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Neighbours Episode 1823 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1823
Australian airdate: 02/12/92
UK airdate: 09/11/93
UK Gold: 27/10/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Carol Chapman: Julie Dawson
Detective no. 1: Glenn O'Hara
- "Money" by Ian Moss
- "Boy On The Run" by The Dingoes
- "Come Back To Me" by Indecent Obsession
- "Bitter Desire" by Kids In The Kitchen
- "Come Back" by The Chantoozies
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Jim tells Pam that they have to stop things before their feelings get out of hand. Pam thinks they're already past that point.
- Helen tells Cameron and Beth that they can't stay at Number 32.
- Lou thinks that life after Madge is pointless and now he's turned 50, he has no chance of finding happiness.
- Cathy arrives home at Number 22 to find the place ransacked.
Car Yard
Lou is wearing sunglasses and taking a close look at a sports car. Doug drives up, and asks what Lou's up to, wondering if it's positive thinking at work. Lou says that Doug could do with some.
LOU: You've been going around so depressed lately, you could put your own brand name on it.
Doug agrees! He says that he's been doing some thinking, and he realises now that there's no point being angry at Pam all of the time.
DOUG: Here you are, sunshine - I've bought you a birthday present.
LOU: (posh accent) Oh, I say, that's incredibly decent of you, old chap! (back to normal voice) It's also incredibly late!
It's a tie and Doug says that it took him ages to pick it out.
LOU: Ah, the chartered accountant look, eh?!
Lou says that it's the thought that counts, and thanks Doug. They enthusiastically agree to go for a drink later. Doug leaves for work, and Lou gets into the sports car and pops on a cassette! (Playing "Money" by Ian Moss.) Lou checks his sunglasses in the rear-view mirror and then zooms off.
Number 22
Benito arrives home. Cathy is upset about the state of the house - apparently it's not just the living room that's been turned upside down, but the whole house. Benito consoles her, and Cathy explains that Marco's room is the worst of the lot.
Benito asks what's been stolen, but Cathy can't see that anything has gone. Cathy guesses that it's just 'horrible, disgusting vandalism'. Cathy wants to start tidying things up, but Benito insists she doesn't touch anything as he's calling the police.
Number 32
Beth and Cameron are discussing their options.
CAMERON: Mrs Daniels did say 14 days but I got the impression we should move quicker than that.
BETH: Yeah, like, tomorrow!
CAMERON: Mmm! Well, with Michael back there, there's 5 extra people living over there - they must be pretty crowded.
(A bit of a subtle hint as to why Cameron and Beth have to move out!)
They decide to check the papers for somewhere else to live. They're both sad at the prospect of leaving Ramsay Street. Beth likes the fact that Brad's so close, and thinks it's a bad time to leave him - the shark thing is still bothering him, and his parents have just split up. Beth says that Brad won't admit it, but it is affecting him.
Number 28
Pam is telling someone on the phone that Doug now lives at Lassiter's. Pam hangs up, and tells the kids that it's embarrassing when Doug's clients ring up, expecting him still to be living there. They sit down to eat a meal, and Brad thinks it's odd just being 3 of them at the table.
Pam mentions that she's going to get her hair done for the fundraising dinner for the homeless children. Brad asks who she's going with. Pam says she isn't sure (although she blatantly knows she's going with Jim). Brad and Gaby exchange a look.
Number 26
Helen and Jim are in the living room.
HELEN: What about this fundraising dinner? You're not taking Pam, are you?
JIM: (long silence) ...that hasn't been decided yet.
HELEN: Good. Do you remember Carol?
JIM: (long silence) ...the woman that runs the gallery?
HELEN: Mmm. She's a very pleasant person. Perhaps she'd like to go.
JIM: You're not making this easy, Helen.
HELEN: I told you, I'm not intending to. Come on, Jim, deep down you know I'm right.
Helen offers to ring Carol. Jim tells her he can make his own phone calls! Philip arrives home from a tough day at the office. Julie welcomes him home. Philip asks Helen if she spoke to Beth and Cameron.
HELEN: Yes, I have. It's all fixed.
JULIE: What's fixed?
PHILIP: Julie, will you give the kids a call? I've got some important news.
