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Neighbours Episode 1808 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1808
Australian airdate: 11/11/92
UK airdate: 19/10/93
UK Gold: 06/10/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Rhonda: Brianne Cuthbert
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen is having a clear out for Marco's garage sale. She shows Debbie a book she found in the garage, "Dinosaurs and Computers" but she's never seen it before. Marco comes in and picks up the stuff. Debbie asks exactly when tey're off to London, but Marco doesn't know.
When Marco has gone, Helen says that Debbie could try to have a look at Rick's tickets, so they know when to book.
Stephen is brooding over a drink. Madge comes over and chats to him. She talks to him about Phoebe, and he tells her about the Todd not approving factor.
At the bar, Lou tells Madge that Benito has signed the sale papers, so he'll be able to give her investment back soon. She probes to ask if anything else is going on.
Beth comes in looking for Gaby, but she's already gone home.
When they have all gone, Madge gets on the phone to the Escort Agency.
Coffee Shop
Toby and Debbie think Phoebe is mad for dumping Stephen.
PHOEBE: All I'm interested in is my baby, I don't need a man.
DEBBIE: You could have him as a friend.
TOBY: Come on, Phoebe, you don't want to be alone for the rest of your life.
PHOEBE: Don't tell me what I want, Toby.
Cathy agrees with Toby, saying Phoebe should listen to her heart. Phoebe says that's exactly what she's doing.
Cameron is pushing around some ideas for newspaper articles. Beth comes in looking very upset, so Cameron makes himself scarce. Beth tells Gaby what happened with Cooper.
BETH: He said he'll drop the charges against Brad if I sleep with him.
GABY: That jerk! You'll have to report him!
BETH: I don't see how I can.
GABY: Beth, I have had a guy trying to pressure me into having sex with him, it's harrassment! You can't let him get away with it.
BETH: If I report him, it might make things worse for Brad.
GABY: Pfft.
BETH: Promise me you won't say anything, Gaby?
GABY: You can't just ignore it, you have to do *something*...
BETH: Yeah, I have to do something.
GABY: Beth, you're not thinking of going along with it - you can't!
BETH: Well, it would get Brad off the hook...
GABY: No! It's not the answer!
Just then, Brad comes in.
GABY: Beth, please tell him.
BRAD: Tell me what?
BETH: The video shop's got that new movie you were talking about. It's in their window.
Brad suggests they hire it for tonight.
Car yard
Rhonda turns up at the car yard and fawns all over Lou. Lou is very uncomfortable and wriggles away. Luckily for him, the phone rings at that moment and Lou excuses himself.
Rick and Debbie are studying. She tries to look in Rick's bag for the tickets but can't find them.
Cathy isn't sure about Marco selling all his stuff.
Rick tells Debbie that he wishes she was coming to London with her. She tells him to keep wishing in case it comes true! When he goes to get her a drink, she grabs the tickets from Rick's bag and puts them under her files.
GABY: Hi, are you alone?
BRAD: Yeah.
GABY: Good. Can we talk?
BRAD: Sure!
GABY: Now, Brad, I'm going to tell you something, but you've got to keep your cool, OK?
GABY: I'm not really supposed to be telling you this.
BRAD: Perhaps you'd better not, then, eh?
GABY: I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not. In a way, I'm betraying a friend. But on the other hand...
BRAD: Gab, why don't you just spit it out and worry later?
GABY: Alright.
She is hesitant.
BRAD: Come on, tell me.
GABY: It's about Mick Cooper.
BRAD: What about him?
GABY: He is a nasty piece of work, Brad.
BRAD: Why do you reckon I hit him?
GABY: Beth ran into him today.
BRAD: Yeah, I know, I was there.
GABY: No, no, no, another time.
BRAD: Yeah? She never told me.
GABY: For a reason. Mick says he'll drop the charges against you...if Beth goes to bed with him.
BRAD: Oh, what?
