warned about smoking as he'd been caught a few weeks earlier. Philip guesses that the head had to make a stand on something as serious as this.
PHILIP: Have you learned your lesson?
MICHAEL: I won't be smoking again, that's for sure!
Philip seems somewhat placated by this. Julie bursts in.
JULIE: Well, Michael, you've finally managed to pull it off!
MICHAEL: (cautiously) How do you mean?
JULIE: You didn't want to go back to that school and you knew we wouldn't just let you leave, so getting yourself expelled was the perfect solution, wasn't it?!
PHILIP: Now steady on, Jules!
JULIE: You did it on purpose, didn't you?!
MICHAEL: It was an accident, I told you!
JULIE: A very convenient one, I'd say!
PHILIP: Julie, that's enough! Michael has learned his lesson and he's genuinely sorry for what's happened.
Julie wishes she could believe it. Michael insists that he's telling the truth.
JULIE: So, what do we do now?
PHILIP: There'll be plenty of time over the school holidays to work out a plan for next year.
JULIE: Why bother? I'm sure Michael's already decided what he's going to do!
PHILIP: WHAT he's going to do is spend the school holidays at home. With US. So you two had both better bury the hatchet RIGHT NOW. We'll create a little harmony in this family.
Philip stalks off. Julie angrily glares at Michael, who merrily smirks at her.
Lassiter's Lake
Debbie and Rick are sitting at the lake. Rick says that it's the only way they can meet as their olds and Dorothy are conspiring against them. Debbie thinks it's just her sort of luck that Julie will rock up wanting to spend her lunchtime at the lake!
Rick moans about how Julie doesn't like him. Debbie moans that after the London trip, his parents don't like her either! They both wish that they were still in London. Rick asks what they're going to do. Debbie is determined that they won't stop them from seeing each other.
RICK: Yeah! They can fight all they want to, but they're not going to break us up.
He happily puts his arm around her.
Number 26
Helen is reading. Julie is sorting some washing and Michael is eager to help. Julie pushes him away, sceptically. Helen warns that she shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
MICHAEL: Dad will be pleased if you and I could get on better.
JULIE: (hurt) I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to get through to you, Michael. You've rejected me every step of the way.
MICHAEL: We could try again.
JULIE: Why? You've resented me from the day I married your father.
MICHAEL: It wasn't easy for me and Deb, seeing Dad with someone else, feeling shut out because you'd come on the scene.
He exasperatedly sits down.
MICHAEL: Maybe it's easier for girls; I don't know. Deb seemed to...more or less get used to it. I couldn't see how things could ever be the same between Dad and me. ...I was wrong.
Julie looks surprised.
JULIE: ...Michael, I wish I could believe you mean that.
MICHAEL: (injured) I do!
They stare at each other for a moment, and then Julie says she has to continue with the washing and walks out. Michael enthusiastically grabs another basket and follows her, saying that he'll help. Helen watches thoughtfully.
Jim arrives home and asks if anything momentous happened in his absence.
HELEN: The shower tap is leaking again, Hannah has acquired a guinea pig called Gus-
JIM: Huh!
HELEN: ...and Michael's back.
Jim is surprised that he's back so soon, and Helen admits that he's early but says she'll leave it to Julie to fill him in. Helen says that Pam wants to see Jim over the fundraising dinner.
JIM: Have you heard?
HELEN: Heard what?
JIM: Pam and Doug have separated.
Helen is shocked. Jim says that Gaby has moved back in to 28 and Doug is at Lassiter's.
HELEN: Er, Jim. Just *what* has been going on between you and Pam?
JIM: What sort of question's that?
HELEN: An honest one. Now it needs an honest answer.
JIM: Nothing.
Helen sighs.
HELEN: Nothing physical?
JIM: Of course not!
HELEN: There's no need to sound so indignant! It's just as bad to think a thing as to do it.
JIM: You're jumping to conclusions, Helen.
HELEN: Jim, as sensible as I believe you to be, you have to put a stop to this, right here and now.
Philip is on the phone asking about houses. He says that they could make do with 3 bedrooms, but ideally, they want 4. He puts the phone down and when he turns around, Noddy is standing there.
NODDY: (threateningly) You didn't return Mr Heywood's calls.
PHILIP: I'm still considering his offer.
