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Neighbours Episode 1800 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1800
Australian airdate: 30/10/92
UK airdate: 07/10/93
UK Gold: 24/09/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Tammy: Michelle McClatchy
Roz: Brooke Mitchell
Verna: Nicole Whyte
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth is raging and tells Cameron that Brad and a "bimbo" were all over each other. Cameron protests that Brad hardly had time to get it on with a bimbo - he only left No.32 a few minutes ago! Cameron thinks Beth should hear Brad out for the sake of their relationship.
Lou suggests that Scott and Charlene come to live with them, but Madge says they can't give up their jobs. She points out that Lauren is in Queensland too, so it makes sense. Lou thinks they're a bit old to start again but Madge says she thinks it's fine - the Coffee Shop and Car Yard will sell well. Madge tries to talk him round saying they could start their marriage in a tropical paradise. Lou isn't sure.
Stephen has turned up. It's still raining heavily (and has been for at least 3 episodes!) Phoebe reluctantly lets him in. Stephen apologises for upsetting her and Phoebe apologises for flying off the handle too. He says all he wants is for them to be friends. He suggests they could go out to dinner or a movie.
PHOEBE: I wouldn't want Mim or anyone to get the wrong idea...
STEPHEN: God forbid! Look, I understand how you feel. I felt the same myself after my fiancée died. We'd just be two friends having a good time. So, I'll pick you up? Or we can meet there. Whatever you like.
Helen and Jim are shocked to hear that Madge is thinking of moving up to Queensland, but they understand her reasons - Helen says they were run ragged when she was up there. They ask what Lou thinks of the plan. Madge thinks Lou will come round in the end. Jim and Helen are a bit dubious, but don't say anything.
Brad is telling Pam that Beth is even worse that Lucy at jumping to conclusions! He says it's just as well they're split up if Beth doesn't trust him.
BRAD: In fact, if she came round right now on bended knee begging me to take her back, do you know what I'd say? Forget it!
Just then, there's a knock at the door and it's Beth. She apologises to him and Brad immediately accepts her apology and they get back together(!) Pam smiles to herself. Brad invites Beth to the beach tomorrow to test out a new board.
Lassiter's, the following morning
Marco gives Benito another $500 of the money he owes him. Benito wonders where he's getting the money and refuses to cancel his loan again. The rain is still pelting down (has someone hired a rain machine for a week or something?!) Cameron comes over and tries to cheer Marco up. Cameron tells him about Ramsay Street being a mecca for babes at the moment as Brad is judging a surf competition and they all want to get on his good side.
MARCO: Unbelievable. Some guys have all the luck!
Garage of No.28
Beth and Brad are heading off to the beach when Marco arrives. Brad tells him about the babe- trouble, then heads off. When he's gone, Marco sees a babe coming up the street and pretends to be Brad(!) The girl introduces herself as Tammy and Marco invites her over to No.22.
Lou is telling Jim that he had his future all laid out - he likes it in Erinsborough, he has made lots of very good friends here and all his ex- wives live in Queensland as well as his children(!) Jim says they'll all miss him and Madge.
LOU: I was actually looking forward to putting down some roots at last.
JIM: You know what they say...
LOU: What?
JIM: ...only vegetables put down roots! Are you ready to vegetate?
LOU: Yes, yes, I was actually looking forward to it(!)
Benito comes in looking for Gaby, but she's not there. Lou asks Benito if he knows anyone who would like to buy a car yard. He says he'll keep his ear to the ground. When he's gone, Lou tells Jim that he's just keeping his options open.
JIM: You know, when it comes down to it, love's the only thing that matters.
It's finally stopped raining! Brad is looking forward to testing out his new board.
Outside the Coffee Shop
It's still raining in Erinsborough. Cathy tells Madge that she admires her for taking a stand with Benito over employing Gaby. Madge tells her that she's moving to Queensland. Cathy is surprised. Madge says she's going to rent out the house and sell the lease on the Coffee Shop - it would be a good investment for somebody with a bit of cash.
Brad heads off to the sea with his board while Beth waits on the beach.
Cathy comes in and is surprised to hear voices in the spa. Marco and Tammy are larking around and kissing. Cathy comes in and surprises them. Marco, who is pretending to be Brad, tells her that "Marco has just popped out for a while!" Cathy is confused.
Brad comes back from the sea saying the board is excellent. Beth goes off to get them a smoothie.
Marco sees Tammy off, then faces the music from Cathy. He tells her he was doing a favour for Brad(!) Cathy listens to his convoluted excuses and then tells him she wants the truth, or Marco can explain to Benito instead!
Smoothie Shop
Beth hears two girls talking about the Miss Surf Queen competition. One of the girls is the one who was fooling around with MarcoBrad. She tells her friend that she and Brad are a bit of an item. Beth is outraged, especially when she refers to Brad's girlfriend as a dragon!
LOU: Have you got a moment, love?
MADGE: What is it?
LOU: I've come to a decision about Queensland.
MADGE: Oh, no.
LOU: I don't really know how to tell you this, but I've been thinking about it all day, it's been turning over and over in my mind, and...well, I've realised now there really is only one thing I can do. And that's to sell up and come with you!
MADGE: Oh Lou!
She hugs him tightly and they laugh. Lou says he's put an advert for the car yard out, and he's looking out for a business near Charlene and Scott. He asks Madge how Toby took the news. Madge admits that she hasn't told him yet.
Beth throws the smoothie over Brad and rants at him. He says she's lost it.
Phoebe and Stephen seem to have a lot in common. He suggests that they go to see a horror movie. Phoebe tells him about the horror movie she made with Todd that they never finished.
PHOEBE: Todd's lying in his grave and I'm going off to see some stupid film? I'm sorry, I can't do this. I have to go.
She heads off into the rain.
Beth hears the two girls talking again. One is saying about how she and MarcoBrad spent the afternoon in spa, and that "Italians are incredible" (Yuk). Beth interrupts and asks the girl to describe Brad. It's definitely not RealBrad that she's talking about.
She runs down to the sea and calls to Brad, but he can't hear her. Just then she sees a wholly unconvincing shark fin coming towards him!
In a miracle of special effects, an underwater camera shows a shark- eye view of Brad paddling his board. There is a wholly unconvincing scuffle and we cut back to Beth looking worried.
<<1799 - 1801>>
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