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Neighbours Episode 1810 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1809 - 1811>>
Episode title: 1810
Australian airdate: 13/11/92
UK airdate: 21/10/93
UK Gold: 08/10/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Noddy: Richard Piper
Dr De Silva: Robin Miller
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim tells Helen about Madge and Lou's broken engagement. Helen thinks it'll blow over, but Jim isn't so sure.
Phil comes in. Julie is ringing round people she knows asking for support in the council election.
In the kitchen, Hannah asks Debbie if she'll be riding horses in the Bungle Bungles. She moans that she wants to go too. Helen tells Hannah that she'll have a great time with Julie while they're away.
Doug and Pam rush in to find Jill passed out in their bed. Pam takes her pulse.
PAM: She's still alive, but it's very weak.
DOUG: What do you want me to do?
PAM: Grab her legs and pull her down flat.
Pam inserts something to Jill's mouth (to help her breathe) and tells Doug to call an ambulance.
PAM: Jill! Jill!
Rick and Marco are excited about going to London. Benito gives them several lists to check tonight. He congratulates Marco on his garage sale, now he'll have some spending money. Cathy tells them to be careful in London and they assure her they will. Rick goes to say goodbye to Debbie.
Rick tells Debbie that he'll miss her very much while he's away.
Jim comes in from the bedroom and opens the front door, informing them that there's an ambulance outside the Willis house.
Jill is rushed in on a gurney. Pam hands over the bottle of pills to the medics. Jim and Doug are also there.
JIM: Why on earth would she do something like that?
DOUG: No idea.
JIM: You and Pam have done so much for her...I thought she was starting to rebuild her life.
DOUG: Yeah, well, you can never tell with some people...
Helen and Madge are having a chat before she leaves for London.
MADGE: I suppose Jim's told you the bad tidings?
HELEN: Madge, I can scarcely believe it.
MADGE: Mmm, oh well, it's true, alright. I'm going up to Queensland and Lou is staying here, that way we won't have to bump in to each other all the time.
HELEN: Are you *sure* that's what you want?
MADGE: Oh, Helen, I wouldn't admit this to anyone else. But in the short term, it is going to be hell. I really care about the man. That sort of bounce about him, he loves life...but we've been having problems since the very beginning. It was bound to happen eventually, I suppose it's a good thing it's happened now.
HELEN: I'm so sorry.
MADGE: Oh, I'm not getting too depressed about it. I'm going to be in Queensland, near the kids, and that's going to be wonderful. And *you* have got to come and stay with me!
HELEN: Try and stop me! I'll be up to see you and little Daniel every chance I get.
MADGE: Great. See, it's...it's a double loss really. It's not just Lou, it's you and all the friends I've made here.
HELEN: You know, life...simply won't be the same without you next door.
MADGE: Thanks. I'm going to miss you.
Jim and Doug are waiting for news about Jill. The doctor comes out and tells Pam that they've pumped Jill's stomach and she's out of danger. She's also conscious, so Pam goes in to see her.
Hospital Room
PAM: Hi, Jill. Don't try to talk. I just wanted to let you know that Doug and I are both here for you.
Jill turns her head away.
PAM: Why would you do such a silly thing?!
Pam and Doug are having a bit of a row about Jill. He resents being blamed for throwing her out - he didn't even know she'd moved in until he got home! But he does admit he pushed her too hard.
PAM: Oh, Doug, whatever the reason, it's a decision Jill made by herself. We're certainly not to blame.
DOUG: I'm sorry, hun.
PAM: Yeah, so am I.
They hug.
Jim staggers out to the car with Helen and Debbie's luggage. Debbie and Helen are about to leave.
Ramsay Street
Jim is loading the suitcases into the car. Everyone hugs each other goodbye (Julie and Jim still think they're going to Bungle Bungles). Dorothy come over and she and Julie bicker about the council again.
Debbie and Helen are very excited about going to London. She hopes that Julie won't find out. Phil says to leave Julie to him. They say goodbye.
Benito takes Marco and Rick's suitcases out to the car. Marco gives Cathy instructions for the Coffee Shop. Marco answers the phone and tells someone that they can "accept it as they don't have much choice"
Rick, Marco, Benito and Cathy are chatting. Benito warns them to be careful in London. Suddenly, Benito recognises Helen.
Helen calls Debbie over - she has told the Alessis that their flight has been delayed, so they came over from the domestic terminal to say goodbye(!) They say goodbye and the Alessis head off towards security and Marco and Rick go through.
Helen and Debbie hide around the corner. They wait until Cathy and Benito leave, but Cathy is crying and Benito goes to get her a coffee.
HELEN: They're not budging.
DEBBIE: What are we going to do?
HELEN: I think I might have an idea.
Hospital Room
Doug has come to see Jill.
JILL: I knew you'd come.
DOUG: Of course. That's why you did it.
JILL: It worked, didn't it?!
DOUG: We've got to sort it out.
JILL: That's easy to do.
DOUG: Pam and I want to help you. She knows the people in the Crisis Centre, they'll call round to see you.
JILL: Pam and I. Sounds very cosy.
DOUG: It is. Pam and I love each other, Jill. I'm staying with her. Look, we won't leave you in the lurch. We'll talk to these people...
JILL:(angrily) I'm not some fly- by- night floozy, you know! What do you *want* from me?! What do I have to do to prove that I'm sincere?
DOUG: I don't need proof, Jill.
JILL: I *love* you, Doug! All I've done is try to show you.
DOUG: Ssshh.
JILL: Where is Pam?
DOUG: Outside with Doctor De Silva.
JILL: Can't we just see each other? It doesn't have to be every day.
DOUG: Jill, it won't work!
JILL: Yes, it *will*! I'm happy to compromise, it's better than nothing!
DOUG: Look, Pam and I are your friends. I don't have feelings for you that way at all. This thing is *over*. I'm sorry.
JILL:(quietly) I see.
DOUG: Please, try and understand.
JILL: And what if I won't accept it?
Helen and Debbie are still waiting for Cathy and Benito to depart so they can get through security without being seen.
An announcement comes over the tannoy: "Would Benito and Catherine Alessi of Erinsborough please come to the Federal Airport Corporation Information Desk on the first floor"
Benito and Cathy hear this and head off. Debbie and Helen rush through security in safety.
Departure Lounge
Rick and Marco are waiting to board. They're stunned when Debbie and Helen turn up and say they're coming to London too!
Hospital Room
Pam tells Jill that the doctor has said she's going to be fine. Also, she can move back in with Pam and Doug for as long as she likes.
JILL: What about Doug?
PAM: He wants what's best for you! So do I. We'll both be there for you whenever you need us.
JILL:(looking depressed) Thanks.
PAM: And there's some really good people you can talk to...about your son.
JILL: Ross is *not* my problem.
PAM: Look...I know how painful it's been for you. But, well, until you recognise what the problem is, you won't be able to deal with it.
JILL: Pam, I'm telling you, the problem is not my son. It's Doug and me.
Pam looks surprised.
JILL: We've been having an affair. We're lovers.
Pam takes this in.
Coffee Shop
Madge is showing Cathy the ropes. When she's gone, a man comes in and confronts Cathy in the kitchen. He tells her he's looking for Marco.
CATHY: He's not here.
He picks up a rolling pin.
MAN: Not here? In that case, *you'll* have to do.
<<1809 - 1811>>
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