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Neighbours Episode 1802 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1802
Australian airdate: 03/11/92
UK airdate: 11/10/93
UK Gold: 28/09/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Peter Knotts: Simon Hughes
Mick Cooper: Bruce Stadus
Mr Popovic: Jerry Gerolemou
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Hannah is asking Brad a load of questions about the shark, but he doesn't want to talk about it.
Benito is ranting at Cathy saying she should have consulted him before donating the money. Cathy tells him he isn't the boss of her. Rick comes along and is stunned to hear that Cathy is giving $250,000 away. Rick is horrified. Benito tells Cathy that whatever money they get from the sale of their house, he's using to buy Lou's car yard!
Dorothy and Phil are discussing Mr.Knotts. Phil confirms that Mr.Knotts is acting a bit possessed(!) Julie says Mr.Knotts is doing a wonderful job and the kids were running amock before(!) Phil wants Dorothy to take her old job back. Julie says she can't - she's resigned. Dorothy says she's right, but she does have to do something.
Madge is checking Toby's homework and says it's excellent. He wishes his teachers would agree(!) Madge awkwardly tells him that she and Lou have decided to live in Queensland. Toby is upset. Madge explains that she wants to be close to Scott and Charlene and the baby. Toby maturely tells her that he's happy for her.
Brad tells Marco that he's heard that someone got off with one of the Surf Queen chicks by pretend to be him.
BRAD: Obviously the bloke couldn't pull a chick on his own(!)
Marco awkwardly asks who it could be(!) He confesses and says he didn't know what came over him - it's just the girl was so gorgeous(!) Brad tells him that he won't hold a grudge and they'll forget it. They shake hands.
Rick tells Debbie that he hates school now. Phil interjects and tells them they'll just have to put up with Mr.Knotts.
Terrible music is playing over the radio station. Rick and Debbie look through the window and see Mr.Knotts is at the controls and writing a poem(!)
MR.KNOTTS:(VO) My darling Mrs Burke...my darling Dorothy. I compare thee to a cactus tree. To touch would be a sin...it's often sweetest in...
Phil interrupts him coming to collect the rubbish. Mr.Knotts scrunches up his poem and Phil takes it out with the rubbish.
Outside, Debbie distracts Phil while Rick retrieves the poem.
DEBBIE: Read it! What is it?
RICK: Revenge, Deborah, this is revenge! Yes!!
Ramsay Street
Madge tells Cathy that she's heard she might want to buy the Coffee Shop. Cathy says it's not that simple - the money isn't a problem, but Benito doesn't like the idea of her having her own business. Madge tells Cathy she'd be a natural - she's a great cook and it would be a great way to meet new people. She'd love to be able to sell the business to a friend.
CATHY: You'll find another buyer. Maybe sooner that you think.
Rick has pinned the poem to the notice board and several kids are sniggering at it.
MR.KNOTTS: Who's responsible for this?!
DEBBIE: It's signed 'Peter Knotts'
MR.KNOTTS: That's not what I meant!
Mr Knotts takes down the poem and turns on Phil. Phil says he's never seen it before, but Mr.Knotts sacks him! Phil protests, but Mr.Knotts tells him to leave the ground immediately.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy thanks Marco for putting up the poster for her council campaign. Brad comes in and Marco tells him to show Dorothy his leg. Brad is upset and walks off.
Madge is talking to a potential buyer at a table and says he doesn't think Marco will be there for much longer. Marco overhears and looks worried! Madge comes over and asks him for the books.
Phil is really mad that he's been sacked, saying he thinks Mr.Knotts is insane. Julie snobbishly says it's probably for the best(!) Debbie looks a bit worried, and Phil says they'll all have to tighten their belts a bit more.
Coffee Shop
A thug comes in looking for Brad. Apparently he's come to beat him up for cracking on to his girlfriend. Marco looks worried, as of course, it was him, pretending to be Brad!
The thug sits down to wait for "Brad". Marco says that Brad hardly ever comes in and he doesn't live locally. The thug decides to wait anyway!
Debbie is trying to get Rick to own up to the poem on the notice board so Phil can have his job back.
There's a phonecall for Cathy that she mysteriously goes to take upstairs.
Debbie keeps on at Rick to own up about the poem.
Toby is telling Dorothy how much everyone hates Mr.Knotts - and he's getting worse all the time.
DOROTHY: I know it must be difficult for all of you, but there's not a lot I can do.
TOBY: You can come back to school and kick him out!
DOROTHY: I've already resigned, I doubt I could withdraw it now.
TOBY: You didn't resign.
DOROTHY: Yes, I did!
TOBY: No, you didn't. Phoebe and I chucked the letter away. We wrote another one asking for three weeks' leave of absence.
