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Neighbours Episode 1806 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1806
Australian airdate: 09/11/92
UK airdate: 15/10/93
UK Gold: 04/10/99
Writer: Rod Zielinski
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cathy confronts Marco over the Coffee Shop books - has he been dipping into the till in order to repay his debt to Benito?
Marco admits that he "borrowed" the money and intends to pay it back. Cathy says he could go to jail if Madge notices and reports it! After a while, she calms down.
CATHY: OK, so, Madge doesn't know. Lucky for you. Only the solicitor and me.
MARCO: Yeah, but the new owner's bound to find out now.
CATHY: The new owner knows.
MARCO: But you just said, only the solicitor and you...you bought the Coffee Shop?
Pam is trying to get the decorating finished so she can go and pick up Doug from the airport. She thanks Jill for helping her with the decorating.
PAM: Do you reckon he'll go for the changes around the old homestead?
JILL: Course he will. There may be a few changes he'll try to resist, but he'll come round, eventually.
Pam wants to have a shower and get changed, but Jill bustles her out of the door saying there's no time.
PAM: I can't wait to see his face when he walks in!
She closes the door behind her.
JILL: He's in for a surprise, alright!
Cathy says that they'll have to pay the $4000 back without Madge finding out. Marco thanks her profusely and says he will pay it back in time. Cathy makes him promise not to do such a thing again - and not to tell Benito about her buying it. He should say that Cathy has a job at the Coffee Shop, nothing more for now.
Jill is finishing off the decorating. Brad opens the door to Lou who teases him about his recent fight. Lou offers to pick Doug up from the airport, but Jill informs him that Pam has already left.
LOU: Jill. I'd have thought you'd have found a place of your own by now, the market being what it is, there's plenty to choose from.
JILL: I haven't really been looking Lou, Pam's made me so welcome here, she won't hear of me leaving.
Lou nods at her, but doesn't say anything. Instead, he tells Brad to get Doug to call him at the car yard, the minute he gets in.
Helen and Phil are washing up when Debbie comes in. They break the news that Helen is going to pay for her to go to London - and they're going to tell Julie that they're on holiday at the Bungle Bungles(!) They'll keep it quiet for now though - just between the three of them.
Marco is inspecting Brad's board that was bitten by the shark. Gaby moans about the statue of Frank, the Native American, and tells Marco to get rid of him. Marco teases Brad about the fight again and Gaby says the guy deserved everything he got. Brad and Marco stagger out with Frank the statue.
Brad and Marco stagger in with Frank the statue and position it in the living room. Rick answers the phone again - it's a guy for Marco. Marco takes the call and tells them that he doesn't have any more money for them.
Car yard
Benito tells Lou that he'll definitely have the finance for the car yard. He will take a business loan to cover anything unexpected. He'll keep Alec on to run the business. He claims that Cathy is behind him 100% and lets him make all the important decisions(!) He chauvinistically says that women need the help of men in business(!)
Marco is sorting out his stuff to sell. Cathy is appalled and asks what's going on. He says he needs spending money for London.
Debbie asks Marco if he's looking forward to seeing Michael Jackson. He says he's not bothered. She goes over to Rick and asks if she could still go to the concert if she did make it to London. Rick says that would be fine, but there's not chance of it. Debbie smiles to herself.
Phil is convincing Julie to let Helen take Debbie to the Bungle Bungles. Julie wonders if Hannah will feel left out, but Helen says it's a bit remote and basic for a younger child. Also, Debbie has had a hard time with the Michael situation recently. Julie is offended and says she can't do anything right.
When she's stalked off, Helen says that maybe they should tell her the truth. Phil says they can't, or Julie will shut it down.
No.22 (Garage)
Marco is pricing up his stuff to sell, including Frank the statue. Gaby comes by and Marco asks her to put up an advert for his garage sale at the Waterhole.
Benito comes in and says that he can't sell Frank the statue as he was a gift from his uncle. Marco points out that he needs the money, so Benito buys it off him(!)
When Benito has gone, Marco shoves a piece of paper up the statue.
