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Neighbours Episode 1816 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1816
Australian airdate: 23/11/92
UK airdate: 29/10/93
UK Gold: 18/10/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Philip East
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Percy Slade: Donald Hirst
Summary/Images by: Graham
Beth teasing Brad about having got drunk at the Waterhole.
Cameron telling Dorothy that the election must have been rigged.
Stephen proposing to Phoebe.
No. 30
Stephen asks if the ring is OK. Phoebe stares at it and murmurs that it's beautiful.
STEPHEN: So the answer's yes?
PHOEBE: Of course it's yes!
Stephen puts the ring on Phoebe's finger and they kiss passionately. Stephen then beams:
STEPHEN: You know what I'm really excited about? I'm going to be a dad!
PHOEBE: I love you.
STEPHEN: I think we should arrange the wedding as soon as possible.
PHOEBE: That would be great!
Stephen suggests that it just be the two of them, Phoebe's unborn child and a small group of people; a registry office thing. Phoebe, however, enthuses that she's always wanted the whole bit! She asks if he minds.
STEPHEN: Mind? No! Just as long as you're comfortable with all that.
PHOEBE: I've never been more comfortable in my life. I'm so happy!
They kiss again!
No. 28
Gaby is interrogating Brad about what the party was like. Brad mutters that it was OK. Gaby asks if Phoebe had a good time. Brad shrugs that he supposes so. The front door suddenly bursts open, Beth marches in and clomps Brad round the head!
BETH (snapping): Who were you trying to impress tonight? Did you think that yelling at everyone and breaking up the party proves you're a big man?
BRAD (mutters): Get off my case. I wasn't trying to impress *anyone*.
Gaby asks warily what's going on. Beth retorts that Brad's going through some kind of personality change.
BRAD: You made a big joke in front of everyone about me - and that hurts. I didn't think it was very funny. I over-reacted; I'm sorry. It happens.
BETH (looking taken aback): I guess you took me by surprise or something. I just don't understand it.
Brad smiles and remarks that she really fires-up when she's mad! He then asks if she wants to make up.
BETH: I guess so!
BRAD: Let's go back to your place!
With that, they head out, leaving Gaby looking bemused!
No. 32
Cameron is on the 'phone, asking Lizzie at the newspaper why his article wasn't good enough to be published in the Erinsborough News. He listens and then suggests that it was an advertiser who put the kybosh on it. He listens again and then says:
CAMERON: Well I'll tell you: it was Percy Slade. ... Who, then?
He writes something down, thanks Lizzie, promises not to say a word and hangs up. Brad and Beth come in through the front door and Cameron asks them if they've ever heard of a businessman called Gavin Hayward.
CAMERON: Evidently he put the pressure on Lizzie to kill my article on Dorothy Burke... which means he must have wanted Percy Slade to win; maybe enough to rig the election. I'll see what I can find out about him...
No. 30
Phoebe is showing Toby her engagement ring.
TOBY: What a rock! What's it worth?!
Phoebe smiles that it's what it *means* that counts. Toby tells them that their getting married is fantastic! The front door suddenly bangs and Dorothy comes in. Toby runs over to her and says:
TOBY: This is great! You'll never guess!
Phoebe tells her:
PHOEBE: Stephen and I are engaged.
Dorothy looks taken aback. She offers congratulations and asks when this happened. Stephen tells her that it was tonight. Phoebe then asks Dorothy whether she won the election. Dorothy sighs that she didn't; Percy Slade got in. Changing the subject, Stephen says it's late; he'd better go. Phoebe goes with him to the door. When they've left the room, and sensing Dorothy's concern, Toby asks her what's wrong with Stephen and Phoebe getting married.
DOROTHY: Nothing, I suppose...
She then asks Toby to go to bed, as she wants to talk to Phoebe. She sits down and Phoebe comes back in.
PHOEBE (coolly): I thought you'd be *happy* for us.
DOROTHY: I didn't expect things to develop this quickly. He's a very nice boy: you could do a lot worse, I realise that; but *marriage* already...?
PHOEBE: We've fallen in love, Mim; we want to get married, it's that simple.
