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Neighbours Episode 1813 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1813
Australian airdate: 18/11/92
UK airdate: 26/10/93
UK Gold: 13/10/99
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
George Carter: Andrew Dicks
Mick Cooper: Bruce Stadus
Tammy: Michelle McClatchy
Reptile Keeper: Robert Jealous
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie and Rick tell Helen about the dodgy bloke. Helen thinks Marco has got himself into a lot of trouble. She wants to ring Cathy, but Rick says they should hang on for Marco to ring tomorrow morning (as he says in his note)
Toby is looking forward to his lunchtime broadcast. Stephen suggests a programme on Phoebe and her snakes, but Dorothy says Phoebe has an assignment to finish - she read her latest one and there are some amendments to be made. If she does them now, she'll be free to enjoy her 18th birthday.
Toby had forgotten it was Phoebe's 18th birthday. He offers to do a disco(!) Apparently Oscar isn't very well and Phoebe is tending to him. Stephen says maybe he's love- sick(!) Phoebe says the local vets are useless with snakes. Stephen says he's got a mate at the zoo who could have a look, so they head off.
Coffee Shop
Brad and Beth are chatting. Brad's big surf- board promotion is coming up.
When Brad has gone, Julie observes that Brad isn't very happy. She's heard the news.
JULIE: Poor Pam! Must be dreadful to have a husband that can't keep his hand off other women!
Beth sighs, but doesn't say anything. Tammy the surf chick floozy comes in. Beth lays into her about what happened. Apparently she tried to tell Cooper that she slept with Marco, not Brad, but apparently Cooper has broken off their engagement. Apparently Cooper is jealous of Brad who has everything.
Stephen and Phoebe are talking to a couple of reptile experts. They can treat Oscar over the next couple of days.
Outside, Stephen tells Phoebe to get on with her assigment, but she'd rather look around the reptile house.
Phil is doing some painting work while the kids are still on holiday. It's Phil's last week on the job, and he says he's actually quite enjoyed it. Dorothy is pleased with his work.
Toby is on the radio station fending off some callers complaining about Dorothy(!) Then Julie rings in and says that many of the callers on the show are stupid - Erinsborough must have a very low standard of education. Toby cuts her off and puts some music on(!)
Stephen and Phoebe are looking at the seal pool. He tells her that he had a summer job at the zoo once and loved it. He was really in to it and has a large collection of animal books. They see a woman feeding a koala. Then Stephen sits Phoebe down to do her assignment, but it turns out it's disappeared. When they look, loose leaf pages are scattered across the ground behind them.
PHOEBE: Oh no!
Coffee Shop
Beth has rung Cooper to meet her. She tells him that she's up for their arrangement. Cooper says he's broken things off with Tammy, so he's free(!) Beth suggests that they go and have a drink at the Waterhole to "loosen up". Hannah overhears this conversation.
Stephen and Phoebe are picking up Phoebe's assignment which is all over the zoo(!) Phoebe is philosophical - the original is on Toby's computer, so she can just print out another one. Stephen says she can therefore study tonight and Phoebe calls him a slavedriver! They go off to see the apes.
Beth asks Cooper if he really will drop the charges against Brad.
BETH: Do you think sleeping with me will make you feel better?
COOPER:(laughs) What do *you* reckon?!
Beth says that Cooper and Tammy are clearly crazy about each other, and should make up. She explains about Tammy getting it on with Marco, not Brad. Cooper says that he's not good enough for Tammy, but Beth insists that Tammy still loves him. She admits she saw Tammy today.
Just then, Tammy comes in.
BETH: Sleeping with me and taking Brad to court won't bring her back. There's only way you can do that. Tell her you forgive her.
TAMMY: Hi, Mick.
Rather unrealistically, Tammy and Mick make up.
Ramsay Street
Brad is working on his car. Hannah comes over and tells him about the conversation she overheard between Beth and Cooper. Brad is cross.
Brad storms in and confronts Cooper. Beth explains that Cooper is dropping the charges. Brad is about to hit him, but Tammy drags Cooper off.
COOPER: You want to wake up to yourself, Goldilocks! You don't know how lucky you are. Thanks, Beth.
When they've gone, Beth tells Brad off.
BETH: All this aggro. I don't know you anymore, what's your problem?!
BRAD: You're my problem at the moment, why can't you just butt out of my business?!
BETH: Yeah, well maybe I will!
He storms out.
BETH: Maybe I should butt out of your life completely.
Marco rings Rick. He says to tell Helen that it's safer with him out of the way, and asks Rick to cover for him.
Helen talks to Marco and tells him to come back. He says he can't, and he'll ring Cathy and Benito to tell them. He puts the phone down.
Helen thinks she should call Cathy and Benito, but Rick points out that Marco sounded fine. Helen agrees to wait until they hear from Marco again.
Julie comes over. Dorothy jokingly suggests a forum on the radio to discuss Erinsborough's problems. Julie says it's a great idea!
Helen wants to go and visit a friend, Marjorie, in the English countryside. Rick and Debbie would prefer to stay in London. They eventually talk Helen into them going out unchaperoned.
Rick and Debbie are visiting Trafalgar Square. While Rick is changing his roll of film, a kid steals his camera. Rick chases after him. The kid gets on a bus and Rick and Debbie follow in a taxi.
RICK: Follow that bus!
They follow the bus for a long while, until Rick sees the kid getting off the bus. They get out of the texi and give chase.
The kid goes into a building with Rick and Debbie continuing to chase. Finally, they end up in the Arsenal stadium(!) They confront the kid, but then the rest of his gang turn up!
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