He looks very angry.
GABY: Now, Brad, just take it easy...
BRAD: I didn't hit him hard enough, did I! Now he's really going to cop it!
GABY: Brad, calm down, you touch him again and you will be in massive trouble!
BRAD: I told him, no- one touches my girlfriend.
He storms out of the house.
GABY:(calling after him) Brad!
BRAD:(angrily) He's dead!
Brad bangs loudly on the door of No.32 (everyone is in bed). Beth staggers to the door in her dressing- gown.
BRAD: Is it true? Did that animal bribe you to sleep with him?
GABY: Beth, I'm sorry, I thought he should know.
BETH: I'm not telling you anything until you calm down and keep your voice down. You'll wake the neighbours!
Cameron comes out and Beth tells him and Brad what happened with Cooper.
BRAD: Right, that's it, I'm going to kill him!
CAMERON: Hey! You'll do no such thing!
BRAD: He's not getting away with that!
CAMERON: He's already got you on an assault charge! You lay one finger on him, you'll end up in jail!
BRAD: Well, if he lays one finger on Beth, he's going to end up in an ambulance!
GABY: Brad, calm down!
BETH: It doesn't matter. He's only been throwing his weight around making noises, there's no harm done.
Cameron sits Brad down and says they have to talk it through rationally.
No.22, the following morning
Toby has come to help Marco with his garage sale. Rick is looking for his airline tickets in his bag, but he can't find them. He's panicking. Cathy tells him to calm down. Rick accuses Toby, but he insists he hasn't had them.
RICK: How are we meant to get to London without plane tickets?!
No.22 (Garage)
Lou and Madge are poking through the garage sale items. Madge encourages Lou to go to the car yard in case there are "important customers"(!)
Phoebe is also poking through the items, and Toby asks her about Stephen again. She tells him to drop it.
Cameron and Gaby turn up, but nobody can find anything to buy. Except Phoebe, who looks at "Dinosaurs and Computers" with interest and buys it for 50c. Cathy offers Phoebe a cup of tea.
Brad has calmed down now. Beth points out that Brad has been going off the deep end lately - she thinks he's changed. He says he hasn't changed.
BRAD: If I get upset about Cooper trying to race you off, it's only because I love you.
BETH:(pleased) You do?
BRAD: Heaps. And I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. Especially that parasite.
They kiss.
Gaby and Cameron come in with a feather duster and a garden gnome they bought in the garage sale.
Cathy and Phoebe are having a cup of tea.
CATHY: How are you feeling?
PHOEBE: I'm looking forward to seeing my daughter, holding her in my arms.
CATHY: What about Stephen? Any more thoughts?
PHOEBE: I did like him, but I still love Todd. I don't want to do anything he wouldn't approve of.
CATHY: Perhaps you shouldn't put so much store in that clairvoyant.
PHOEBE: She couldn't make contact. Todd can't be happy about Stephen and I, or he would have let me know somehow.
CATHY: I just hope you're not jumping to the wrong conclusion.
Toby comes in and looks at "Dinosaurs and Computers". When he opens the book, a piece of paper falls out, with Todd's handwriting on it. It's a song.
PHOEBE: 'My love has gone, my life begins in you. My love belonged to yesterday, the future is for you.' He *does* like Stephen!
TOBY: How do you figure that?
PHOEBE: Don't you see? I wanted a sign, or a message, and this is it, it couldn't be clearer! I have to find Stephen, I hope it's not too late!
She dashes off.
Coffee Shop
Helen and Debbie have taken care of all their travel arrangements. She tells Debbie she'd better return the plan tickets to Rick quickly - and secretly. Debbie dashes off.
Helen sees Rhonda and calls out to her.
RHONDA: Have we met?
HELEN: Helen Daniels. (Lowering her voice) We spent a night together in a cell!
RHONDA: I remember! You and that other old duck. Dorothy, wasn't it?
