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Neighbours Episode 1814 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1814
Australian airdate: 19/11/92
UK airdate: 27/10/93
UK Gold: 14/10/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
George Carter: Andrew Dicks
Mr Carter: Bill Moody
Customer: Kelly Nash
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Arsenal Football Ground
The groundsman fortunately intervenes and sends the gang packing. He also gets the camera off the boy.
BOY: But dad, it's for Terry!
GROUNDSMAN: I don't care, you don't go around thieving! Give it back!
Rick thanks the man. He explains that the boy's brother is poorly. Debbie and Rick take the camera and head off.
Julie has written a newspaper article and gives it to Cameron, saying he can publish it under his own name if he likes(!) Cameron reads it.
CAMERON: Julie, there are a couple of thing in your article I'm not too clear on.
CAMERON: I mean, who are you referring to here? 'A young, vital woman whose marriage to a simple, honest school janitor put her in direct contact with the real battlers of Erinsborough.'
JULIE: That's me!
PHIL: I'm the simple, honest janitor.
CAMERON: Oh, right!
He goes on to read about the 'slim, attractive, mother of three'!
Debbie and Rick are relieved that they got the camera back and wonder what was the matter with the boy's brother.
Helen comes in and says she didn't see her friend Marjorie after all, she didn't feel up to it. She asks what they've been up to and they say they were just walking by the Thames.
Pam opens the door to Jill.
JILL: Hello, Pam. I've come for the rest of my things.
PAM: Good. I've already packed them for you, so you can leave quickly. Not much point in hanging around anyway. Your boyfriend doesn't live here anymore.
JILL: Really? Well, that's handy...for you and Jim. Everything's worked out very nicely, hasn't it?
PAM: Jill, listen. Oh...just get out of here!
JILL: Sure. Expecting company?
She picks up her suitcase. Just then, Gaby comes out.
GABY: What the hell are you doing here?! Haven't you done enough to this family without...
PAM: Gaby, don't, it's alright, it's not worth it. Jill's just leaving. She's no longer part of our lives.
Jill takes her suitcase and goes.
The Office
Benito is struggling for money to pay for the car yard at the moment. Cathy thinks he's spreading himself a bit thin. Benito moans about the charity money again.
In the outer office, Benito asks Julie to ring the Robinson Corporation and ask for his pay to go in a day early. She says she'll do it when she gets back from "the bank". When she's gone, Benito sees a load of election- related notes on her desk.
School (Radio Station)
Julie rushes in to do the radio debate with Dorothy. Toby introduces it as a "Political Forum". Dorothy goes first and tells the listeners how seriously she takes their needs.
Ramsay Street
Doug sees Pam coming out of the house. He wants to pick up a few things from No.28 as he's staying at Lassiter's now.
DOUG: Madge didn't give me a very warm welcome at her place.
PAM:(spiky) I'm not surprised. You probably remind her of her first husband, he was a bit of a philanderer too.
DOUG: Look, can't we...?
PAM: I'll redicrect your mail to Lassiter's.
DOUG: You don't have to do that.
PAM: Yes, I do.
DOUG: You know what I mean. It's stupid for us living apart. Why can't we try to patch...
PAM: Look, just forget it, Doug. I'm not interested.
School (Radio Station)
Dorothy is finishing up her spiel. Julie then starts her own spiel. Phil is outside, listening over the tannoy. He puts his head in his hands(!)
Doug is having lunch at the Waterhole when Jill comes in.
DOUG: What do *you* want?!
JILL: To see you! It's not a crime, is it?
DOUG: Why don't you leave me alone?! Can't you get it into your head? I don't want to know you! It was a mistake - a big mistake - end of story.
JILL: Doug, you don't have to put on a front anymore! I know it was difficult before, but now you and Pam aren't living together, what's the problem.
Doug looks really annoyed.
DOUG: The problem is *you*, Jill! You don't seem to realise that even if Pam and I never see each other again, there's no power in this world that's going to make me even remotely interested in having a relationship with you! Have you got that?!
He picks up his plate and moves to another table.
Jill goes over to the bar to talk to Gaby.
JILL: Hello, Gaby. There are a couple of things of mine missing when I unpacked my suitcase. An opal pendant and a pair of silver earrings.
GABY: Well, I'm sure Mum hasn't kept them on purpose, if that's what you think!
JILL: Of course she wouldn't. I just didn't want to bother her again, she seemed so upset with me yesterday. Perhaps you could return them for me sometime?
GABY: Sure! I'll send them over, C.O.D.!
JILL: I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused with my affair with Doug.
GABY: Really? It looks like your 'affair with Doug' has just hit an iceberg.
JILL: He's just angry because every time he and I have a moment together, someone from his family walks in!
GABY: I'm not stopping you.
JILL: Not anymore. That's the main reason why he fixed up my flat for me, so that we could spend more time together. Now that he and your mother have split up, Doug's moving in with me.
GABY: He told mum he would never do that.