Lou pops round to see if Doug is back yet. Jill has cleared up.
JILL: So, what do you think of the job we've done?
LOU: Oh, you've done a job alright...
JILL: Lou, if you tell me what it is you want Doug to know, I could tell him for you if I see him first.
LOU: No, I'm sure Doug would rather hear this news from me.
He sits down.
LOU: So, you and Pam get on well, eh?
JILL: Oh, like sisters. We share everything.
LOU: Pam and Doug are a cute couple, aren't they? Very devoted to each other.
JILL: Oh, well, when a couple have been together as long as they have...life can get dull, predicatable.
LOU: Pam and Doug don't think that way.
JILL: I'm not so sure. Men especially get a roving eye, they're on the lookout for a bit of variety and spice.
LOU: A fling, maybe. At worst a one night stand. Nothing serious, though.
JILL: A one night stand could turn into something serious.
LOU: A man like Doug, a good family man. He wouldn't risk his marriage on a one- off.
JILL: No telling what a man might do for love, Lou.
Lou gives her a long look and leaves without another word.
Pam and Doug are having a drink and have ordered food. Doug says he can't wait to get Pam home.
PAM: No, we can't go.
DOUG: Why not? (Like a caveman) Woman, come(!)
But Pam wants to have lunch first.
Benito comes in and greets Doug. He asks Doug to give him a hand outside. Gaby comes over and is pleased to see Pam is so happy that Doug's home. Doug and Benito stagger through with Frank the statue and install him by the bar, much to Gaby's consternation.
A policeman comes round to talk to Brad about the fight at the Coffee Shop - "Mr Cooper" is pressing assault charges.
Julie asks Debbie if she wants to go to the Bungle Bungles with Helen and she joyfully accepts. Julie is upset and says Debbie can't wait to get away from her.
JULIE: Look at the mess I made with Michael. You'd all be better off without me.
PHIL: That's ridiculous. I want you to stop talking like that.
JULIE: You and Gran have a natural way with the kids. Me, I try, but nothing I do seems to work out the way it should. I don't think I'm cut out to be a mother. And it's the only thing I ever wanted to be really good at.
PHIL: Julie...you're my wife, and I love you. And Debbie accepts you as her mother, and she loves you too.
JULIE: Do you think so?
PHIL: I know she does.
He hugs her.
JULIE: Then why is she so miserable to be here with me? So happy to go away with Gran?
Phil looks conflicted.
Cathy says she's spoken to the new owner of the Coffee Shop, but only on the phone. Benito asks what his name is, but Cathy says she doesn't know. She says she's been asked to take over the business while Marco is overseas. Benito says they'll talk about it later.
Coffee Shop
Marco tells Rick that he needs to sell his stuff to get out of debt. Brad comes in and says the police have been around - but there isn't enough to make an assault charge stick. But Brad has got a call from a solicitor - Cooper is suing Brad for damages. He wants Marco and Rick to stand up in court and testify it was self- defence. Rick is ready and willing, but Marco looks less sure.
Doug and Pam have arrived home. Doug has his eyes shut at Pam's request.
PAM: No peeking!
DOUG: The suspense is killing me!
PAM: You ready?
DOUG: I'm ready, already!
PAM: Ta- da!
DOUG: After all that build- up, I'm afraid to look!
He finally looks and is very surprised at the redecoration job - he loves it!
DOUG: Look at all the work you've put into this!
PAM: You have *no* idea! Do you like the colours?
DOUG: Beaut!
PAM: And the new material?
DOUG: Great taste! So, this is what you've been up to while I've been away!
PAM: I don't know what came over me!
DOUG: I can't get over how much you've accomplished!
PAM: Well, I didn't do it all on my own...
DOUG: Oh, Brad helped out, did he?
PAM: No, no!
Jill has come out of her bedroom.
PAM: Jill did.
JILL: Hello, Doug.
Doug is dumbfounded.
DOUG: ...What are you doing here?
JILL: Didn't Pam tell you? I'm living here now.
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