With that, she heads off to bed, leaving Dorothy looking worried.
Office at Lassiter's
Philip is looking for a file in his desk. He mutters that one of these days he'll get himself organised! Julie says she doesn't know why it couldn't wait until tomorrow. Philip explains that he wants to drop it into the bank in the morning.
JULIE (pointedly): You have *staff* for that kind of thing.
She holds out her hand to reveal the file Philip is looking for, which she picked up from the other desk. Phil smiles at her and says:
PHILIP: You're incredible, Jules.
JULIE (looking surprised): Why?
PHILIP: I've never known *anybody* to bounce back like you - I mean most people would have taken a week to get over the caning you took in the council elections.
JULIE (shrugs): It's over. I'm not even *thinking* about a political life now. You're what's important to me, Philip; you and your new career.
PHILIP: The supportive spouse, eh?!
JULIE: And secretary. With all these new demands on you it's up to me to take care of you. We're going to have a great future, Philip.
PHILIP (smiles): Yesterday a janitor, today an upwardly-mobile executive. Not bad, eh?
JULIE: It's wonderful isn't it! We can take decent holidays... buy a few little luxuries... even get a house of our own.
PHILIP: Wouldn't that be nice... Maybe we can get one before Michael gets home for the end-of-year holidays?
Julie's face drops. She mutters:
JULIE: Maybe.
She then goes on quickly:
JULIE: Just think: you in here controlling Lassiter'só
PHILIP: And you out there [he indicates the reception area] controlling *me*!
JULIE: We'd be a team. We can do it, Philip; we'd be unstoppable. Between us we can justó
Julie is interrupted by Philip kissing her!
No. 24
Dorothy is sitting at the kitchen table, telling Madge that she thinks Stephen Gottlieb is a perfectly fine young man, and she's sure he and Phoebe are genuinely fond of each other: he's done a lot to help Phoebe put Todd out of her mind.
MADGE: But you just don't want them to get married.
DOROTHY: Not yet.
Dorothy then suggests that for Phoebe it's probably just a need for security - but she thinks they should get to know each other better before rushing into marriage.
MADGE (shrugs): I went through all of this with Scott and Charlene, and *they* turned out all right.
DOROTHY: Yes, but didn't they know each other a lot longer than Phoebe and Stephen?
MADGE (muses): Does anyone know anyone properly until they're married to them?
Lassiter's Complex
The next morning, Julie and Philip are walking hand-in-hand across the bridge, towards the office. Julie is saying to Philip that he should tell Paul he needs one of those mobile 'phones, so that people can access him more easily.
PHILIP: I don't *want* to be accessed! The office 'phone is fine.
JULIE: This is the nineties, Philip: the age of communication. You can't ignore it.
The two of them pass Cameron, who's sitting at a table outside the Coffee Shop. They head to the office. Cameron is sitting with Percy Slade, who is telling him that now that he's been elected, he'll be striving to make council procedures more efficient. Cameron asks him if he'll be recruiting consultants from the private sector. Slade replies that it's not impossible.
CAMERON: Who would you use? Someone like Gavin Hayward?
SLADE: I'm afraid I don't know the gentleman.
Cameron asks when they can expect a budget announcement.
Office at Lassiter's
In the reception area, Julie hangs up Philip's jacket for him and smiles that he looks every inch the successful exec. She then asks if he wants a coffee or to dictate something. Phil suggests she bring him the Departmental accounts, as she wants to put together an overview of where Benito left them financially. They head into the main office as Julie says:
JULIE: A bit of a mess, I imagine. He was too busy worrying about the car yard those last few weeks.
PHILIP: OK, OK. I'm not interested in who did what before we started; I just want to see where we are and figure ways to maximise our profits.
JULIE (beaming): It's great to see you back in your natural environment!
Julie hands Philip a file and tells him that she's been looking at the laundry figures and she thinks he could cut them easily by a third. Philip looks at her and says firmly:
PHILIP: There seemed to be quite a bit of paperwork piled up on your desk. Why don't we each take care of our *own* business...?
