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Neighbours Episode 1809 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1809 (Lou breaks off his engagement to Madge)
Australian airdate: 12/11/92
UK airdate: 20/10/93
UK Gold: 07/10/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pub (Later)
Benito tells Madge that she's been a great manager. Madge says she'll really miss Erinsborough...the good friends, the tyrannical bosses(!) Madge says she's thinking of selling her Lassiter's shares to make a clean break but Benito doesn't have the money to buy them at the moment.
Lou comes and Benito asks him something about the sign for the car yard.
LOU: Not now, Ben. There's something I've got to get straight with Madge.
BENITO: Excuse me.
He leaves.
MADGE: What's wrong, love?
LOU: I don't appreciate being set up, Madge. If you don't trust me, say so. Don't go around hiring hookers to put the hard word on me.
Madge looks very shocked that he knows.
MADGE: I see. Yes, I think we should talk.
LOU: No, no. You talk, I'll listen.
Jill and Pam are looking through magazines and laughing at the men posing in them. Doug rolls his eyes.
DOUG: No wonder he's so pale. Those pants are cutting off his circulation!
JILL: That guy's cute, but *my* boyfriend would look an absolute knock- out in those pants. That is, if he still is my boyfriend...
DOUG: You've got to move on, Jill. And talking about moving on, shouldn't you be out there trying to find another place to live?
JILL: I *have* been looking.
DOUG: I know, but just because one fell through, doesn't mean they all will.
PAM: Doug!
JILL: Sorry, I didn't mean to outstay my welcome. Excuse me.
She goes off to her bedroom.
MADGE: Oh, Lou, it was a *stupid* thing to do. I am totally ashamed of myself. I just hope you'll be able to forgive me. I'm sorry, I really am.
LOU: Sorry's not good enough, Madge. After that business with Narelle. When, if you remember, I was *also* totally innocent...
MADGE: Yeah, I know...
LOU: You said you would never mistrust me again. And I wasn't lying when I said I never intended to stray. But that wasn't good enough for you. You weren't going to be happy until you caught me fooling around.
MADGE: I was alright until what you said about the bikini girls in Queensland and how you couldn't wait to get there. And that other comment you made about married men always looking for a bit on the side...
LOU: Oh, Madge, that was just talk. You know me. The mouth doesn't always say what's in the heart. Anyway, as far as you're concerned, whatever promises I'd made I intended to keep.
MADGE: Intended?
LOU: Sweetheart, in spite of everything, it's obvious you don't trust me. Which means you don't love me. If you don't love me, there's no point in our even thinking of marriage.
There is a bit of a silence.
LOU: Better we find out now that after we move to Queensland.
They both look upset.
Phil is helping Hannah with her homework when Toby comes round. He asks if Hannah can help him to deliver leaflets for Dorothy's election campaign. Phil agrees.
Julie comes out with some suitcases and thinks it's a cheek for Dorothy to get kids to deliver her leaflets!
Doug is on the phone to Len saying he owes him a favour. He wants Jill to rent a flat off him and she can move in straightaway. He'll even go guarantor! Len finally agrees and Doug is delighted.
Lou comes in.
DOUG: You alright, mate?
LOU: Oh, yes...if you don't count me and Madge being washed up, my life being completely useless, and a complete waste of time.
He opens a beer.
DOUG: Sounds like you're ready for that beer.
LOU: Too right I am.
He drinks deeply.
LOU: Sorry, mate. I didn't meant to get all maudlin on you, I'm still in a state of shock.
DOUG: Want to talk about it?
LOU: No, wouldn't help. It'd just make me feel even more sorry for myself. How are you going with Jill around the place?
Doug says that he's found Jill a flat to move in to. Lou isn't sure it's wise that Doug gets involved, but Doug just wants Jill out.
LOU: You're darned lucky Pam hasn't found out, you know. If I'd had a one- night stand, Madge would have been on to it like a shot!
DOUG: I wish it hadd never happened. I feel so guilty about it.