Debbie and Michael are called in - as Hannah's over at a friend's house, learning about guinea pigs!
PHILIP: I have some great news. We are going to be moving into our own house again.
JULIE: (excitedly) Philip!
PHILIP: We're moving into Number 32.
(So you kicked Beth out of 26, and now you're kicking her out of 32. I'm amazed she carried on talking to you lot!)
PHILIP: And if we like it, we've got the option to buy it in 6 months. What do you think?
Everyone is stoked by the idea. Debbie and Hannah have to share bedroom, so Michael readily agrees to let them have the bigger room. Philip and Julie go into the kitchen. Debbie raves to Michael about how 32 is opposite Rick's house, so she'll only have to look out of the window to see him!
MICHAEL: (laughing) I thought that might be the attraction!
They go off to their rooms.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Julie asks Philip why he didn't talk to her about it. He said that he wanted it to be a special surprise. He worries that she's disappointed. Julie insists that she's happy. Philip says that she's been doing all of the organising lately, so he thought that it was time he took charge a bit!
JULIE: (happily) I don't know what's got into you lately!
They kiss.
Number 22
The police tell Benito that it's unlikely that they'll find the people who ransacked their house. They apologise for taking so long to turn up, and leave. Cathy is upset that they didn't clean up the night before, as it was a waste of time calling the police.
Cathy says she doesn't blame Benito - but it gave her the creeps knowing that their home had been invaded. She couldn't sleep all night, especially as the house was still sitting in the state that the intruders had left it in. Benito moans that they didn't really listen to his theories on Marco's involvement.
There's a knock at the door, and Cathy wonders if the police are returning but it's Cameron. He takes in the state of the house in surprise. Benito tells Cameron that Rick saw Noddy hanging around yesterday and they think he's involved. Cameron tells them about the phone call he had, checking where he lives.
They can't work out the connection at all, and Cathy says that the place has been so thoroughly ransacked, it clearly wasn't money that they were after. Benito tells Cameron what Noddy said to Rick - that Marco had something that belonged to Noddy, and he wants it back. Benito is clueless as to what it could be.
Number 28
Jim pops over to see Pam, but Brad and Gaby tell him that she's at the hairdressers. Jim asks Gaby to tell Pam that he wants a word about the dinner. Gaby nods and Brad stares at him. The mood is uncomfortable. Jim eventually says that he's sorry how things have turned out, and nothing pre-meditated went on. He rambles on a bit, and Gaby tells him that he doesn't owe them any explanations. He leaves.
GABY: There's no doubt about it. That's who she's going to this dinner with.
BRAD: After all these years, Mum and Dad are trashing their marriage. There's not a thing we can do about it.
Gaby leans miserably over Brad's shoulders.
Coffee Shop
Lou compliments Pam on her new hairstyle. He puts a friendly arm around her and says that she'll get through the hard times. He leaves just as Beth and Doug walk in. Pam looks uncomfortable. Doug suggests that Beth order, whilst he goes and talks to Pam.
Things are very awkward between them. Pam asks if the caller got through to Doug - he did. Doug asks how they kids are - they're fine. Pam tells him that he's welcome to drop in at any time to say hello to them. Doug is grateful. He tells her that he loves her new hairstyle. Pam explains that she's had it done for the fundraiser.
DOUG: Oh? Who are you going with?
PAM: ...Jim, as a matter of fact.
Doug's smile falls.
DOUG: That'd be right, wouldn't it?
He walks off.
Outside the Cottage
Michael and Debbie are walking around the old cottage, talking about the ban between Rick and Debbie. Debbie says that if she keeps out of trouble, their parents will have to change their minds at some point.
MICHAEL: No, they won't. Don't worry, I'll try and think of something that might help.
DEBBIE: Yeah, well, tell me before you do anything!
Michael giggles. He says that he will tell her - he doesn't want his head kicked in! Debbie realises that they've stumbled across the cottage, and points out that it belongs to Gavin Heywood. She explains to Michael that Heywood is trying to break a deal with Philip over buying a plot of land from the Robinson Corporation.
Debbie thinks that the cottage is in a sad state - so many people lived their lives there, and now it's just a wreck. Michael eagerly suggests that they take a look inside, and rushes off before Debbie can say anything. After a moment, she follows him.