No. 32
Brad and Beth are congratulating Phoebe and Todd on their engagement. Toby is there as well. Beth asks when the wedding will be and Stephen replies that it'll be as soon as they can organise it; he's on his way to pick up the marriage licence now! Phoebe asks Beth to be her bridesmaid and Beth, looking delighted, throws her arms around Phoebe and beams that of course she will! Toby asks Phoebe if *he* can help with the wedding. Stephen tells him he can be an usher. Beth asks Phoebe who's making her dress and Phoebe says she was hoping Gaby would do it; she's going to the Waterhole to see her. Brad heads to the front door to see Toby off to school. When he comes back in, he says to Stephen that he hopes he didn't ruin the party last night. Stephen assures him that he didn't; they were just hoping Brad was *OK*. Brad apologises and he and Stephen shake hands. Phoebe then pulls Stephen away and tells him they have things to do! The two of them head out. When they've gone, Beth thanks Brad for apologising to Stephen.
Office at Lassiter's
Julie is sitting behind her desk in the reception area, talking on the 'phone, saying:
JULIE: I'm sorry, but Mr. Martin is tied up in a very important conference at the moment. I can't disturb him.
At that moment, Philip emerges from his office and starts to ask Julie where some files are. Julie, however, holds up her hand to silence him! She says to the person on the 'phone;
JULIE: I'll be happy to take a message and have him return your call when he's free.
Philip stares at her as she writes down the caller's details. He then looks at her desk and picks up a couple of small sheets of paper. He reads them. Julie hangs up the 'phone, thanking the caller - Mr. McDonald.
PHILIP (sharply): Was that McDonald from the Tourist Board?
JULIE: Yes - I said you'd call him when you're free.
PHILIP (looking astonished): I *am* free. Why didn't you put him through?
JULIE: An executive who's easily available might be seen to be non-essential.
PHILP (incredulously): Julie, you just got through telling me that people should be able to access me!
JULIE: It's just sometimes.
PHILIP (tersely): Stop trying to do my job. If I'm free, I'll talk. Now, I'd better call him back.
Philip grabs the sheet of paper on which Julie has written McDonald's details.
Madge walks into the office at that moment and says:
MADGE: Philip, can I have a word with you just for a minute?
JULIE (interrupting): Hello, Madge, how can I help you?
MADGE: I just want to have a word with Philip.
JULIE: Do you have an appointment?
PHILIP (glaring at his wife): Julie...
Philip then asks Madge what it is. Madge explains that she wants to talk about her replacement at the Waterhole. Philip invites her into his office. As he shuts the door, Madge comments that she hopes she didn't interrupt anything important. Philip assures her that she arrived just in time! He then asks about the Waterhole. Madge tells him that she doesn't think Benito has done anything about appointing a new bar manager; she thought she'd better mention it in case Philip wanted her to train someone up. Philip nods that he'll make it a priority. Madge then tells him that Gaby is a bit concerned about keeping her job. Philip assures her that there's no reason to change anything. Madge goes to head out. As she does so, Philip stops her.
PHILIP: I hope you have a really happy life in Queensland.
MADGE: Thanks. I'm going to miss everyone here.
PHILIP: It won't be the same without you.
Gaby is looking delighted as she says:
GABY: Bar Manager? Me?!
The person she's talking to is Julie!
JULIE: Are you interested?
GABY: Sure! The extra money will be wonderful! But what about Philip?
JULIE: If I recommend you, he'll go for it. The job's as good as yours if you want it!
GABY: Oh, I want it, I want it. Thanks! It's great!
JULIE: Oh Gaby, it's the least I could do. After all, you were so generous about that dress of yours I ruined.
With that, Julie announces that she'd better go. She passes Cameron and Dorothy, who are sitting at one of the tables. Cameron is musing that he couldn't crack Slade, and he asks Dorothy if she heard any gossip about him on the grapevine.
DOROTHY (shrugs): All I know for certain is he's a successful businessman with a finger in a number of companies.
CAMERON: Wouldn't know the *name* of any of these companies, would you?
DOROTHY: No... but it wouldn't be hard for me to find out. You want me to?
