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Neighbours Episode 1812 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1812 (Rick and Debbie in London)
Australian airdate: 17/11/92
UK airdate: 25/10/93
UK Gold: 12/10/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Noddy's Brother: David Glazebrook
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam and Jim have stopped kissing but are still very close to each other.
JIM: Apart from anything else, Doug's friend of mine.
PAM: And I thought Jill was mine.
JIM: You know what I mean. Just because I don't approve of how he's behaved, doesn't mean that I should take advantage of it.
PAM: Take advantage of me? Is that how you see it?
JIM: That's how it would be.
PAM: In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a grown woman. I'll decide myself what I want to do. And who I want to do it with.
JIM: Yes, but right now, you're feeling terribly hurt.
PAM: What's that got to do with it?
JIM: You know what I'm trying to say, Pam. I am very attracted to you, I could easily go on with this. But it's not the right time.
PAM: You're probably right. Yeah...yeah, you're right.
Coffee Shop
Benito and Cathy are worrying about the dodgy bloke. Benito says he must be a loan shark. Cathy is shocked.
Beth and Brad come in from a movie and Cathy asks them if they know anything about Marco's loan shark (although she doesn't tell them about the loan shark bit)
Beth asks Brad if he's heard any more from Cooper, but he hasn't.
JIM: I know Doug, we're friends. If this had been going on for any length of time, I'm sure I would have known something was up.
PAM: I wish I could believe that. But I'll never be able to trust Doug again, that's what it comes down to.
Beth and Brad come in, in good spirits. Jim awkwardly gets up to leave and takes Beth with him, explaining that Pam has something to tell Brad.
DOUG: The only reason I let it happen even once was because I thought Pam and Jim had something going.
MADGE: Now, that is a complete load of bilge! If you're going to talk that sort of nonsense, I'm not sticking around to listen to it!
She flounces off.
LOU: It is sort of understandable, mate.
DOUG: What is?
LOU: You, thinking that there was something going on between Pam and Jim. Not that there was. I mean, I knew there never was. They were just getting very friendly, that's all. Just friendly, nothing else. Jim's not the sort the sort of bloke to mess around with a mate's wife.
DOUG: Normally, I'd know that. But I wasn't thinking at the time.
LOU: And Pam wouldn't play around, she's not the type!
DOUG: Well how do *I* know that?!
LOU: Because she's *not* mate.
DOUG: I didn't think *I* was, and look what happened!
Rick is very excited by the hotel room alone(!) Helen and Debbie come in and discuss what they're going to do today. Unfortunately, Helen isn't feeling very well, so goes for a lie down.
Rick answers the phone to Cathy. She asks how Marco is and asks to speak to him.
When he comes to the phone, she tells him about the dodgy bloke, "Noddy". He's concerned to hear that Benito told him where he is. Marco says he only owes him a few hundred, but this is clearly a lie.
DOUG: My big mistake was not seeing Jill for what she really was.
LOU: Well, how were you to know that she was two sandwiches short of a picnic? Anyway, she's out of your life, now, mate!
DOUG: Is she? She'll be out of the hospital any day, and then what?! You reckon she won't be after me again?
Madge lets Brad in. He is apoplectic with rage.
BRAD: How could you *do* that?!
DOUG: Now hang on, mate, give me a chance to explain what really happened.
BRAD: Oh, *really* happened?! You're saying Mum's a liar now on top of everything else?!
DOUG: Not a liar, no...
BRAD: I can't *believe* you could do something like that! Jeez!
LOU: Calm down, calm down...
BRAD: OK, you want to explain it?! Well, go ahead. Explain it to me! Well, what's wrong with you? I want to hear what you've got to say!
Debbie says she'd better stay in with Helen, but Helen encourages Rick and Debbie to go out and enjoy themselves.
Marco is on the phone to someone saying he'll "see them in twenty minutes". He tells Rick and Debbie that he's meeting someone he got to know on his last trip over. Debbie and Rick decide to go out alone.
MARCO: Hey! Don't start any international incidents(!)
Cathy thinks Marco sounded a bit worried on the phone. Doug and Lou come in for a beer and Gaby refuses to serve Doug.
DOUG: You still haven't let me tell you *my* side of it.
GABY:(through gritted teeth) Just not interested!
Benito comes over and serves Doug. She asks if she can go home and Benito agrees. When she's gone, Benito asks if there's anything wrong, and Doug says it's "just family stuff".
Jim interjects and says Doug and Pam can't just give up.
Madge and Pam are having a cup of tea. Madge apologises to Pam for Doug staying at her house, but Pam says it's alright.
MADGE: I don't blame you. Men! How dare he say those things about you and Jim Robinson! As if anyone who knew either of you believes a word of it!
PAM: Yeah...it's one thing to think it, but to go spreading it around the neighbourhood...
MADGE: Yeah, I know. Well, if you think you're angry, you should have seen Brad! I've never seen him in such a temper!
Pam says that Brad has been a bit violent recently for some reason. Gaby comes in and offers to stay the night with Pam.
Debbie and Rick are exploring London in a musical montage of every tourist attraction there is! They take lots of photos.
Later, back in the hotel room, Debbie and Rick come back, after apparently doing all of the tourist attractions in a single morning. They don't tell her that Marco didn't go with them. Helen says she'll be well enough for the theatre tonight.
Back in Rick's room, Rick is surprised by an intruder. The intruder demands to know where Marco is. Rick says he doesn't know.
DODGY BLOKE: Let's just say he's left a little bit of unfinished business in Australia. And I'd like to help him finish it! You can say Noddy's brother called!
The bloke heads off, saying he'll catch up with Marco later.
Gaby tells Pam that she wants to move back in, and Pam gratefully accepts. They both apologise for what happened before. Anyway, Gaby isn't hanging around with Zed anymore. Perhaps she's through with the rebellious phase, and might put her hair back to normal too(!)
Brad comes in. Pam is relieved to see him. Brad assures her they're all going to stick together.
Marco tells Rick that the dodgy bloke was just joking(!) There's a knock at the door and it's Debbie. She and Rick go down to lunch.
When they've gone, Marco rings someone and says he's "going to have to do what they talked about".
Cathy tells Benito that she's working early again. Benito says the new owner is a slavedriver! Benito says that maybe Marco won't come back to the Coffee Shop - he wants him to work at the car yard with him. Cathy thinks this is a good idea.
Beth and Brad are helping Gaby carry her stuff back. Beth says she and Cameron need to find another housemate to cover the rent.
Doug appears at the door.
BRAD: Oh, great, what do *you* want?
PAM: If you've come to see me, you can just go away again! I've got nothing to say to you.
DOUG: I need the ute. Be reasonable. We're going to have to talk sometime.
BRAD: You heard mum, just stay away from her.
He heads off to the building site.
Helen, Debbie and Rick are back from the theatre. Helen is still feeling ill.
Rick and Debbie go into Rick's hotel room, but Marco isn't there yet. Rick hangs a "do not disturb" sign on the door and starts kissing Debbie. They start to lie down on the bed, but Rick sees a note there from Marco. He reads it and says Marco is in trouble - in fact, he's shot through for good!
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