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Neighbours Episode 1818 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1818
Australian airdate: 25/11/92
UK airdate: 02/11/93
UK Gold: 20/10/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Philip East
Guests: George Carter: Andrew Dicks
Terry Carter: Lee Cheesewright
Casey Butler: Richard Aspel
Cliff Sandor: Tim Allen
Eddie Garcia and Jennifer Batten: as Themselves
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Benito is ranting to Cathy about being sacked. He doesn't blame Phil though, it was all Julie. Now he can concentrate on the car yard.
Cathy tells Benito that "her boss" wants her to come up with a new name for the Coffee Shop as "Daphne's" is a bit out- of- date. Benito still wants to meet her mysterious "boss".
Doug goes over the bar and Gaby refuses to serve him. Pam comes in, blanks Doug, and asks Gaby if she'll be home for dinner.
DOUG: Pam, can we talk, please?
PAM: There's nothing to talk about, Doug.
DOUG: Twenty- six years of marriage, nothing?
PAM: This is not the time, or the place.
DOUG: I want us to get back together. Pam, I love you!
PAM: This is not just about I, Doug, it's about *us*. And as far as I'm concerned, we're finished. I'm going ahead with the divorce as quickly as I can.
She walks out.
The Bush
Cameron and Beth are calling to Brad. Cameron says they'd better get help at the Ranger Station.
No.28 (evening)
Pam and Jim are talking.
PAM: Why can't he just accept that it's *over*?
JIM: It's a difficult thing *to* accept. If it really is.
PAM: Believe me, it is. Oh, thanks for listening, Jim. #
JIM: Don't be silly. I've been in a similar position myself, I know exactly what you're going through. I'm just glad I can be here.
PAM: So am I.
There's a knock at the door and Beth and Cameron rush in looking for Brad. They explain that they found Cameron's bike crashed on a steep drop with no sign of Brad. Jim asks if they've checked the hospitals, they have, but there's no sign.
PAM: What are we going to do? We've got to do *something*
Rick and Debbie have sneaked into the stadium in advance of the concert, which is just being set up. They talk to a couple of musos (Eddie Garcia and Jennifer Batten) who ask them if they've got tickets to the show. They explain that they gave the tickets away to a sick child.
Doug and Gaby have arrived now. Doug is ringing around some hospitals. Apparently a motor accident victim was brought in a while ago and they're not sure if it's Brad. However, the bloke died of his injuries. Beth starts lamenting that it's her fault for giving Brad a hard time about the shark attack and his subsequent behaviour.
Doug is still on the phone.
DOUG: What? You're sure? Thank you.
Apparently it is not Brad - the dead person had black hair. Doug, Cameron and Beth head off, but just then Brad himself turns up, unscathed. They all rush to greet him.
Brad explains that he wrecked the bike but he didn't go over the edge. He went to a hospital and waited over two hours in A&E to be seen, then figured he couldn't be that crook, so went back to the bike. The bike was gone (Cameron had some mechanics recover it), so he hitchhiked home. Pam hugs him and goes to make something to eat.
BETH:(cross) Don't you realise we've all been worried sick about you?!
BRAD: Steady on, Beth.
BETH: I thought you'd been killed! And you could have been, carrying on like a crazy idiot! Well, fine. Go ahead and kill yourself! But next time, just leave me out of it! Do you hear me?! Leave me out of it!
She storms out.
Rick and Debbie are back in the hotel room. Eddie and Jennifer have given them brilliant jackets. Just then, a bloke comes to the door from a TV show. He's heard about the good deed with the Michael Jackson tickets and they want to interview them on the television! Helen isn't sure it's a good idea as Julie might see the show. But Debbie and the producer assure her the show isn't broadcast in Australia.
Brad has followed Beth over to No.32 to apologise. Beth says she doesn't want to break up, but she's scared of the way Brad is acting.
BRAD: Nothing's going to happen to me!
BETH: It almost did!
BRAD: Well, almosts don't count!
BETH: I want the old Brad back.
BRAD: Hey, I'm here!
BETH: You know what I mean. I hate the risk- taking, bad temper...and it all started after that shark attack. The only way to get over this fear of surfing is to go back in the surf. Not take it out on the rest of the world.
BRAD: Can't go now, it's too dark.
BETH: Don't make fun of me.
BRAD: I'm sorry. Come here. You know what I'm afraid of more than anything else?
BETH: What?
BRAD: Losing you.
They kiss.
Brad apologises to Cameron and offers to pay for the bike. Cameron generously tells him not to worry about it.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Brad and Pam are having a cuppa and a smoothie. Pam asks him about his surf phobia.
Before he can answer, Doug comes in. Pam bristles while Doug asks Brad if he's OK. Pam says she's grateful for his help last night, but there's nothing else to talk about. Doug leaves.
BRAD: He looks pretty cut up.
PAM: Yeah, well, he should have thought of that before.
She asks him again about his surf phobia and suggests he could talk to some medical friends of hers.
Cathy comes over and tells them she's trying to think of a new name for the Coffee Shop. Brad says he has an idea - a great gimmick. He'll shoot home to get something first.
TV Studio in London
Helen, Rick and Debbie have arrived. They're shocked to hear that 20 million people will be watching!
Coffee Shop
Brad comes in with the damaged surfboard and suggests the name "The Hungry Bite" for the Coffee Shop! Beth is there and asks Brad if he doesn't want to repair it, but he says he'll make a new one.
BETH: Haven't you ever heard of sublimation?
BRAD: No. You've been watching too many of those American talk shows.
BETH: Brad!
BRAD: I'm fine. So just get over it, OK?
TV Studio in London
Debbie and Rick are introduced as a "good news story". Rick is rather tongue- tied, so Debbie takes over and explains about Terry's leukaemia. Debbie lets slip that her mother doesn't know she's in England. Rick is still tongue- tied!
Jim sees Doug and says hello. Doug apologises to Jim for suspecting there was something going on between Jim and Pam. Jim awkwardly says that it's fine. Doug doesn't know what to do about his and Pam's relationship. Jim advises him to keep trying, but Doug thinks it might be a lost cause.
Pam is making a shopping list and Gaby heads off to work. Jim comes in as she's leaving.
JIM: Have you got a mo?
PAM: Yeah, of course.
JIM: I ran into Doug earlier. He was saying you're refusing to talk to him.
PAM: Nothing to talk about.
JIM: Isn't there? You don't think it might be worth one more try?
PAM: Jim...why are you doing this?
JIM: Because Doug's a mate, you're his wife, even if often I'd wished you weren't...
PAM: Our marriage is finished. And...well, I thought you cared about me as much as I care about you.
JIM: I *do*, it's just...
PAM: Ssshhh...there's nothing to feel guilty about. It's *my* decision.
JIM: I think we should...
But Pam kisses him to stop him saying any more. They kiss passionately. Unfortunately, Gaby comes back in to get something she's forgotten and sees them!
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