LOU: Marvellous, isn't it? I do absolutely nothing, I get treated like a sex maniac! You're living under the same roof with your wife and mistress and getting away with it!
DOUG: She is not my mistress! You make it sound as though I'm having a good time. I'm living under constant tension, I feel like confessing to Pam so I can apologise and get it all over and done with.
LOU: Probably not a good idea, mate. You know what they say, don't you?
DOUG: What?
LOU: Confession may be good for the soul, but it plays hell with your marriage!
Doug smiles.
Ramsay Street
Julie orders Hannah home, then tells Dorothy to stuff her leaflets in letterboxes herself.
Julie tells Hannah to go and tidy up her room. When she's gone, Phil tells Julie she's over- reacting. Julie says that Dorothy is disreputatable and is using Hannah(!) Jim agress with Phil, but Julie says Dorothy is unfit to to serve on any council.
PHIL: Well, if she's so bad, maybe you should try running against her?
Jim laughs.
JULIE: I know you're sending me up, Philip, but that mightn't be such a bad idea.
JIM:(incredulous) Dorothy is a very experienced opponent, Julie.
JULIE: She doesn't frighten me one bit! In fact, that's it, my mind's made up. You can count me in.
Outside the Waterhole
Madge tells Dorothy that she thinks her self- confidence is low - she couldn't believe anyone could love her as much as Lou did. Dorothy disagrees, she thinks that Madge was unsure about her feelings for Lou and was testing herself.
MADGE: Maybe you're right. Maybe my feelings were confused.
DOROTHY: Of course. And this was your way of understanding why.
MADGE: You know, when Lou and I were in school together, well, he was my hero, really. Lou Carpenter could do no wrong. Now, years later...
DOROTHY: You discovered that your hero had changed? Like everybody does. And that confused you. You didn't know how you really felt about him.
MADGE: Yeah, he's just a man I suppose. With a man's strengths and weaknesses. A lot like Fred, really.
DOROTHY: You were, quite reasonably, trying to come to terms with that, right?
MADGE: Yeah, but how am I going to tell *him* that? He won't even talk to me anymore.
DOROTHY: Well, of course, it's possible my theory's incorrect.
MADGE: Thanks for your help, anyway, Dorothy.
DOROTHY: If Lou is right, maybe it's as well to find out now, rather than after the wedding.
MADGE: Yeah...that's what he said.
Doug explains that he's found a flat for Jill and Pam is rather shocked.
PAM: I'm sorry Jill. It looks as though we're trying to get rid of you, and we're not!
She glares at Doug.
JILL: No, no, it's fine.
DOUG: See? You'll love it! The view from the balcony's incredible. It's just been re- decorated.
PAM: Well, you could have discussed it with Jill first!
DOUG: Flats like that don't come up every day! And it's only because the bloke owes me a favour that I got it!
PAM: It's not good enough!
JILL: No, Pam, Doug's right. It *is* time I got a place of my own. I appreciate it. You've saved me hours of boring flat- hunting.
DOUG: That's OK. It'd be a pity to say no to.
JILL: I'd like to take a look.
DOUG: Sure.
JILL: Perhaps you could drive me over there.
DOUG: Well...I don't have the time right now.
PAM: Oh, come on, Doug, it's the least you can do! It won't take very long.
DOUG: Well, I tell you what, why don't we all go! Come on, Pam, you'd like to see it, too, wouldn't you?
PAM: Well...yes, but I've got a lot of work to do here. I'm a bit busy to go looking at flats. You can manage without me can't you Jill?
JILL: Oh, I think we'll manage, won't we, Doug?
DOUG: Well, actually, I've got things to do. Um...I'll give you the address and you can go over by cab. You don't mind, do you?
PAM: Oh, Doug, sometimes you can be so rude. Of course she can't go by cab! Come on, we'll all go.
Julie is putting up posters for her election campaign. Benito isn't terribly impressed but Julie says it will be great for Lassiter's to have her on the council!