NODDY: He don't like being ignored.
PHILIP: I'm not ignoring him; I can't decide on a proposition like that in five minutes.
NODDY: Well, you'd better give 'im a bell an' explain that! He likes to be kept informed!
PHILIP: (unimpressed) When I've made up my mind, I will.
NODDY: If you're smart, you'll do it soon! *Real* soon!
Cameron walks in and catches the end of the conversation. Noddy walks out. Philip looks stunned.
CAMERON: Who's that?
PHILIP: He works for Heywood.
CAMERON: Er, cockney, isn't he?
PHILIP: Yeah, he sounded it.
CAMERON: His name wouldn't be Noddy by any chance, would it?
Oh, it's all coming together now! Philip says that he believes he is called Noddy, and asks if Cameron knows him. Cameron says he doesn't, and asks for the latest news. Philip tells him that Heywood still wants to buy the land off Lassiter's and the more he thinks about it, the less sense it makes. Cameron wonders why.
PHILIP: The zoning still hasn't been changed. It's still residential. And another thing - there's an old cottage on the section of land that Heywood already owns. He can't possibly go for development: it's heritage listed.
CAMERON: How can it be heritage listed?
PHILIP: Oh, I don't know. Some famous politician owned it or something. The point is, it can't be demolished.
CAMERON: So why's he willing to pay Lassiter's all that cash just to have access to it?
PHILIP: (seriously) That's what I'd like to know.
Coffee Shop
Helen is sitting at the counter as Cathy serves. Rick walks in and goes into the back. Helen observes that Cathy has a new assistant, and Cathy grumps that it's better than him getting into other scrapes. Helen rolls her eyes and wonders what on earth Rick and Debbie did that deserves the full might of their parents bearing down on them!
Cathy says that the teens lied to them - and she's still not impressed with Helen's role in proceedings. Helen gets very huffy, and says that she didn't just have a minor role - she came up with the entire plan! Helen says that it does people some good to visit other places in the world where some people are suffering with *real* problems.
Nothing more is said, and Cathy goes into the back and Helen goes to speak to Rick, who's clearing tables. She blames herself for the whole thing, and wishes that she hadn't let Rick and Debbie do the interview. Rick says it's definitely not her fault - they talked her into it, and he hopes that she's not getting too much of a hard time.
HELEN: At my age, it's all water off a duck's back!
RICK: Could, um, you say hi to Debbie for me?
HELEN: Yes, of course.
RICK: Um, is she ok?
HELEN: She's *positively* miserable.
RICK: Good! Heh, tell her I am too!
Helen leaves and Rick sits on a stool at the counter. Cathy comes out of the back and he hurriedly jumps back to work.
Number 28
Jim is talking to Pam about the separation, and he's saying that she has a responsibility to her family. He says that Doug is a friend of his.
PAM: We were having problems long before you were involved.
JIM: Sort them out.
PAM: It's too late.
JIM: All those years together. They've got to mean something.
PAM: Apparently they didn't to Doug!
Pam says that she can't spend the rest of her life clinging to something that didn't exist in the first place. Jim says that they have to stop things before their feelings get completely out of hand. Pam tells him that they've already gone past that point.
PAM: I've been trying to deny that I have these feelings for you, Jim, but I can't any longer. ...and I'm pretty sure that you feel the same way.
They stare at each other for a long time, and in the end, Jim sadly drops his head.
Number 26
Philip is sitting at the desk, as Debbie and Julie fold up the washing. Hannah raves about how Gus likes living with them! Julie says that Debbie helping her with the washing won't change the Rick situation. Debbie wonders why Julie always expects there to be a catch with everything! Julie says it's because there usually is!
Julie nags Philip to look into Michael's schooling, and he agrees to have a word with Dorothy. The girls are unsure that Dorothy would have him back at Erinsborough High after last time, but Philip thinks that Michael's turned a corner and he's sorting himself out. Julie hopes it's true.
Jim arrives home. Philip apologises for monopolising his desk, but Jim doesn't care. Julie goes out to do some more washing, and Debbie helpfully follows. Philip reckons that she's got Buckley's of winning Julie over! Jim doesn't really respond and Philip guesses that something's wrong.
