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Neighbours Episode 1819 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1818 - 1820>>
Episode title: 1819
Australian airdate: 26/11/92
UK airdate: 03/11/93
UK Gold: 21/10/99
Writer: David Allen
Director: Philip East
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby rushes out and Pam follows her. Jim sheepishly follows too.
GABY: It's nothing to do with me.
JIM: Gaby...it's not what it seems. There's nothing, you know, like that going on between us. Please believe that.
GABY: Well, it doesn't matter now if there is, does it? I mean, with Mum and Dad breaking up, I mean, she's free to do what she wants, isn't she?
PAM: Oh, Gaby.
GABY: I've got to go. I'll be late for work. It's OK, really.
She heads off, very quiet. Jim decides to head home too.
Madge is packing. Dorothy isn't sure how to talk to Phoebe about the marriage. Madge tells her kids are full of hormones at that age and no- one can get through to them.
Lou comes in and Madge invites him and Dorothy to some goodbye drinks tonight. Lou says he can't, as he has something on. Madge is disappointed, but Lou winks conspirationally at Dorothy.
Pam rings Jim and asks him to come over to talk. He is reluctant, but agrees.
Benito wants to change the name of the car yard. Lou says "Carpenters Cars" is a good name. He relents and says he'll think about it. He asks Benito to come to the pub tonight as he has something planned for Madge.
At the bar, Gaby is talking to Doug.
GABY: Why did you think that Mum was having an affair with Jim?
DOUG: Oh, that. I made a mistake, OK. I put two and two together and made five. The old Willis "bull in a china shop" technique. How wrong can you be.
Gaby smiles thinly.
GABY: I'm not so sure you *were* wrong.
DOUG: What do you mean?
GABY: I walked in on them earlier, and from what I saw, I think you might have been right.
Pam and Jim are talking.
PAM: We can't go on pretending nothing happened.
JIM: Nothing *has* happened.
PAM: Only because we held back. Oh, Jim, you know how I feel about you. Can you deny you feel the same?
JIM: No.
PAM: Well, then, let's be honest about it, come out in the open.
JIM: It wouldn't be right, not yet.
PAM: Why not?!
JIM: Because we could be making a big mistake and you might regret it later. You could be just over- reacting to a bad patch in your marriage!
PAM: No, I'm not! I know how I feel!
JIM: I would feel much happier if we were to let everything calm down.
PAM: And *I'd* feel happier if I didn't feel so deserted and alone! I *need* you, Jim!
Just then, Doug comes in and sees them sitting on the sofa together.
DOUG: Some hide you've got, Jim Robinson. I don't believe this. Gaby springs you and you still don't have the decency to get out of here!
JIM: Doug, mate, it's not what you think.
DOUG: Mate?! I'm no mate of yours! (To Pam) And as for you...you let me tear myself apart with guilt over my stupidity with Jill. And all the time you're carrying on with *him*! You must really think I'm a sucker!
JIM: Doug, come on. Calm down.
DOUG: Deny it, then. Tell me you're not in love with my wife! Go on.
JIM: I can't. I'm sorry, Doug.
Doug goes to hit Jim but Pam stands between them.
JIM: Go on, if you think it will help.
DOUG: OK, you've got what you wanted. You can have your divorce.
He storms out.
Madge invites Benito for some farewell drinks this evening, but Benito says he and Cathy are unfortunately busy. Even Gaby is busy. Madge looks disappointed.
Doug comes in looking dejected. He tells Gaby she was right.
GABY: This is terrible! What is happening to our family?! Everything's falling apart.
DOUG: I know. It's a mess.
GABY: Do you think, in time, you and Mum could...
DOUG: ...patch things up? Not a chance. Things have gone too far.
He heads off, to do some "serious thinking".
At the bar, Lou rings a mate who is a signwriter.
Dorothy is looking through a wedding magazine when Phoebe and Stephen come in. They tell her that they've sorted out the catering arrangements for the wedding. Stephen goes to get some takeaway pizza. Phoebe is very niggly with Dorothy about the wedding. Dorothy still thinks Phoebe is rushing into things, but she'll go along with with it. Phoebe is offended and stomps off.
Jim comes in and Gaby is mortified. She asks Madge to serve him and is forced to reveal that Jim has snogged Pam.
Lou invites Jim to Madge's surprise party tonight at No.32
Jim goes over and Madge tells him she's amazed he's got the gall to come in the pub at all(!)
JIM: Gaby, please, I'd like to straighten this out.
GABY: Not with me, you can't. I don't want to have anything to do with you. Look, if you want a drink, then I'll serve you, but that's all. And that's only because I'm paid.
Madge has come to see Pam.
MADGE: I might as well get down to brass tacks, Pam. I've heard about you and Jim.
PAM: I don't really think that's any of your business, is it?
MADGE: No, maybe not. But I'm only here because of Gaby. I work with the girl, I can see how upset she is.
PAM: Yeah, I know. It's a worry.
MADGE: A worry?! Pam, what you've done's absolutely indefensible.
PAM: I haven't done anything yet! Well, nothing physical...
MADGE: Oh, good, I'm glad to hear it! But that doesn't make a great deal difference, does it? Alright, you haven't gone and jumped into bed, yet. But I bet the thought's been there. Hasn't it?
PAM: Well...
MADGE: Exactly. And that makes you just as guilty as Doug!
