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Neighbours Episode 1801 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1801
Australian airdate: 02/11/92
UK airdate: 08/10/93
UK Gold: 27/09/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Peter Knotts: Simon Hughes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth races into the shallows.
But Brad doesn't hear her, and at that moment he is tipped into the sea. He manages to get back on his board (which now has a massive chomp out of it) and starts paddling frantically towards the shore.
Fortunately Brad has made it and Beth helps him out of the water. He has an injury to his leg (although it doesn't look too serious). Beth says they'd better get him to the hospital, but Brad says the shark just grazed him(!) The board has a big piece out of it though.
Rick and Debbie are discussing schoolwork - Mr.Knotts has surprised them by becoming really strict. Rick says he's "drunk with power since he took over"(!)
Mr.Knotts approaches Phil who is fixing a locker. They discuss discipline of kids and Mr.Knotts says he doesn't need the janitor to tell him how to run his school!
Rick is doing his homework. Cathy thinks he's getting a lot of homework recently, but Benito says it's good for Rick(!). Then he starts talking about how a person of his age should diversify. Cathy tells him to stop hinting(!) Benito says he'd love to have his own businesses and work for himself. He wants to invest in the car yard. Cathy says she has other plans for the money. Benito protests that she can't give $250,000 to charity. Cathy says she won't give it *all*, in fact, she'd like to buy Madge out. Benito starts laughing, says Cathy has enough on with the home and the family(!) and she's be broke in a week(!) Cathy does not look amused.
Gaby and Pam are sorting through some fabric. Pam is missing Doug. Brad limps in with Beth and Gaby and Pam goggle at the bitten board. Pam goes off to get a dressing for his leg.
Dorothy has got some campaign posters printed. Phoebe is engrossed in her homework saying Mr.Knotts has given her tonnes to do. Dorothy has a look at what she's been given and is a bit alarmed. Dorothy says the kids might start thinking she wasn't such a dragon after all(!)
PHOEBE: They'd love to have you back...
DOROTHY: No chance of that!
Cameron tells Brad and Beth that he wants to do an article about the shark attack - what goes through someone's mind during an attack? Brad isn't impressed and heads off home.
Dorothy wants Benito to put up some posters in the hotel, but he doesn't want to take sides. Cathy says Marco will put them up in the Coffee Shop.
CATHY: Dorothy...do you think I'm dumb?
DOROTHY: Anybody who can make a spaghetti sauce like yours and manage to stay married to a chauvinist like Benito has to be a pretty smart cookie(!)
Cathy tells her about her plan to buy Madge out on the Coffee Shop - after all, she knows how to run the place having helped Marco out. But Benito doesn't think she can do it, and wants her in the home. Dorothy encourages her.
DOROTHY: To heck with Benito! Go for it!
CATHY: Yes. Yes, I think I will!
Phil offers Debbie and Rick a lift to school but Debbie declines. They see Phoebe who is off to the pre- natal clinic. She asks Rick to hand in her homework for her. Debbie thinks that Mr.Knotts could at least go easy on Phoebe in her condition.
Cathy asks Benito if he'll be home for lunch. He is oblivious that she's upset with him and Cathy scowls at him. She says she *is* going to take the Coffee Shop over after all - she's fed up of Benito treating her like a brainless bimbo. She's had a lifetime of giving in to Benito. He thinks she should buy a new wardrobe or plan a holiday instead(!)
Pam is decorating and talking to Beth about the shark attack. They both think Brad might be in shock. Pam asks Beth to talk to him about surfing.
Brad comes out and tells Beth he feels fine, but is gutted about his board. Beth tells him that she wants him to go ahead with judging the Surf Queen contest - she's realised that it was Marco who got it on with the surfie groupie, not Brad.
Phil is taking down posters of pop groups in the radio room. Mr.Knotts comes in and says he's making changes to the radio station, saying he's unhappy with the subject matter and the choice of music. From now on, it will deal with Science and Natural History(!)
Gaby is sketching. She tells Beth she has a good figure and she should enter the Surf Queen competition herself. Beth doesn't think it's a good idea, but Gaby thinks other guys ogling her would make Brad think twice about the whole competition thing. Besides, Gaby has a swimsuit design she wants Beth to show off for her publicly.
Mr.Knotts asks Phoebe why she's not in class. She says she had a medical appointment and forgot to bring a note. He moans that her approach to studies has been far too casual lately and he's not happy with her assignment. Phoebe says that she sat up practically all night.
MR.KNOTTS: You used to be such a conscientious student, Phoebe. But for months, you've been taking days off, cutting classes...
PHOEBE: I'm having a *baby*
MR.KNOTTS: Well, that's becoming increasingly obvious! And it's no credit to this school! All things considered, I wonder if it's simply a waste of teaching time and resources to let you stay on. I'm surprised that a woman of Mrs Burke's good sense has allowed it!
PHOEBE: She knows how much I want to finish the year.
MR.KNOTTS: What *you* want is a minor consideration, compared to what's best for the school.
PHOEBE: Tell you one thing, the *worst* thing that's happened to this school is *you* becoming Principal! You used to be a nice guy, now you're just a petty- minded, power- hungry, pain in the neck.
MR.KNOTTS: In that case, you'll be glad to see the last of me. You're suspended, Phoebe. Pack up your books and get out of my school!
Cameron and Dorothy are discussing her posters. Cameron is a bit disillusioned with the paper - they don't want to take the story about Brad's shark attack.
Just then, Phoebe arrives home and tells Dorothy she has some "time off". Dorothy takes her into No.30.
Dorothy is appalled to hear that Mr.Knotts has suspended her. Phoebe says that Mr.Knotts has gone a bit crazy. Dorothy says Mr.Knotts is acting illegally and quite unreasonable. Dorothy says she'll make them a cup of tea, then go and have a word.
Cathy tells Pam that there's a lot more money coming to the charity from the spaghetti sauce royalties. She will give Pam another big donation, but she wants them to come to and arrangement about it.
Dorothy is confronting Mr.Knotts about Phoebe. He says that he's trying to show a firm hand - like Dorothy told him. Dorothy says she's obviously created a monster!
Benito is trying to ring Lou, but he's not there. Cathy and Pam come in and he tells her he wants to buy the car yard. Cathy asks where he's getting the money(!) Benito tries to change the subject, but Cathy won't have it - she won't release the money to him.
CATHY: I decided that the best thing after all was to give the money to charity.
BENITO: All of it?!
CATHY: Every last cent. Right, Pam?
Pam nods, awkwardly.
BENITO: But you can't do this!
CATHY: I already have!
<<1800 - 1802>>
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