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Neighbours Episode 1817 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1817
Australian airdate: 24/11/92
UK airdate: 01/11/93
UK Gold: 19/10/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Philip East
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
George Carter: Andrew Dicks
Terry Carter: Lee Cheesewright
Noddy: Richard Piper
Rev. Fitzsimmons: James Taylor
Gavin Heywood: Peter Hosking
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Outside No.30
Stephen says it's natural for Dorothy to be concerned about Phoebe. Phoebe thinks Dorothy doesn't want her to be happy, but Stephen can see how she thinks it's a bit sudden. But all that matters is that they love each other.
The Office
Phil is talking on the phone and Julie decides to listen in on an extension(!) Phil is arranging a dinner meeting with Mr Heywood tonight. Julie rushes in, all excited, and Phil tells her that she's not allowed to listen in to his private conversations. She can still come to dinner with him, though.
Ramsay Street
Brad is in a very bad mood, unsuccessfully trying to fix his car. Brad asks Cameron for a ride on his bike and Cameron agrees. Beth comes out and says Swampy is on the phone asking if he wants to go surfing, but Brad says he'll call back later.
Beth is on the phone to Swampy, surprised that the surf forecast is really good - and has been for days. Yet Brad hasn't been surfing at all.
Cameron comes in and Beth wonders what is going on with Brad - he's been acting so out of character these days: fighting, wanting a drink when he knows he's allergic to alcohol, and so on. Beth suddenly says it all started the day of the shark attack - maybe he's scared to go back in the water?
A bloke rings for Cameron (the dodgy one who was hassling Marco). When Cameron comes to the phone, he's hung up.
Rick and Debbie have had some of their photos developed and are showing them to Helen. In the background of one of the photos is the boy who stole Rick's camera, George. Helen explains that "poorly" means ill. When Helen has gone, Debbie wonders if George's brother Terry is really, really sick.
A priest is talking to Stephen and Phoebe. He says that he can't help them. Stephen assumes he's booked out, but that isn't the case.
REV.FITZSIMMONS: No, it's not a matter of bookings. Look, this state of affairs might have been alright in Reverend Richard's day...
PHOEBE: What state of affairs?
REV.FITZSIMMONS: But I feel the Church has a duty to maintain standards in these days of...degraded morality. It's time we made an effort to...return to the old values.
PHOEBE: Are you saying you won't marry us because I'm pregnant?
REV.FITZSIMMONS: I believe it would set a very bad example to the younger generation.
STEPHEN:(to Phoebe) Yeah. That's exactly what I'm saying.
PHOEBE: I can't undo it now, can I?!
REV.FITZSIMMONS: You should have given more consideration to the sanctity of marriage *before* the event, not after it! And I should have expected more restraint from a person of your age, Stephen. You've taken advantage of a very young girl. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
PHOEBE: But he didn't!
STEPHEN: Look, we didn't ask you to come here and judge us, Reverend Fitzsimmons. All we want is a Christian wedding in the local family church. It's clear to me that we're not going to get that from you. But thanks for your time, anyway.
Stephen opens the front door.
REV.FITZSIMMONS: Well, really!
He stomps out.
STEPHEN: Sanctimonious hypocrite!
Debbie and Rick are looking for George. They catch up with him playing football in the street. George is surprised to see them. Debbie gives him her camera, but he doesn't want it, saying it's not worth anything. He tells them to mind their own business.
Brad and Beth are having a row. Beth insists that he's scared to go back in the water, but Brad says he's just grown out of surfing(!) Beth stomps off.
George is explaining to Rick and Debbie that his brother has been sick with cancer. They arrive at his house and Terry himself is there - wearing a hat to hide his bald head. He tells them he loves Michael Jackson and football. Apparently George was trying to get money for Terry to go to the Michael Jackson concert.
Later, back in the hotel room, Rick and Debbie explain to an incredulous Helen that they've given away their concert tickets. They explain about George and Terry and Terry's illness.
HELEN: I think that's just about the most generous act I have ever heard of, and I'm very proud of you both!
Julie and Phil are meeting with Mr Heywood. Julie is rather overbearing. Mr Heywood explains that he's purchased some land nearby and wants to develop some retail outlets - but for access purposes he wants to acquire a strip of land down the side of the hotel that isn't really being used (only for storage). It could be a very good deal.
Cameron tells Beth that he's determined to prove that Percy Slade has rigged the election - by checking the obituaries column for the last year, and seeing whether any of the deceased voted in the election. If they have, it proves there was a scam. Beth is distracted, looking for her toolbox. She's worried about Brad. Cameron advises her to talk things over with Brad.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is playing on her own. Beth apologises to Brad about last night, but says she still thinks he's bothered about the shark. Brad gets a bit cross and Beth tells him again how much his fear is affecting him. He rides off on the bike. Hannah and Beth watch him go.
The Office
Julie is on the phone to Paul, telling her about the deal with Mr Heywood. Phil comes in and tells her he's fed up with her jumping the gun. The deal is not watertight - Phil has checked, and nobody can build anything commercial on the site Mr Heywood is referring to. He wonders what Heywood is up to.
Ramsay Street
Cameron arrives home and finds Beth waiting for Brad to come home. He tells Beth to get in his car and they'll go and look for Brad. Down the road, the dodgy bloke is observing them from his car, and it does look like Beth is Cameron's girlfriend. The dodgy bloke starts up his car to follow them.
Stephen is very cross with the Reverend, but Phoebe would still like to have a church wedding. Stephen assures her that they'll find someone to marry them.
Rick is on the phone to Benito, telling him quickly that he'll tell Marco that Benito called! Rick is very disappointed not to be going to the concert...he suggests that maybe they could go and hang around the stage door and see the "musos" going in and out.
A road
Cameron and Beth are on a remote cliff road looking for Brad. They see some skid marks and stop the car. They go to the side of the road, and Cameron's bike is there, smashed up - but there is no sign of Brad. Has he fallen down the cliff?
<<1816 - 1818>>
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