PAM: Oh, now come on, Madge, Doug and Jill...
MADGE: I know what they did, and I don't condone it, but at least that was a one- off thing, a flash in the pan. Well, it certainly was on *his* part.
PAM: That's bad enough, isn't it?!
MADGE: Well, of course it is! But what you're doing's much worse!
PAM: Oh, come on.
MADGE: No, no, no, from what I gather, you're getting emotionally involved. Now that is a *real* betrayal. Oh, admit it, you know I'm right.
Pam takes this in.
PAM: Maybe.
MADGE: You know I am.
PAM: Oh, what am I going to do?
MADGE: That's up to you. But I do think you ought to sort things out with Gaby. Otherwise you're going to destroy that relationship as well.
PAM: Yeah...yeah...you're right.
She heads back to the Waterhole.
PAM: Thanks, Madge. You've been a real friend.
MADGE: You can thank me by sorting things out with her.
Er, OK.
Gaby is collecting glasses. Lou is looking at some paperwork looking very pleased. Benito comes in and says he's sold the purple station- wagon. Lou shows Benito the quotes for the new sign, and they're very high indeed. Benito says they should put changing the sign on the backburner for a while (which is of course what Lou wanted!)
Stephen comes back with some pizza. Dorothy tells him they've had a row again and Phoebe has stomped off.
STEPHEN: Do you mind if *I* say something?
DOROTHY: Of course not.
STEPHEN: Phoebe's pretty upset you know, that you two can't agree about the wedding.
DOROTHY: I realise that, I feel exactly the same, I don't *enjoy* being at odds with her.
STEPHEN: No, I'm sure you don't. Look, I understand how you feel. But I think you should know, all *I* want is for Phoebe to be happy.
DOROTHY: That's what *I* want too.
STEPHEN: I know you do. But I love her very much and I think this wedding is the right thing for us. Even if there wasn't a baby to consider. It won't all be plain- sailing, I know. But I'm going to work at it. The only thing is that I don't want our happiness to be at the expense of your relationship with Phoebe.
DOROTHY: I'm glad. And I appreciate that.
STEPHEN: She needs both of us. If I can just find a way around your disapproval, I'm sure everything will be fine.
DOROTHY: It's not that I disapprove of you, on the contrary. It's all happened so suddenly. It's not *that* long ago that she and Todd were together and making plans...
STEPHEN: Yeah, she loved him very much, I know. She probably still does. But she loves me too, now, and I love her. And I know this marriage is the best thing that could happen...for both of us.
DOROTHY: You're a very hard man to argue with, Stephen. You make it all sound so...
STEPHEN: ...inevitable?
DOROTHY: Mmm. You have my blessing. Both of you.
Phoebe has come in.
PHOEBE: Mim...I knew you'd understand, eventually. I'm sorry I've been so stubborn.
DOROTHY: Stubborn? Well, maybe. Infuriating? Definitely!
Pam is talking things through with Gaby.
PAM: It's not as if I *meant* it to happen, love. I wasn't looking for another relationship or anything, it just...crept up on me.
GABY: Because of Dad and Jill?
PAM: Well...no, before that.
GABY: Before?!
PAM: ...to be honest.
GABY: How long?!
PAM: When Jim was ill...I just couldn't help it. I suddenly found I was becoming more and more attracted to him. He knew nothing about it. And at first, I didn't even know myself. But when I had to face the possibility that...that he might actually die, I began to realise just how much I cared. And what a tragedy it would be if anything happened to him. Can you...can you understand?
GABY: Well, I could if it was someone else. But you and *Dad*? I mean, suddenly it's like I don't have a family or a home anymore. I think it would be best if I moved back in with Cameron and Beth. Till they sort things out.
PAM: Oh, no, please don't.
GABY: I think it would be *best*!
PAM: Oh, no, love, I *need* you here, I need your support.
GABY: I'm just...not sure I can give it to you anymore, Mum, I'm sorry.
PAM: Oh, what a mess. Oh, please, love...I promise I'll try to sort this out with Jim.
She starts to cry and Gaby hugs her.
GABY: Oh, it's OK mum. I'll stay, I'll stay.
Madge is congratulating Stephen and Phoebe. She feels sad that she won't be at their wedding because she'll already be in Queensland by then.
Gaby comes in and tells Madge that she's sorted things out with Pam. She goes over to talk to Doug.
DOUG: Hi, Gaby.
GABY: I've got something to say.
GABY: I'm sorry for the way I've been acting lately. I've been talking to Mum, and, well, I've realised things were a lot more complicated than I thought. And it's something I just have to come to terms with. After all, you and Mum are only human.
DOUG: Ain't that the truth.
GABY: And, I wanted you to know that, no matter what happens, I still love you both.
DOUG: Thanks for that, Gaby. I can't tell you how much better that makes me feel.
At the bar, Stephen and Phoebe bid Madge goodbye. Madge calls to Gaby that she's just nipping out the back to get another bottle of something.
A party is set up for Madge. Dorothy, Jim, Benito and Lou are there. Cathy and Toby are "in the kitchen". Lou has left a note for Madge to come over.
In the stockroom out the back, Madge looks for a bottle. Unfortunately the door shuts behind her and Madge is locked in.
MADGE: Gaby! Gaby! Help! Anyone!
<<1818 - 1820>>
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