CAMERON: That would be great! I know there's some dirt to be dug here, and I'd love to dig it.
Phoebe comes in, and as she passes Cameron he comments that she looks happy. Phoebe explains that she and Stephen are engaged. Cameron hugs her and then beams at Dorothy that she must be thrilled.
DOROTHY (flatly): Yes - very exciting news.
Phoebe gives her a look and then walks over to Gaby, who also hugs her, having overheard what she said to Cameron. Phoebe says to her:
PHOEBE: You have to make my dress for me. Please say you will.
Gaby replies that she'd love to, but there might be a problem: there's a chance she might be the new bar manager at the Waterhole, and it's full-time job, so she doesn't think she'd have time to fit dressmaking in. Phoebe's face drops.
Office at Lassiter's
Philip is standing staring at a table of figures when Julie walks in and tells him she has the copies he wanted. Philip asks her to just leave them on the side. Julie puts the papers down and then peers over Philip's shoulder to see what he's working on. Philip turns his head slowly to stare at her!
JULIE: Sorry. Sorry. Just thought I could help.
PHILIP (sighs): It's OK - I could probably *do* with it. I have to find ways to cut expenses at the Waterhole. Our profit's way down.
JULIE: Well you can't cut back on staff.
PHIL: I can if *I* manage the bar.
JULIE (gasps): What?! You're an executive; you're above that kind of thing now.
PHILIP (shrugs): Just a managerial job in addition to what I'm already doing. No big thing.
JULIE: But you can't. I've already promisedó
She breaks off. Philip looks at her sharply.
PHILIP (suspiciously): What have you been up to?
JULIE: I promised the job to Gaby...
Philip shakes his head.
PHILIP: You just can't help yourself, can you?! Well you can just un-promise it. You and I are going to go down there right now and you're going to tell Gaby that you had no authority to offer her that job.
JULIE: I can't do that, Philip; it's embarrassing.
PHILIP (curtly): Right now, Julie.
Beth is standing with Gaby, telling her that it was so sweet the way Brad apologised to Stephen. Gaby says she doesn't know why he's been acting so strangely - although Doug and Pam splitting up certainly upset him. Madge joins them and asks Gaby if she'll help her with some stocktaking. Beth heads off. Philip and Julie walk in and Philip asks Gaby if they can talk to her.
PHILIP: Julie has something to say to you.
JULIE (looking embarrassed): I'm sorry Gaby, but you can't be the new bar manager.
PHILIP (pointedly): And?
JULIE (through gritted teeth): And I had no right to offer it to you in the first place.
Philip apologises to Gaby and explains that he has to cut the costs of The Waterhole; he's going to manage the bar himself, although he can offer her a couple of extra shifts a week. Gaby, looking downcast, murmurs that she appreciates it.
No. 30
Phoebe is looking at wedding dresses in a magazine. She comments to Dorothy that she'd still rather have Gaby design one.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, I really would like to discuss this a bit more with you.
PHOEBE (sighs): I know what you're going to say, but Stephen and I are sure about this. We've signed the licence application and we're going out to choose the wedding rings this afternoon.
DOROTHY: I can't help wishing you wouldn't rush into it.
PHOEBE: There's no point in waiting; we know what we want. Todd and I agreed to wait and look what happened: I lost him completely. I don't want to take any chances with Stephen.
She insists that all she wants is for Dorothy to be happy for her and Stephen; they're going to have a wonderful life together.
Office at Lassiter's
Julie is talking on the telephone on her desk in the reception area, taking a message from Gavin Hayward.
JULIE: Yes, you can have an appointment, but he is a very busy man. What is it you wanted to see him about?
Philip emerges from the office as Julie then says:
JULIE: Until I know that, I don't know how long an appointment you need, do I? His time's valuable. ... Sorry? ... Very well. I'll try to get Mr. Martin to call you back.
She hangs up. Philip immediately snaps:
PHILIP: You're doing it again, aren't you? ... I repeat: if I'm free, I'll take calls. What do I have to do to make you understand?
JULIE (sheepishly): I'll call him back now, then.
