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Neighbours Episode 1807 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1806 - 1808>>
Episode title: 1807
Australian airdate: 10/11/92
UK airdate: 18/10/93
UK Gold: 05/10/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Agi Romanov: Marian Dimmick
Mick Cooper: Bruce Stadus
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
JILL: Well? What do you think of the job we've done?
DOUG: Fine.
PAM: I thought you'd be thrilled to have all those annoying little jobs out of the way!
DOUG: I am. Of course I am, hun.
JILL: Well, it was a lot of fun. Pam and I found we had *so* much to talk about.
DOUG: Mmm.
Jill makes them a coffee.
PAM: She's *fantastic* to have around the place, been a great help.
Doug answers the phone to Lou.
DOUG: Well, thanks, Lou. Yeah, I know all about it.
Jill smiles, smugly.
DOUG: No, I didn't know either. But I mean to find out.
No.30 (garden)
Phoebe is going to go and see Madame Zolga, the psychic that Melanie used to see. Dorothy thinks lots of psychics are charlatans. There might be something in it, perhaps, but she doesn't think they Phoebe dabble with it.
DOROTHY:(gently) I really think it's time to let Todd go. Get on with your life.
PHOEBE: That's what I'm trying to do. I want to talk to him about Stephen. See if it's alright with him.
DOROTHY: You have to make your own decisions now. You can't live your life depending on what Todd may or may not have wanted.
Apparently Madame Zolga wants a personal object of Todd's, so Phoebe is going to use a ring.
Ramsay Street
Brad heads over to No.32 looking for Cameron but he isn't there. Beth invites him in instead.
Pam and Doug are very lovey- dovey and saying how much they are glad to see each other. When Pam has gone into the bedroom, Doug turns on Jill.
DOUG: What the hell do you think you're up to? I want you out of here, quick smart!
JILL: That's not a very pleasant attitude, Doug! Not after all the help I've given Pam.
DOUG: You're here to cause trouble, aren't you?
JILL: Trouble?
DOUG: With my marriage.
JILL: I don't think I need to do that. Your marriage is in enough trouble by itself.
DOUG: What do you mean?
JILL: Well, from what I've seen here, it's pretty clear that it's on the rocks. Your wife's got the hots for Jim Robinson, didn't you know?
DOUG: That's not true, you're a liar.
Pam comes in from the bedroom with laundry and senses an atmosphere. Jill covers saying Doug was just admiring the decor again.
PAM: Never underestimate a woman, Douggie!
She goes through to the utility room.
DOUG: Don't worry, I won't.
Coffee Shop
Stephen isn't sure about Madame Zolga - she might be a fake. Phoebe is not happy, but Stephen says it's not up to him. But he doesn't want to see Phoebe hurt again. He realises she wants to ask Todd if they should be together. Stephen asks if he can be there to look after Phoebe, but she doesn't want him to be.
Brad and Beth are kissing when Cameron comes in. Brad tells Cameron that he's being sued for assault. Cameron says if Brad used unreasonable force, Cooper could win! Cameron will give Brad the number of a friend who is a lawyer. He isn't sure Brad will win though - there's a difference between truth and justice.
No.28 (Pam and Doug's bedroom)
Pam has got her new lingerie on, but Doug is distracted. He tells her he's just tired.
PAM: Doug...I've really missed you.
DOUG: Have you?
PAM: Course I have. What do you mean by that?
DOUG: Nothing, nothing.
PAM: Look, Doug, I know we were out of sorts with each other before you went away, but surely you've got over that? I have. I just want to forget it.
DOUG: Yeah, sure, so do I.
PAM: Well, then.
He gets into bed. Pam tries again to cuddle up to him, but he again says he's too tired.
(Later that night)
Doug wakes up and puts on his dressing gown, being quiet so as not to wake Pam up. He goes out into the kitchen to see what's in the fridge. Suddenly he realises that Jill is sitting in the lounge - in a black negligee.
JILL: I couldn't sleep. Thought you probably couldn't either.
DOUG:(hostile) How do you expect me to sleep, with you in the house.
JILL: Sshh, you don't want to wake Pam, do you?
DOUG: I want you out of here tomorrow morning!
JILL:(putting her hands on his chest) Doug, you don't really mean that.
DOUG: Like hell I don't! Keep away from me! Jill, I swear, if you keep on like this, I'll tell Pam everything!
JILL: I wish you would! Nothing would send her into Jim Robinson's arms quicker. Make the way clear for us. Come on, Doug, you know you want me!
DOUG: I don't! Get the blazes out of here!
The door opens and Brad comes in. He's pleased to see that Doug is home and greets him happily. Doug explains that neither he or Jill could sleep. Brad goes off to bed.
JILL: Brad has wonderful timing, doesn't he?
Doug goes back to his room without another word.
No.26, the following morning
Phoebe comes round to see Jim early. She asks him if she can borrow his house for the morning to have a seance. She thinks it'll be easier if it's held in a place where Todd lived. Jim is rather stunned(!)
JIM: Aren't you supposed to be at school?
PHOEBE: This is a lot more important.
JIM: Well...I suppose it'll be alright. Julie will be out most of the morning, and I can fill in some time at the Waterhole.
