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Neighbours Episode 1803 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1802 - 1804>>
Episode title: 1803
Australian airdate: 04/11/92
UK airdate: 12/10/93
UK Gold: 29/09/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Jackie: Bronwyn Jones
Tammy: Michelle McClatchy
Compere: Matt Hayden
April Kendall: Sara Broadway
Receptionist: Simone Locke
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou and Jim are playing pool. Lou says he's quite looking forward to the sunshine and beaches in Queensland. Cameron comes in and asks if there's a first aid kit - Brad has punched someone at the Coffee Shop.
Pam and Jill are reupholstering a chair.
JILL: Have you, um, given any more thought to Jim?
PAM: Pardon?
JILL: Well, he's obviously interested...I was just curious as to whether you'd going to do anything about it.
PAM: Come off it, Jill, I'm a married woman.
JILL: Sorry, just asking. Well, I...er...thought with Doug away...silly idea, forget it.
Brad comes in with Cameron, some ice held to Brad's head.
PAM: You've been fighting!
CAMERON: You should see the other guy, what a mess!
Pam is shocked. Brad says it's not a big deal and walks off. Cameron explains to Pam and Jill that a thug picked on Brad, and Brad went off the deep end.
PAM: Brad fighting? It just doesn't make sense.
Beth is getting excited about entering the Surf Queen competition and making a point about exploitation. Gaby is working on her swim suit.
Brad comes in, shortly followed by Cameron. Beth and Gaby are shocked that Brad has been fighting. Cameron explains that it was mistaken identity - it was Marco that got it on with the thug's girlfriend. Brad says it's not a big deal, but Cameron says Brad hit the other guy's tooth out!
GABY: Brad, you're a pacifist, you don't fight!
CAMERON: Seems he does, now! Let's hope we've heard the last of it.
Outside No.26
Jim is giving Helen a lift to the mall when Jill comes over. She talks to them about the brawl Brad was in. Helen gets in the car and Jill tells Jim how upset Pam is, saying things are getting on top of her. Jim looks concerned.
Cameron is trying to reason with Brad about the fight, but Brad says it was self- defence. Cameron says Brad could be charged with assault. Brad says he has Marco, Rick and Debbie as witnesses. Brad gets cross with Cameron, saying he's not the bad guy.
Car Yard
Lou wants Madge to hold on for more money for the Coffee Shop(!) She says it's all sorted. A real agent called Miss Kendall pops round to see Lou. He schmoozes her and tells her to have a good look around. Madge tells Lou that she is a share- holder and needs to be in on the negotiations. Lou pooh- poohs this.
Jim is going out. Helen asks if he's going to see Pam, but Jim is actually going to the Waterhole to meet Lou.
JIM: For the last time, as far as I am concerned, there is nothing going on between me and Pam!
He is very cross that Helen keeps going on about it and she apologises.
Jim and Lou are playing pool. Lou says he had a very successful meeting at the car yard this afternoon. Madge is not impressed at Lou flirting with Miss Kendall this afternoon. Lou says that spending time with a woman doesn't mean you're having an affair with her, and Jim wholeheartedly agrees!
Pam comes in and orders a bottle of wine. Jim asks how the redecoration is going. Pam admits that she's lonely without Doug, but that Jill is good company.
Cameron, Gaby, Beth and Brad are having dinner. Beth isn't eating much as she's "watching her figure". Brad is looking forward to the beauty contest tomorrow.
Gaby and Beth secretly giggle and go to try on Beth's costume.
Miss Surf Queen Competition (the following morning)
Gaby and Brad arrive. Some surfie bimbos are there and are sucking up to Brad. Tammy says he's not Brad, and also that she and the thug (Muscles) are history. Tammy realises that she's got it on with the wrong Brad(!)
Pam is feeling the pressure of the redecorating work. Jill is going on about Jim again. Pam says maybe Jill should go out with him(!) Jill says she's happy with her "mystery man" and Pam suggests they invite him over for dinner(!) Jill awkwardly says that he's often interstate on work. She changes the subject and suggests they go out for crepes instead.
Miss Surf Queen Competition
The girls are parading in swimsuits. Tammy and Jackie strut their stuff while Brad, Cameron and Gaby look on.
ANNOUNCER: Last, but definitely not the least, the very beautiful...Beth!
Beth comes out dressed in a black swimsuit. Brad looks stunned!
Jim mentions that he saw Pam at the Waterhole last night, and tells Helen is was coincidental. Jim is inspired to redecorate himself!
Jill pops round and asks Jim if he's busy this afternoon. She invites him to lunch. Jim doesn't really want to, but Helen encourages him to go.
JILL: I won't take no for an answer.
JIM: Alright, lunch it is.
Miss Surf Queen Competition
The girls are giving some rather lame speeches about protecting the environment(!) Jackie and Tammy bicker among themselves. Finally, Beth gives her speech, which is much better than anyone else's. The announcer letches all over Beth who cuts him dead. Finally he turns to Brad and asks who the winner is. Brad look worried.
Madge is ranting at Helen that Lou was flirting with the estate agent.
HELEN: You don't seriously think he's up to anything, do you?
MADGE: Well, no, but...
HELEN: Are you really doubting him, even after that incident with Narelle?
MADGE: Oh, Helen, I don't know. He's just so *flirty* lately. I mean, the bottom line is, should I marry Lou or not?
HELEN: Only one person can answer that. Look, as far as I know he loves you very much. How long has he been after you?
MADGE: Longer than I care to mention!
HELEN: He's agreed to go back to Queensland, so he must feel very strongly for you to agree to do that. It seems to me he wants to be with you very much.
MADGE: Oh, you're probably right. Pre- wedding jitters?
HELEN: Without a doubt. Oh, Madge, everything's going to be wonderful!
She invites Madge to stay for lunch.
Miss Surf Queen Competition
The competition is still going on. Brad has an envelope with the winner in it and a bunch of flowers. The announcer opens the envelope and Jackie has won. Tammy is not pleased.
Jackie makes her acceptance speech while Brad apologises to Beth. She's not mad though - especially as Brad has realised how awful these competitions are. But at least Gaby is pleased - she's had ten enquiries about her design for Beth's swimsuit!
Helen tells Madge that Jim is going on a date with Jill Weir, althought she did have to twist his arm. Madge is surprised, but Helen thinks Jill is lonely. They talk about Lou again.
HELEN: If you really feel that you can't trust him, you'll have to talk to him about it.
MADGE: You think I haven't tried? All I get is, 'I love you Madgie- poo, you're the only one for me'.
HELEN: Have you thought it might be the truth?
MADGE: Oh, I would love to think it was the truth. But I can't help thinking that it's some sort of sales spiel. Lou's got selling in his blood, he just can't help himself.
HELEN: You do have doubts, don't you?
MADGE: No, not doubts exactly but...when I see the way he carries on when there's a pretty woman around...
HELEN: Jealousy, then?
MADGE: No...
HELEN: Madge, men act differently when there's a pretty woman to be impressed, they just can't help it.
Jim comes in having put on a shirt for his lunch with Jill.
JIM: Is this alright?
HELEN:(to Madge) See what I mean? (To Jim) You look very nice.
JIM: I'm not sure this is a good idea.
HELEN: Course it's a good idea. Now off you go, and don't keep that poor girl waiting!
MADGE: Enjoy yourself!
When he's gone, Helen assures Madge that Lou loves her very much.
There's a knock at the door and Pam answers it to Jim. Jill has done a runner and they realise they've been set up.
Escort Agency
Madge comes in wearing a hat and dark glasses(!)
MADGE: I want to hire one of your girls.
<<1802 - 1804>>
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