PHILIP (his voice rising): Not yet. I want you to listen to me: the moment we step foot into this office each day, we are no longer Mr. and Mrs. Martin, we are boss and secretary. The secretary does not run the boss's life or ignore his reasonable requests, one of which is to put all his 'phone calls through to him. That's an order.
With that, Philip marches back into his office, leaving Julie looking astonished.
No. 30
Stephen has arrived at No. 30. Dorothy lets him in and comments that she understands he and Phoebe are going out for wedding rings. Stephen smiles that he wouldn't mind something plain, but he gets the feeling Phoebe wants the whole fancy job. Dorothy muses that if they can't agree on something that basic...
STEPHEN: What are you saying, Mrs. Burke?
DOROTHY: I just wondered if it wouldn't be wise to slow down a little; take time to get to know each other better.
STEPHEN: We don't need to; we're both very sure.
Dorothy asks him how his parents feel about the wedding. Stephen, however, replies that they're on tour at the moment - he'll tell them next time they call; it won't be a problem, though. Phoebe appears in the hallway and is about to join them, but stops as she hears Dorothy say to Stephen:
DOROTHY: I hope you understand my concern?
STEPHEN: Of course I do. I want what's best for Phoebe; I always have.
DOROTHY (sighs): Wouldn't it make sense to wait a little?
STEPHEN: No. I want to marry Phoebe as soon as I can. I want to take care of her and the baby. I want us to be a proper family.
DOROTHY: Well of course, I can't stop you.
PHOEBE (walking in, snaps): But you would if you could. Mim, I told you how much I want this wedding, but you won't be happy 'til you make us put it off, will you? What's wrong with you? Are you trying to hang onto me so that *you* won't be lonely and *I* won't be happy? Is *that* it?
With that, she marches out, leaving Dorothy looking worried.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Percy Slade sits down with Cameron, who thanks him for agreeing to another interview. Slade asks Cameron what else he'd like to know for his article.
CAMERON: How many companies are you associated with?
SLADE: I don't know - about a dozen or so.
CAMERON: Fifteen, I counted.
SLADE (nods): Sounds right.
CAMERON: Does the name Mallagro Incorporated mean anything to you?
SLADE: Yes, I'm a Director.
CAMERON: I see. Well there's something I don't really understand, then.
SLADE: What's that?
CAMERON: This morning you said you'd never heard of Gavin Hayward - yet he's a Director of the company too.
SLADE: But that's a shelf company; my accountant knows more about the details than I do.
CAMERON: I think I should warn you, Mr. Slade: I intend to do some more investigating into your business affairs.
SLADE: Then you should do it, Mr. Hudson. I fear you'll be wasting your time, though. You'll find nothing untoward to be discovered, but I am nothing if not co-operative with my friends from the press. Please excuse me: I've enjoyed our talk, but duty calls.
With that, he shakes Cameron's hand and walks off. He goes and climbs into his car and takes out a mobile phone. He dials a number. When the call is answered, he says tersely:
SLADE: It's me. We've got a little problem by the name of Cameron Hudson. He's a journalist and he's sniffing around Mallagro. We don't want a repeat of the Marco Alessi situation, do we?
Turning to look at Cameron, still sitting outside the Coffee Shop, he adds:
SLADE: One way or another, he should be dealt with immediately - before he gets a chance to spill the beans...
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Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1816
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Gaby Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1816
Gaby Willis, Brad Willis

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1816
Cameron Hudson

Stephen Gottlieb, Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1816
Stephen Gottlieb, Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1816
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Dorothy Burke, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1816
Dorothy Burke, Madge Bishop

Cameron Hudson, Percy Slade in Neighbours Episode 1816
Cameron Hudson, Percy Slade

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1816
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1816
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Philip Martin, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1816
Philip Martin, Madge Bishop

Cameron Hudson, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1816
Cameron Hudson, Dorothy Burke

Gaby Willis, Madge Bishop, Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1816
Gaby Willis, Madge Bishop, Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Dorothy Burke, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1816
Dorothy Burke, Phoebe Bright

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1816
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Cameron Hudson, Percy Slade in Neighbours Episode 1816
Cameron Hudson, Percy Slade

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