Phoebe is delighted and thanks him. She heads off, leaving Jim looking uncertain.
Outside No.30
Jim follows Phoebe out into the street with the key for the front door so she can get in. Dorothy is getting her post from the box and is surprised. Dorothy tells Jim that she does know about the seance - but maybe it'll put her mind at rest about Todd. The medium does have a good reputation - but Phoebe is also vulnerable. All they can do is keep their fingers crossed.
On his way back to the house, Jim says a cursory 'Good Morning' to Pam.
Brad and Doug are talking about the court case. Pam heads off to work, offering Brad a lift to the lawyer on the way. This leaves Doug and Jill alone at the breakfast table.
JILL: Seems we have the house to ourselves. Would you like some coffee?
DOUG:(hostile) I'm going out. And when I come back, this afternoon, I want you gone!
JILL: You don't really mean that, Doug.
DOUG:(taking her by the shoulders) I mean it! I want you gone! Out of my house, out of my life! Understand?!
She nods, and Doug stalks out, slamming the door behind him.
Phoebe and the medium are talking. She gives her Todd's ring and she says she can sense a very nice young man who loved Phoebe very much. Also, that he had a traumatic childhood with his father. Phoebe is encouraged, but the medium says that speaking to Todd's spirit will be very different.
MEDIUM: Let's just sit quietly. If Todd's spirit is here, and he wishes to use me as a channel for communication, he will. Just meditate with me, and think of Todd.
She lies back on the settee and Phoebe looks a bit unsure.
Coffee Shop
Brad hasn't got good news from his lawyer - he's unlikely to win. Cooper comes in and mocks Brad. Beth tells him to cool it. When he starts to taunt Beth, Brad goes for him, but Beth holds him back.
COOPER: See you in court...Bradley!
Beth tells Brad that she doesn't know what's got into him lately - she's never known him to be so aggro. She's going to support him though.
The medium can't contact Todd. She explains that she's called to him and opened herself as wide as possible, but nothing.
PHOEBE: Please, keep trying.
MEDIUM: I don't think there's any point. I don't even sense anyone *trying* to get through.
PHOEBE: What do you think's wrong?
MEDIUM: Well, maybe Todd just simply doesn't want to be contacted.
PHOEBE: Why wouldn't he want to be?
MEDIUM: Can't say. Who knows? Maybe he's feeling a little out of sorts about something? Spirits can be a little unpredictable at times.
Phoebe looks worried.
Doug comes in and Jim is surprised to see him back. He observes that Doug looks a bit down in the dumps and asks if everything is OK with Pam. Doug says that he heard Jim kept Pam company while he was away. Jim is surprised to hear that Jill is moving out today. Jim also explains that he can't go home because Phoebe is holding a seance in his living room.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy sees Phoebe and the medium coming out of No.26. The medium drives off.
Phoebe sighs and heads home.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, whatever happened today, don't let it distress you.
PHOEBE: Nothing happened. Todd didn't want to talk to me, he's obviously angry with me.
DOROTHY: Why on earth should he be?
PHOEBE: Because of Stephen.
Beth tells Cameron what happened at the Coffee Shop between Brad and Cooper. Beth wonders why Brad is being so aggro lately - she's worried that he is quick to lose his temper now. Brad comes in and tells Cameron he's sorry he didn't flatten Cooper today!
Doug arrives home to find that Jill is not only still there, she's teaching Pam how to make paella(!)
DOUG:(to Jill) I'm surprised to see you're still here.
PAM: Doug!
JILL: No, it's OK, Pam, I know what Doug means. I told him this morning I thought I might be on to a flat, but unfortunately it fell through. Hope you can put up with me for a while longer.
Doug glowers at her.
DOUG: I'm sorry, but we're a bit crowded.
PAM: What are you talking about? Gaby's gone, there's still the same number of people here! For heaven's sake, Doug, what's the matter?
DOUG: I guess I'm still tired.
PAM: Well, no need to take it out on Jill. (To Jill) You're welcome to stay here as long as you like, don't take any notice of him.
JILL: I'm not offended. I know Doug. I know what a loving person he can be.
Lassiter's Lake
Phoebe is walking Bouncer when Stephen catches up with her.
PHOEBE: Todd and I used to come here a lot.
STEPHEN: Phoebe...I got the idea that things didn't go so well today.
PHOEBE: Stephen, I can't see you any more.
STEPHEN: You've really made up your mind about that?
PHOEBE: Yeah. ...Sorry.
STEPHEN: So am I, Phoebe. Very sorry. I won't bother you again.
He walks away.
Coffee Shop
Cooper comes in and starts hassling Beth again. He grabs her arm and she pushes him off. She says there's no point suing Brad - he hasn't got any money, and Cooper got what he deserved anyway.
BETH: Why don't you just drop it?
COOPER: I might...if you come to the party.
BETH: What do you want me to do?
COOPER:(lecherously) Guess. All you have to do...is be verrrry nice to me, and your boyfriend's off the hook. What do you say? Solve a lot of problems for him, wouldn't it?
Beth looks disgusted.
<<1806 - 1808>>
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