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Neighbours Episode 1798 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1798
Australian airdate: 28/10/92
UK airdate: 05/10/93
UK Gold: 22/09/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Peter Knotts: Simon Hughes
John Maggio: Shane Willey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick tells Debbie and Phoebe that he's not scared of Mr.Knotts punishment. Mr.Knotts comes along. he tells Rick he's in detention tomorrow night and gives a letter for Rick to give to his parents. When Mr.Knotts has gone, Rick tells Debbie and Phoebe that there's no way he will do the detention.
Pam and Jill have brought Jill's stuff and Pam tells her to stay as long as she wants. Gaby's room isn't currently being used, Doug is away, Brad is out surfing most of the time...Pam is looking forward to having a houseguest.
JILL: I promise to be the perfect house guest.
Outside School
Stephen is waiting for Phoebe outside the school. It's raining heavily and he offers Phoebe a lift. She says she has a few things to do on her way home, so she can't.
Radio Station (Classroom)
Rick is making jokes on the radio. One involves the school janitor and Debbie is not happy. Rick goes back on the air and says tomorrow is a non- uniform day. Phil comes in and starts doing some jobs in the bottom. He's suspicious to hear there's a non- uniform day tomorrow, and Rick says it's by order of Mr.Knotts!
Julie goes to pay Jim back some of the money she owes him, but Jim says he'd prefer to wait until Julie and Phil are back on their feet. Julie is very grateful. She reads through a magazine and notices that an article called "The First Time" has been torn out. Jim says Debbie was looking at the magazine earlier and Julie gets very worried she's been reading about sex.
Pam and Jill are discussing wallpaper. Julie pops round with the magazine and asks if Pam has a copy. She checks up on the missing article and is horrified to find that it's about kids losing their virginity.
JULIE: Don't you know what this means?!
PAM:(confused) ...No, frankly, I don't...
JULIE: Debbie must have ripped it out so I couldn't read it.
PAM: Read what?
JULIE: About sex! How am I going to stop her, she's far too young for that sort of thing!
Phoebe is reading the same article "The First Time" while Dorothy looks through some old photos. Phoebe gets a bit upset about the article - it reminds her of Todd.
DOROTHY:(putting her hand on her shoulder) First love is always the strongest. But believe me, there'll be many more.
Phoebe tells her that Stephen was waiting for her after school.
Julie has made Debbie some milk and biscuits and tells her she's not as grown up as she thinks she is.
JULIE: Deb...I know I'm only your stepmother, but you do know that if there's anything you want to discuss, mother to daughter, then I'm here to listen.
JULIE: You know, if the mother- daughter thing makes you feel uncomfortable, think of me as a big sister.
DEBBIE:(confused) Yeah, sure.
JULIE: So is there anything you want to tell me? Sister to sister?
Jim comes in and interrupts them. Debbie tells them that tomorrow is NUDE day at school - No Uniform Day Erinsborough. Julie isn't sure it's a good idea.
Julie is berating Mr.Knotts about the NUDE day, but he doesn't know anything about it. Rick comes in and says there are posters up all over the school with his signature on it. He demands to see them.
Outside the School
Phil is unblocking a drain and tells Julie to stop overreacting to the NUDE day. Julie tells him about "The First Time" article and Phil isn't concerned.
JULIE: Isn't it obvious? She's planning her first time with Rick! That is, if she hasn't already done it...
Pam is on the phone to Doug, updating him on the latest news. She doesn't mention that Jill is staying - she wants to keep the redecoration as a surprise for Doug.
Phil pops round asking to read the article in the magazine. Pam says it's a very responsible article. She looks through the magazine, but now Pam's article has gone too! Jill says that Rick was there earlier and must have torn it out(!)
Stephen has popped round to see Phoebe. The weather is very stormy and he's got a bit wet. Dorothy invites him to wait for Phoebe and they have a chat. He explains that his parents are musicians, and his brother and sister have moved out now. Stephen apparently manages a big record and CD store in Anson's Corner, but his dream is to open his own music shop - he's been collecting records since he was a kid.
Phoebe comes in and isn't pleased to see Stephen there.
PHOEBE: What are you doing here?!
STEPHEN: Just thought I'd pop in and say hello.
PHOEBE: Well, you could have thought of phoning first!
DOROTHY: Phoebe, dear...
PHOEBE: What do you want from me, anyway?! Leave me alone, every time I turn around, you're there. Just get out of my life.
Jim, Phil and Julie are waiting for Debbie to come home. Phil warns Julie not to jump to conclusions. Finally, Debbie comes in.
JULIE: Debbie...I'm very disappointed in you.
DEBBIE:(confused) Why?
JULIE: You're not going to try to deny it, are you? You know, we weren't born yesterday.
DEBBIE: Dad, what's going on? Tell me. What's happening?
PHIL: Deb...all I want to know is, are you and Rick sleeping together?
DEBBIE:(laughs) No?! Not with Rick, not with anyone, I can't believe you're asking me this!
JIM: There's nothing *wrong* with sex, Debbie...it's just got to be for the right reasons, at the right time, and this is *not* the right time for you, you're too young.
DEBBIE: Too young? I'm old enough to make my own decisions in my own good time. And I don't see what it's got to do with any of you.
JULIE: But Debbie, you just can't believe everything you read in magazines.
DEBBIE: What magazine? What are you talking about?!
Julie shows her the magazine. Debbie is offended and says she doesn't appreciate their suspicion, or their conclusions.
RICK: Well, what do you expect? They're your parents, it's their *job* not to believe you(!)
Debbie tells him about the article in the magazine, then suddenly finds it on the table. It seems that Rick has torn the pages out of everyone's magazines because it has an entry form on the back of the article to win tickets to see Michael Jackson(!) Debbie laughs and says he'd better take her if he wins!
Jim tells Pam that they should think about an organised fundraising strategy. Jill comes out of her room and Jim is surprised to see her there. Pam explains that Jill has moved in for a few weeks.
PHOEBE: For all you know, he could be an axe- murderer. You've only met him a couple of times, Mim.
DOROTHY: Enough to want to find out more about him.
PHOEBE: Why? I don't.
DOROTHY: He seems like a nice young man. And he's very fond of you.
PHOEBE: It's bad enough him turning up every time I look around without you encouraging him!
There's a knock at the door and Phoebe answers it to Mr.Knotts. He tells her he's not cut out for the Principal job and looks very agitated. Dorothy tells him that he has to *demand* success. He says he can't wait for Dorothy to get back. Dorothy says she's resigned, but Mr.Knotts says he's only filling in until she's back from her holiday - the Education Department said so. She encourages Mr.Knotts to become Mr Tough Guy and he resolves to do it!
Jim is just leaving. When he's gone, Jill tells Pam that she thinks Jim fancies her.
Everyone is in non- uniform, and Rick is in a panda suit(!) Rick starts imitating Mr.Knotts. Mr.Knotts comes along and tells Rick off in his new tough guy persona. He orders him into the classroom.
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