Jim says that he's just tired from his trip, but Philip thinks that having a houseful with his family isn't helping. Jim tells him that he's welcome to stay, but Philip thanks him and says that with Michael joining them for good, it's time that they moved out.
JIM: I hope you don't plan to move too far away from Ramsay Street.
Philip says that they don't want the kids to be disrupted with their schooling again, and they don't want to be too far from Jim and Helen. Jim says that they'll miss the Martins, but he understands. Philip says that all that's left to do is to find a landlord who likes guinea pigs!
Ramsay Street
Noddy is sitting in a car outside Number 22. Beth and Cameron go outside to look at Cameron's bike, and Beth's impressed that the repair job looks like new. Cameron says that Brad wasn't so impressed with the bill, but Beth just thinks it's good that he's still alive to pay it!
Cameron tells Beth about his conversation with Philip, and how Noddy is somehow mixed up with Heywood and Slade. Beth is confused as to how Marco fits into that equation. Cameron doesn't know - but he's working on finding out!
Beth says that she's solved their rent problem - she reminds Cameron about someone she met called Annalise who's keen to share with them.
CAMERON: Will I like her?
BETH: You'll *love* her.
CAMERON: I hope she likes washing up!
Beth suggests them going inside and tidying up before Annalise arrives to check the house out. Cameron reluctantly agrees, and they go inside.
Rick comes out of Number 22, and Noddy gets out of the car. He stops Rick and wants Marco, saying that Marco has something that belongs to him.
RICK: Get lost, punk!
Rick walks up Ramsay Street. Noddy yells after him, asking when Marco is due back. Rick tells Noddy that Marco won't be back, and Noddy's chances of catching up with him are zilch!
Number 30
Pam is having a cup of tea with Dorothy.
PAM: You seem a little on edge.
DOROTHY: The Martins and the Alessis are at war and are doing their best to embroil me in it! Bouncer keeps getting out somehow. And I'm pretty certain my Daphne bush has packed it in.
PAM: Black week in Ramsay Street.
DOROTHY: (pointedly) For a number of us, wouldn't you say?
Pam nods and agrees that they all have their problems, but life goes on.
DOROTHY: Off with the old, on with the new!
PAM: What's *that* supposed to mean?
Dorothy tells her that she knows what the gossip machine of Ramsay Street is like - people are talking about Jim and Pam. Pam asks if it bothers Dorothy, who responds by saying that Jim is a very good friend. Pam says that Jim's her friend too. Dorothy says that she thought Pam had enough problems, without having any new complications.
Pam puts down her cup of tea, and leaves, "thanking" Dorothy for her concern. Dorothy loks pained.
Number 26
Jim tells Helen that Philip has told him about their arrangement (we don't know what this is yet). Helen thinks that it should work out well.
HELEN: Did you straighten things out with Pam?
JIM: Yes.
HELEN: You didn't, did you?
JIM: ...I did. ...I tried.
He says that she's not interested in saving her marriage at the moment. Helen asks if Jim made his position clear. Jim says it's not that simple. Helen stands up and tells him that this situation has to stop.
JIM: Helen, please keep out of it.
Helen reassures him that she's only going over to see Cameron! She leaves and Julie walks through the house. Jim puts his head in his hands.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Julie walks into the kitchen and then stops, surprised. The camera moves over and we see Michael, Debbie and Rick standing in the kitchen. Julie demands to know what Rick is doing there.
RICK: I came to say hi to Michael.
JULIE: Debbie's got homework to do, and so have you. Out!
MICHAEL: What's the big idea?!
JULIE: I mean it, Rick!
Rick says it's ok - he'll go and see Brad instead. He leaves.
DEBBIE: How could you do that?!
JULIE: You'd be thrown out of the Alessi's much faster than that, believe me!
Number 32
Helen arrives at 32. Beth says that she was just about to pop over with the rent money. Cameron says that they know the lease is up and she'll have to raise the rent a bit, and proudly explains that they'll be able to manage it. Awkwardly, Helen confesses that she won't be renewing the lease.
BETH: You mean, we're evicted?
HELEN: No, no, not evicted but I do have to ask you to leave. I really am very sorry.
Cameron and Beth exchange a very unhappy look.
Number 22
Cathy unlocks the front door and walks in. The living room has been ransacked and totally turned upside down. Cathy wanders through it in shock.
CATHY: Oh my God.
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