Michael forces entry through the door. Debbie follows him, but is unsure.
DEBBIE: Maybe we shouldn't.
MICHAEL: Why not? Scared of spooks, are we?!
He goes further into the house. Debbie looks uncertain but follows him. Michael sits down on the floor and takes out his cigarette packet.
MICHAEL: You reckon Dad's tough on you - he won't even let me have a smoke!
DEBBIE: Well, is it any wonder? I reckon you lit that fire at school just to get yourself expelled.
MICHAEL: Think what you like.
He pulls out a fancy lighter to light his cigarette. Debbie holds her hand out, asking for a closer look at it. He passes it over - it's a substantial size, silver, with an M engraved on it.
MICHAEL: It was made in the second world war. Even before Dad and Julie were born.
DEBBIE: It's funny, isn't it? To think they didn't even exist once.
Michael takes the lighter back off her.
MICHAEL: So, are you glad I'm back?
DEBBIE: Not if you're going to cause the same trouble as last time.
MICHAEL: Don't worry - I learnt a lot from last time. And I'll never make the same mistake twice.
Michael "sinisterly" lights his cigarette and snaps the lighter shut.
(Er, that's hardly reassuring!)
Coffee Shop
Doug and Beth are having lunch. Brad comes over. Doug decides to shoot off, to leave the pair to talk. Brad stops him, and apologises to him. Doug tells him he's got nothing to apologise for. Brad tells him that it wasn't his place to get angry about Doug and Pam. Brad says he's going out for dinner with Gaby, and invites Doug along. Doug is stoked and they agree to meet at the Waterhole at 6. Doug leaves.
Beth is pleased that Brad made it up with Doug. Beth is also pleased about the step forward Brad's made with dealing with his shark attack - he's let Cathy hang his surfboard outside with a big shark bite taken out of it.
BRAD: (coldly) Yeah, well, she can do what she likes with it. That's why I gave it to her.
BETH: You're not really over that shark attack, are you?
BRAD: (menacingly) Okay, so I'm not over it but there's no point going on about it all of the time! It just makes it worse!
Beth thinks that he needs to talk it through.
Number 26 - Living Room
Helen's friend Carol has come over to pick up one of Helen's paintings. Jim thanks her for agreeing to go to the dinner with him, and apologises for the late notice. Carol is pleased at the invite. Helen goes to get some coffee, whilst Jim and Carol chat and "renew their acquaintance". There's a knock at the door and it's Pam.
Number 26 - Doorstep
Jim stands on the doorstep with Pam, partially closing the door behind him so that Carol doesn't see them. Pam seems fairly cheery and apologises for not getting to see him sooner. She's looking forward to their dinner and asks if she can come in. Jim reluctantly agrees.
Number 26 - Living Room
Jim introduces Pam to Carol, and explains that Carol will be accompanying him to the fundraiser. Pam's smile freezes and then disappears. Helen comes in, and it's very obvious what's gone on. Jim offers Pam a lift with him and Carol, and Pam is uncomfortable. She politely declines and Helen takes Carol off to see the painting.
Jim apologises to Pam. Pam tells him it's not a problem, but she looks very thrown. She says she has to go on her nursing rounds and leaves.
Number 26 - Doorstep
Pam shuts the door behind her and looks upset.
Number 32
Cameron and Beth are looking at the listings page in the paper. Cameron tells Beth that Julie was around earlier, checking the place out! Beth thinks that if they don't get out soon, they'll find their furniture out on the street! There isn't much in the paper, aside from one share house.
BETH: "Fun loving young people." Haha, sounds like us!
Cameron says that the number is local, so Beth thinks they should ring them. She worries that with their luck, the place might already have gone. They go over to the phone and as Cameron dials, he remarks that the number seems familiar.
Number 24
Lou happily tucks into a cake, just as the phone rings. He sighs and answers it - it's Cameron calling him.
The scene cuts between Lou on the phone in 24, and Cameron and Beth on the phone in 32. Cameron says he and his flatmate are interested in the advertisement in the paper. Lou tells them that he's looking for fun, young people and Cameron thinks that they qualify!
Lou suddenly says that he thinks Cameron's voice is familiar, and they both realise who they're talking to. They all seem pleased, and Lou reckons it's an omen! He suggests getting together to strike a deal.