JILL: Well, he hasn't been very honest with her about a lot of things, has he?
Pam is asking Cameron's advice about a divorce from Doug. He is shocked. Camerone says it's as simple as filling in a few forms these days, but she should get herself a good solicitor as a precaution.
CAMERON: Are you sure divorce is the answer?
PAM:(firmly) Yes.
CAMERON: Well, you have to be separated for twelve months first. So that gives you plenty of time to think about it.
PAM: There's nothing to think about. It's all over between Doug and me.
The phone rings and Rick wakes up and answers it. It's Cathy on the phone. He groggily tells her he's fine and so is Marco, but he's in the shower. Apparently Marco has rung Cathy and sounded fine.
Benito talks to Rick briefly and then puts the phone down, telling Cathy that it costs a fortune to call London(!) and her new boss wouldn't like it. They suddenly hear Julie on the radio and Benito is cross - she told him she was going to the bank!
The Office
Julie creeps in and says there was a big queue at the bank(!) Benito informs her that he heard her on the radio. He tells her using the photocopier is one thing, but she can't do electioneering on his time. She'd better commit 100% to Lassiter's or she's out. He goes off to the car yard.
Gaby comes in asks for a cash float. Julie is fed up with Benito - he keeps swanning off the the car yard. (Er, he is the boss Julie, he can do what he likes!)
Car Yard
Benito is trying to make a sale, but not doing very well. In fact, the customer is correcting him on the details of the car(!)
Lassiter's Complex
Gaby catches up with Doug.
GABY: Have you stopped to think about the effect you might be having on Mum?
DOUG: What have I done now?!
GABY: How do you think she's going to feel when she finds out you're moving in with Jill?
DOUG:(confused) I'm not moving in with Jill!
GABY: Don't lie to me, Dad! She told me all about how you set up that flat of hers, just for the two of you.
DOUG: What? When did she say this?
GABY: Today.
DOUG: I don't believe that woman. Listen, Gaby, there's no way in the world I'm moving in with Jill Weir. I don't want to ever see her again.
GABY: You'd better tell *her* that, then!
DOUG: I've told her till I'm blue in the face, she just won't listen!
GABY: Well, she seems convinced that the two of you are going to live happily ever after in your cosy little love- nest!
DOUG: Alright, that's it. I've taken all I'm about to.
GABY: What are you going to do?
DOUG: I'm going to go and see her right now! And put a stop to this damned nonsense once and for all!
Coffee Shop
Phil asks Julie why she's looking so pleased with herself. She says she thinks they're going to get some good news pretty soon - for him! Phil looks a bit worried(!)
Cameron and Dorothy comes in. The editorial is raving about Percy Slade, an election candidate who is pretty crooked. Unfortunately, Julie is described as, "a feather- brain, who's as politically astute as half a brick"(!)
The Office
Cathy brings a cheque to Benito which he hasn't signed for the electricity bill. He says he'll have to wait until things are going better at the car yard. However, he's going to take Lou back as full- time manager. There's another urgent message to ring Paul.
Benito rings Paul. He's apparently heard about Benito working at the car yard. Benito insists that he makes up any time he spends at the car yard. However, this doesn't wash, and Paul fires him.
BENITO: He wants me to quit immediately!
Jill's flat
Doug knocks on Jill's door.
JILL: I knew you'd come.
DOUG: I'm not staying, I just...
JILL: Come in.
DOUG: Jill, we *have* to talk!
JILL: You were so right when you said this flat would grow on me! It's so cosy.
She puts her hands on Doug's chest.
JILL: It's just right for two. But then, you must have known that when you chose it for me.
DOUG: I'm not staying here, Jill, how many times do I have to tell you?!
JILL: Drink?
DOUG: Now, listen to me! We once had a few hours together in a hotel room, that's all. We both agreed then that it was the beginning and end of our relationship.
JILL: But it isn't, is it...
DOUG: Yes, it *is*! As far as I'm concerned, it should never have happened at all!
JILL: It must have meant something to you, after all, you've left your wife!
DOUG: No, I didn't, as you damn well know! If my marriage has been destroyed, it's entirely thanks to you.
JILL: Relax, darling, everything's alright now that you're here! I'm going to make you *so* happy.
DOUG: There's only one woman in this world that can make me happy - my wife. God knows you've done your best to wreck whatever we had! But I'm not going to give up on Pam. As for you, I could never love you. In fact, right at this moment, I'm close to hating you more than anyone I've ever hated anyone in my entire life. So stay away from my family, and stay away from me! If you don't, I won't be held responsible.
Doug goes to walk out of the flat. Jill quickly goes to the balcony and gets up on to the ledge.
JILL: Doug! Doug, if you walk out on me now, so help me, I'll jump!
DOUG: Get down, Jill, don't be stupid!
JILL: I mean it, Doug. You're all I've got. If I can't have you, I'm going to kill myself!
<<1813 - 1815>>
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