When Julie has gone, Phil tells Madge that he's sorry to hear about her and Lou splitting up.
MADGE: Yeah...I'm going to have to give the ring back.
MADGE: Yeah. That'll really be the end of it, won't it?
Jim and Lou are talking. He thinks he is doing the right thing - trust is everything. Lou says he won't go to Queensland - but he'll have to hang on to the car yard and move out of Madge's place.
JIM: Surely not?
LOU: Mate, I have to. The way I feel about that lady, it'd drive me nuts being around her all the time.
JIM: So, where will you go?
LOU: Oh, doesn't matter much. Anywhere will do.
JIM: Well...I'm sorry, we're full up around here...
LOU: Oh, no, Jim, no, no, I'll find somewhere.
Doug is in quite good spirits. Pam thinks the living room is too dark in the flat and the kitchen is too small. Doug says it's fine!
PAM: I apologise for my husband's tactless behaviour, Jill.
JILL: That's OK, I like the flat. I think it'll suit me just fine.
DOUG: I knew you would! One night there and it'll feel like home. Why don't you pack up and move in tonight?
PAM: Doug!
DOUG: What? No time like the present!
PAM: Well, give the poor girl a chance to make up her mind, at least!
JILL: No, I've made up my mind, I'm going to take it.
DOUG:(elated) Right, then!
PAM:(cross) Tomorrow's soon enough. I'll give you a hand to pack tonight.
DOUG: No, not tonight, we're going out!
PAM: Where?
DOUG: You and me, a nice, quiet, romantic dinner for two! I've planned it for ages!
PAM: Doug, what's this sudden obsession you've got with surprising people all the time?!
DOUG: I just thought you'd like it!
PAM: It's a lovely thought. I think it would be even lovelier if we invite Jill to say thank you for all her help!
JILL: Oh, no, I'll be fine. Look, I can use the time to pack, and I'm really tired. So I'll get an early night and head off in the morning.
DOUG: See, it's OK, Jill's not offended!
JILL: You two go out and have a wonderful evening. I insist! I want to stay home.
DOUG: Go on, hun, go and get ready.
JILL: You deserve a romantic evening out together!
Pam goes off to the bedroom.
DOUG:(hostile) I want you out of here first thing in the morning! And out of my life forever!
JILL: Don't worry, Doug, I can take a hint. No matter how unsubtle.
Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and tells Benito that he's not moving to Queensland after all, so he has to call off the car yard deal. Benito tells him it's too late - the deal is already signed. It's going to be "ALESSI AUTOS".
No.26 (driveway)
Julie and Hannah are delivering leaflets. Julie tells Dorothy that she's running for council as a free- thinking independent. Dorothy laughs and asks what Julie's policies are. She says she represents the "ordinary people of Erinsborough". Dorothy says she's not nervous at all - she takes some of Julie's leaflets and puts them in the bin!
Madge asks Benito to tear up the papers for the car yard sale. Benito says it's too late - the bank's involved now and the finance is very complicated. Jim tells Madge that Lou is thinking about moving out of her place.
Pam and Doug come in looking dressed up. Jim greets them uncertainly.
Car Yard
Lou is closing up the car yard looking depressed. He looks around the forecourt and then locks the office. He looks very sad.
Jim is having a drink with Doug and Pam. He then decides to go home. There's a phonecall for Doug.
DOUG: Hello, Doug Willis?
Jill is in Doug's bed wearing her black negligee and drinking a glass of wine.
JILL: You've got *such* a big bed, Doug.
DOUG: Jill, what's going on?
JILL: I'm having a party of my own, Doug. In your bed. I wish you were here.
DOUG: Just what are you playing at?
JILL: Oh, I don't know what they're called, but I've just had half a bottle.
DOUG: What? This is stupid.
JILL: And if you don't hurry home to me real soon, I'm going to take the other half.
DOUG: You really don't think that I'm going to fall for something like this?
Jill has passed out and drops the phone.
DOUG: Jill?!
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