Ramsay Street
Pam arrives back from nursing, just as Carol and Jim leave Number 26. Pam hastily turns away, but Jim runs over. Pam winces before turning to him.
JIM: Are you sure you won't change your mind and come with us? We don't mind waiting while you get changed.
PAM: It's lovely of you to offer, Jim, but er... I've got a splitting headache! I won't be able to make it to the dinner tonight.
JIM: I'm sorry to hear that.
He looks over at Carol.
JIM: It's got nothing to do with Carol, has it?
PAM: No, of course not.
They stand for a moment. Pam looks over at Carol.
PAM: Have you known her long?
JIM: Oh, we're old friends. Don't see each other very often but, old friends.
PAM: Anyway, she's waiting.
JIM: ...yeah.
They've very awkward around each other, and Jim hopes that Pam's headache clears up. Pam thinks an early night will fix it. Jim goes back to his car. Pam looks gutted.
Pam goes towards the house as Brad and Gaby happily run out of it. Pam tells them that she's not going to the fundraiser after all, and is glad that they're home as they can go out to dinner instead. Brad and Gaby explain that they're going out for dinner with Doug. Gaby suggests that they could cancel, but Pam thinks it's good that they're sorting things out with Doug.
Pam is very gracious about letting them go, but once they've left, she's clearly upset.
Number 24
Cameron and Beth are looking around. Lou says he doesn't want to rush them, but mentions other enquiries that he's had! They tell him not to do a selling job on them - they're supposed to be his friends!
LOU: I'm not trying to do a selling job on anyone. The fact is... The fact is, I can't help myself, haha!
Lou raves about how they'd get on like a house on fire - the rent's low, there's a swimming pool and a spa... Cameron worries about the age difference, but Lou says that's all in the mind! Lou says that he loves being around young people, and he won't be in the house all that much anyway. He urges them to give it a go. Cameron thinks it relies on the house rules.
LOU: The only rule is...there ain't no rules!
They all laugh.
Number 26
Julie is packing for the move. Michael offers to help and Julie puts him off. The phone goes and Julie answers it.
JULIE: Hello? ...I'm afraid Debbie doesn't live here any more, goodbye!
DEBBIE: That was Rick, wasn't it?!
Julie reminds Debbie that she and Philip have forbidden Debbie from having anything to do with Rick. Michael reassures Debbie and Julie sends the pair of them to bring in the washing.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Debbie and Michael walk through the kitchen, where Philip and Helen are talking about the situation between Jim and Pam. Helen thinks that what's happened will be in both Pam and Jim's best interests in the long run. Philip agrees, saying that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
HELEN: Yes but this afternoon I felt so wretched! Poor Pam must've been so embarrassed! However, the grim reality is that probably it's had its desired effect and stopped their little "affair" before it went any further.
Julie overhears this from the living room.
Philip sighs! Julie storms into the kitchen. Philip tells her that it was a difficult situation, but Julie is furious that Helen and Philip were scheming together again! She angrily tells them off for treating her like a child and stalks off! Philip and Helen roll their eyes.
Doug apologises to Brad and Gaby, and explains what a horrible mistake Jill was. He says he's had his fingers burnt to his elbows! Gaby and Brad accept that what's happened has happened, and recommend that Doug focuses on the future. Doug is pleased to have their support. Gaby suggests that they get some food.
BRAD: Yeah, good one, I was just about to start chewing on the table!
Number 28
Pam is tipping some baked beans into a saucepan. A knock comes at the door and Pam answers it - it's Julie.
JULIE: (stiffly) Pam, can I talk to you for just one minute, please?
Pam silently waves her in.
JULIE: How dare you do that to my father?
PAM: Do what?
JULIE: Go after him like that! You're a married woman, Pam, you can always go back to your husband. But my father's got no-one, which means he's vulnerable to a woman like you.
PAM: Anything between Jim and myself is finished. ...he...prefers another woman, I accept that.
JULIE: (aghast) You accept that?! It's what you deserve!
Julie starts to walk out, then stops and turns back.
JULIE: If you thought less about my father and more about your husband, maybe Doug wouldn't have started playing around!
Julie leaves.
Pam bursts into tears and sobs.
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