DOROTHY: So that's why Peter thought I was coming back! Toby, it was very wrong of you to tamper with my personal correspondence. What possessed you and Phoebe?
TOBY: We knew you didn't *really* want to leave...so we gave you some time to change your mind. And you have, haven't you?
DOROTHY: Well, yes, I suppose I was starting to wish I hadn't been so hasty. That's not the point - how would you like it if I opened *your* letters?
TOBY: Sorry, Mim. We didn't know what to do. Will you come back to school?
DOROTHY: Having my options open does put a whole new complexion on things...
TOBY: I knew we did the right thing!
DOROTHY:(sternly) I didn't say that. It was very wrong of you and Phoebe to take matters into your own hands. You will be punished.
TOBY: I don't care. If you come back to school as School Principal, I'll be glad to cop any punishment you dish out. Will you come back to school? Pleeeaaase?!
Rick is confessing to Mr.Knotts about putting the poem on the noticeboard.
MR.KNOTTS: You stupid, irresponsible, thoughtless...always out to impress your mates. Well, I've had about all I'm going to put up with from you, Rick Alessi! Obviously detention and extra homework are not enough to make you toe the line.
RICK: I'm sorry, sir, sincerely, can we just leave it at that?
MR.KNOTTS: No, we cannot! For starters, there will be a strong letter to your father...
Just then, Dorothy interrupts.
DOROTHY: I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr.Knotts, just letting you know that I've decided not to continue with my leave of absence.
MR.KNOTTS: I thought you'd resigned?!
DOROTHY: Who told you that?
MR.KNOTTS: *You* did, Mrs Burke!
DOROTHY: You must have misunderstood.
MR.KNOTTS: I see. Have you spoken to the department?
DOROTHY: Yes, and they said I can resume work immediately. So, thank you for filling in for me, but I'll carry on from here on in.
RICK:(trying to restrain himself) YES, YES!!!
MR.KNOTTS: Well, it's good to have you back, of course, Mrs Burke. But there are a few loose ends I'd like to tie up.
He glares at Rick.
MR.KNOTTS: ...like punishing this reprobate!
DOROTHY: What exactly did he do?
MR.KNOTTS: I'll tell you what he did. He took a most private letter...
RICK:(mischievously) Would you like me to tell her, Mr.Knotts...?
MR.KNOTTS: No, no! As I'm no longer Principal, I think we can let the matter drop.
DOROTHY: That's very generous, are you sure?
MR.KNOTTS:(through gritted teeth) Well, it was...nothing serious. No, not really.
DOROTHY: Then back to class, Ricardo and count yourself lucky!
Rick departs.
MR.KNOTTS: I'll get my things out of your office.
DOROTHY: I believe you fired Philip Martin?
MR.KNOTTS:(contrite) I did.
DOROTHY: I suggest you give him a call and tell him I want him back on the job. This classroom is a mess!
Dorothy smiles, glad to be back.
Coffee Shop
Madge tells Benito that she doesn't know who the new buyer for the Coffee Shop is - she's just dealt with their solicitors. Benito presses the solicitor on who it is but he won't say. It's clearly Cathy by the look on her face, though.
DOROTHY: May I move back into my office now, Peter?
MR.KNOTTS: Yes...and if it's not exactly how you left it, sing out and I'll put it right.
DOROTHY: I'm sure that won't be necessary. I think I should tell you...I've been fully informed about the reason for Philip Martin's sacking.
Mr.Knotts sighs.
DOROTHY: I'm flattered you dedicated the letter to me.
MR.KNOTTS: Really?
DOROTHY: Of course, any woman would be.
MR.KNOTTS: Oh, Dorothy, I've missed you so much.
DOROTHY: However, I know that you understand that it's imperative that we keep our relationship strictly a working one.
MR.KNOTTS: Oh, most definitely. I would never have sent the letter...I was just...brushing up my poetry.
DOROTHY: Of course.
Mr Knotts says he'll apply for a transfer, but Dorothy says there's no need - students will be on to something else soon enough. Mr.Knotts should just hold his head high and carry on - he's proved he'll work out fine as a teacher in the past few days (as long as he tones it down a little on the discipline side!)
Coffee Shop
The thug is still waiting for Brad. Marco tries to put him off, but the thug says he knows Brad is judging the Surf Queen competition and he'll make sure he isn't fit to judge anything!
Rick and Debbie are pleased that Dorothy is back, and that Phil has got his job back too. Rick says he put his whole life on the line by confessing to Mr.Knotts(!)
Brad comes in and Marco tries to bundle him out again, but the thug overhears someone saying Brad's name. The thug pushes Brad against the drinks fridge, and Brad throws a punch.
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