HELEN:(put out) Yes, that's right. How have you been keeping?
RHONDA: Terrific! You'll never guess what. I'm off the streets!
HELEN: Truly? What line of business are you in now?
RHONDA: I've gone up in the world. I'm with an agency.
HELEN: An agency?
RHONDA: Escort agency. It's good money, and you get to meet all different kinds of clients. It's strictly legit, of course.
HELEN: Oh, I'm very impressed(!)
RHONDA: It's a whole new ball game. Oh, I could tell you stories that would make you blush! Except I can't hang round. I've got one waiting at the Waterhole!
Helen laughs politely.
HELEN: Alright. Nice seeing you again.
RHONDA: Same here. Good hunting!
When Rhonda has gone, Lou comes over and asks Helen who she is - she's been into the car yard a couple of times.
LOU: Can you tell me anything about her?
HELEN: Quite a lot, as a matter of face.
Rick is still looking for his airline tickets with the help of Toby and Marco. Debbie comes in and offers to "help". She quickly puts them under a book in the kitchen. Twenty seconds later, Cathy finds them. Debbie smiles.
RICK: Yes! London here I come!
Debbie asks Rick where he's staying in London and they go off to Rick's bedroom to talk.
Toby goes over to Cathy.
TOBY: Mrs Alessi...do you think Phoebe's alright?
CATHY: Oh, I think she's just a bit mixed up.
TOBY: Well, I've worked out when Todd wrote that song. It's when Phoebe was going out with Josh. It's got nothing to do with Stephen!
CATHY: Well...don't try too hard to find logical explanations. Let's just hope that Stephen and Phoebe can be happy.
Coffee Shop
Stephen has moved his brooding to the Coffee Shop. Phoebe comes in. She tells him she's been to the record shop to tell him that Todd approves of them going out - she's had a message.
PHOEBE: You do still want us to be friends?
STEPHEN: Of course I do.
Marco comes round with a hairdryer for Beth (if she'll pay $5!) as Gaby mentioned she didn't have her own. She is very cool with him and calls him a creep.
BETH: Don't you know the trouble Brad's in because of you?
MARCO: Now, hang on...
BETH: No, you listen to me, you sleaze! First you impersonate Brad so you can be seduced by some model, then when Mick Cooper turns up on the warpath, you're too much of a wimp to own up! So now Brad has to go to court.
MARCO: Look, I tried to warn him...
BETH: Oh, garbage, you did nothing. And now you're trying to rip off money from everyone in this street by selling your stupid junk!
MARCO: Beth, you've got it all wrong.
BETH: Oh, crawl back in your hole, Marco. Do us all a favour and stay there.
Lou comes in and goes over to Rhonda at the bar. She says she's been stood up, but she's glad to see Lou. He asks her if she's ever going to buy a car. She comes on to Lou again, but he pushes her off.
LOU: Cut it out, Rhonda, I know the deal. You're not after a car. You're from an escort agency.
RHONDA: But who...?
LOU: Don't try and deny it. Now, what I don't know yet, but you're going to tell me is...who hired you?
RHONDA: I can't tell you that.
LOU: Rhonda, do me a favour. Look, selling used cars is a dog- eat- dog business. Now, some of my competitors would do anything to discredit me. What I want to know is, which one of them is into the dirty tricks? Was it Phil Friendly?
LOU: Rhonda, give me a break, will you? You did your part. But I told you right from the start that I was in a relationship and I don't fool around. Now which one of the blokes was it?
RHONDA: It wasn't a bloke.
LOU: Eh?
RHONDA: It was a woman.
LOU: Oh, that can't be right.
RHONDA: Lou, I do know the difference(!)
LOU: That doesn't make sense. What does she look like?
RHONDA: She was middle- aged, blonde hair, and she had this gravelly voice.
Lou jolts with recognition.
LOU: Oh, don't tell me...
RHONDA: Anyone you know?
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