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Neighbours Episode 1805 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1805
Australian airdate: 06/11/92
UK airdate: 14/10/93
UK Gold: 01/10/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick is on the phone to the radio station, telling them there's been a terrible mistake. Fortunately, they are fine about it, and Rick has won. Rick is chuffed - he's going to London - concert, accommodation and all expenses thrown in!
RICK: So, Debs, are you coming?!
DEBBIE: Me, go to London?
RICK: Why not?! Between us we could carve up the streets?
DEBBIE: London? Just try and stop me!
They hug, excitedly.
Car Yard
Lou is telling Benito that it will break his heart to sell the car yard and the price is a steal. Benito asks him for a discount price as he's a good neighbour, but Lou says the price is already rock bottom. He does say that he'll give Benito first refusal though.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe comes in with Stephen - they've been to a movie. Marco laughs at their vampire clothes and tells Phoebe that Stephen runs a very trendy record store in Anson's Corner. Phoebe tells Stephen that she's always been a weirdo - but now she's not sure anymore. They laugh, and are getting on well.
Rick is telling Cathy and Benito about the trip to London. Cathy is on his side and Benito finally relents. But he is less keen when he says he's asked Debbie to go too. Rick insists that they'd be responsible and he's already asked Debbie. Benito says no, and that's final.
Julie tells Debbie she can't go to London with Rick, although Phil is on her side.
JULIE: Before long he'll be jumping into bed with you, and then where will you be.
DEBBIE: In bed, I guess!
Debbie assures Julie that she can be trusted, although Jim thinks Rick does have a history of irresponsibility. Phil and Helen support Debbie though.
Coffee Shop
Marco is on the phone to someone saying he "hasn't got it". He puts the phone down and turns back to Stephen and Phoebe who are about to pay. Marco asks Stephen if he wants to buy a drum- kit - Stephen could sell it in his shop. Stephen says he can put a notice up in his shop.
Dorothy tells Phoebe that she's impressed with Stephen and suggests that they have a cup of tea.
DOROTHY: Phoebe...now that you've got to know him, how do you feel about Stephen?
PHOEBE: I like him a lot.
DOROTHY: I thought so. That troubles you, doesn't it?
PHOEBE: I feel like I'm being unfaithful to Todd.
DOROTHY: Forget the tea, for the moment. Let's talk. I can see that Stephen makes you happy when you're with him. I should think Todd would be well satisfied with that.
PHOEBE: This is happening too quickly.
DOROTHY: There are no set rules and regulations about how long we have to mourn the dead. Don't let anyone try to lay down the law to you about this. You must go with your feelings, because they're good. And they're healthy for a young person like you.
PHOEBE: I still feel the same way about Todd.
DOROTHY: Course you do, and you always will. The only thing that will change as time goes by is that it won't hurt quite so badly. But the memory will be there just the same. Don't let it prevent you enjoying this lovely friendship that's blossoming between you and Stephen. Todd is dead, Stephen is alive. It's time to move forward.
Rick tells Debbie that he doesn't want to go to London without Debbie - it wouldn't be any fun without her. Marco comes in and asks why they're looking so glum. Debbie tells him about Rick winning the competition, but that they can't go together.
Helen is painting in the kitchen. She tells Phil that she thinks that Debbie should go to London, and that he should put his foot down with Julie. She says she could go along with them, as a sort of chaperone. She could see her old friends and look after Debbie and Rick. It's a trip of a lifetime for them.
Cathy isn't happy that Benito wants to use their house money to buy the car yard. He says he wouldn't need to if she hadn't given all the spaghetti sauce money to charity.
The phone rings and it's Phil, asking to come over.
Phoebe is talking to Debbie about Stephen. She's not sure about it all, but Debbie thinks Dorothy is right - he could be the right friend for Phoebe until she gets her life back together again.
DEBBIE: Go for it, Phoeb, I would. You've got to grab every chance of happiness you can. Cos other people only try to take it away from you.
Julie, Phil, Cathy and Benito are discussing the London trip. Benito starts to come round when he hears Helen will go along, but Julie is unmoved. Cathy is on Phil's side.
CATHY: It's up to us to show these kids that we're willing to treat them like grown- ups. Instead of the little children we wish they still were.
JULIE: The minute Gran's back's turned, they'll be off, the pair of them. Getting into goodness knows what mischief.
PHIL: Rubbish.
JULIE: Philip, I don't care what you say. I will not give my permission for those two youngsters to go gallivating all over Europe!
CATHY: It's not Europe, it's just London.
JULIE: All the same.
BENITO: I agree with Julie.
JULIE: There, you see? And Benito's the kind of father that knows what he's talking about.
Phil sighs.
Lou is telling Jim about the woman that came on to him at the car yard. But he says he's an honourable man, and Madge has nothing to worry about. Lou asks Jim how he's getting on with Jill as he's been seeing a bit of her lately.
JIM: I could hardly avoid her, could I, she's my next- door neighbour.
LOU: What do you mean? We are talking about Jill Weir?
JIM: Yeah, she's staying with Pam while Doug's away.
Lou looks horrified.
LOU: She's what?!
JIM: Yeah, she and Pam are as thick as thieves. They're beavering away redecorating the house as a surprise for Doug.
LOU:(aghast) Jill has moved in with Pam?
JIM: Yeah, and Pam is very grateful for the company, I can tell you. Why?
LOU: Oh, nothing. Nothing.
Rick tells Cathy and Benito that he doesn't need a chaperone. Marco is very tired and decides to go straight to bed. Benito tells Marco that he needs a holiday - he should go to London with Rick. Rick is not entirely happy, but says he supposes it would be OK.
Lou is on the phone trying to get hold of Doug at his hotel in Queensland, but he's not there. Apparently he's checked out and is on his way back to Erinsborough!
LOU: He can't be coming back so soon.
No.30, the following morning
Phoebe tells Dorothy that it's a beautiful day, and she's decided to take Dorothy's advice about Stephen. She's going to "ask Todd" to see how he feels about it - through a medium and a seance. This wasn't quite what Dorothy had in mind(!)
Benito has rung Phil to tell him that Marco is going to London with Rick. Helen says that Debbie will be very disappointed, and she is a bit disappointed too. Helen says she has an idea - she wants to pay for Debbie to go to London with her, she'll pay for her hotel etc. Phil thinks it's too much and says that Julie doesn't agree. Helen says Julie doesn't have to know exactly where they're going(!)
Cathy asks Marco seriously where he got the money to pay Benito back. She knows he must have had extra income on top of his wages. He admits that he's taken our aonther loan. Cathy says he's lying - and she wants the truth. She's seen the Coffee Shop books and they don't balance. There is $4000 missing. And all since Marco started paying Benito back.
<<1804 - 1806>>
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