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Neighbours Episode 1799 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1799
Australian airdate: 29/10/92
UK airdate: 06/10/93
UK Gold: 23/09/99
Writer: David Allen
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Peter Knotts: Simon Hughes
Jackie: Bronwyn Jones
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mr.Knotts is telling Rick off very thoroughly and tells him he'd better work from now on, or else.
Lou finds some extra wedding invitations that Madge hasn't sent out yet. She admits she hasn't told the family she's getting married yet, so Lou gets on the phone to Charlene straightaway!
Gaby has taken over the living soom with the material for Madge's dress. Gaby suggests that Beth and Cameron sit in the kitchen(!)
Brad comes round and tells them he's judging the Miss Surf Queen competition. Beth is not happy. Gaby and Cameron make a sharp exit(!)
Phil apologises to Debbie for what happened yesterday with the magazine. Debbie is embarrassed and makes a sharp exit(!)
Rick tells Debbie that he thinks Mr.Knotts has totally flipped and might go postal!
Brad tells Beth that the competition is only a bit of fun, but Beth thinks it's demeaning. Brad asks what makes Beth the best judge of what other women do. She counters that she's going out with a sexist big.
Gaby is fitting Madge's dress. Madge tells her that Charlene is having financial problems - she can't find anyone to look after Daniel, so might have to leave her job. Madge doesn't really like the dress and tells Gaby she doesn't want to look like Dame Edna(!)
Rick approaches Phil and tells him that there's no need to worry - he "knows what's right and what isn't". And he wouldn't do anything to "spoil..." Phil is amused. Mr.Knotts comes along and is very rude to Phil, telling him to get on with his work.
Julie comes in and asks Gaby to fill in a tax declaration. Gaby asks her about the compensation for the dress. Julie confesses that she ripped the dress herself and says it was her fault. She insists that she'll pay for it. Gaby tells her to call it $150 instead of $300, just to cover the cost of the material - after all, Julie does have a whole family to think about. Julie is very grateful to her.
Mr.Knotts is being horrible to everyone. He gives them all detention to finish the homework they haven't done. Rick asks if they could do the detention tomorrow night as some kids have to catch buses and trains and detentions are normally notified to the parents in advance. Mr.Knotts tells him the punishment stands!
Madge and Lou are talking about writing their own vows. Madge tells Lou that she thinks they should have a church wedding after all. Lou understands and says he'll speak to Reverend Richards right away.
Mr.Knotts tells Phil that Debbie will be on detention this afternoon.
Lou comes in looking for Gaby, to check on Madge's wedding dress. Gaby isn't there, so Lou tells Brad to tell Gaby not to worry about the money - the sky's the money. They chat, and Brad tells Lou about the surfing beauty competition. Lou says maybe they could do a tie- up with the car yard!
As Lou is leaving, Cameron comes in. They talk about the Miss Surf Queen competition. Brad thinks Beth is being a bit fanatical(!) Cameron says it's up to the girls what they do - and after all, Beth did do some bikini modelling shots for Brad's surf boards.
Julie is upset that Debbie is on detention and has missed her dental appointment. She vows to go and give him a piece of her mind.
Brad is parroting the stuff that Cameron said back at Beth(!) Beth counters his points and points out that she was on the beach in her bikini, and it's totally different from the Miss Surf Queen competition. Brad says he's promised to judge the contest and can't go back on his word. Cameron tells Beth that she's being a bit hard on Brad, but she doesn't think so. Cameron asks he if it's worth their relationship.
Julie confronts Mr.Knotts over the detention. Mr.Knotts points out that the children need discipline and that her first priority should be to keep an eye on Debbie, who hasn't completed her assignment for this week. He tells her to keep an eye on Debbie's work in the future and walks off. Julie is quite impressed(!)
A pretty girl comes to the door about the Miss Surf Queen competition. She asks if any of the girls from the contest have been to see him. Apparently there's a "secret bet" going on. She hangs all over Brad and says if he's good to her in the competition, she'll be good to him. Brad says it's an honest competition and tries to fend her off. But Beth comes in and see her. She tells the girl that she can have Brad and flounces off.
After detention Rick thinks Mr.Knotts has flipped(!) He wishes Dorothy was back!
RICK: Come back, Mrs Burke! All is forgiven!
Ramsay Street
Brad catches up with Beth and tells her that he's never seen the girl before! Beth tells them he's dumped and stomps off back to No.32
Madge awkwardly appraoches Lou.
MADGE: It's Charlene...
LOU: Well, what about her?
MADGE: She was too proud to say anything...I think the going's pretty tough for them up there. It was pretty obvious when I was staying with them.
LOU: In what way?
MADGE: Well, they're going to be pretty strapped for money if Charlene has to give up her job to look after the baby. They don't know how they're going to manage, they're worried sick.
LOU: And you want to give her a loan, right? Well, that's OK by me, love. You know I'd do anything for Charlene, she's a great kid.
MADGE: No, Lou, it's not just money. I've realised something else. Just how much I miss her. What I really want to do is sell up.
LOU: Sell up?!
MADGE: Yes, sell the house, the Coffee Shop, the car yard. Lou, I want to go back to Queensland.
Lou is speechless!
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