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Neighbours Episode 1797 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1797
Australian airdate: 27/10/92
UK airdate: 04/10/93
UK Gold: 21/09/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Hannah comes to give Toby the money to put on the horse - a whole $20. Hannah tells him she's got to get money somehow, for the family. Toby reluctantly agrees.
Doug has rung and is safely in Queensland, but someone keeps ringing and hanging up. Just then it rings again and Pam answers it - this time it's for Brad. Pam offers Gaby to come for dinner tonight, but she's seeing Madge again. Apparently the board company want Brad to come over and see them, so he heads off.
Toby asks Gaby to put some money on a horse for him. She reluctantly agrees. He gives her the money and the details.
Madge comes round as Toby is leaving. She has a few magazines to look at with Gaby.
Marco is amazed to hear they are rich! Marco asks Benito to cancel his debt, but Benito refuses. He wants to invest it - perhaps in a successful business. Cathy says she'd like to run a little business.
Helen is wondering where her $20 went to. Julie says that Debbie did think there was a $20 note, but she doesn't know where it went.
There's a knock at the door and it's Madge. She's popped in to see Helen. Apparently Gaby has been asking if there is any progress on the compensation from the dry cleaners on thre dress. Julie awkwardly says there isn't yet.
Madge tells Helen and Dorothy that Gaby is making her a beautiful coffee- coloured dress for her and Lou's wedding. Dorothy isn't sure about coffee and Madge is quite offended, especially when Dorothy says it'll be the best wedding dress since Faye Hudson(!) Madge gets worried and goes off to talk to Gaby again.
Outside the Waterhole
Brad is bending his trainers at a table to break them in(!) Jill Weir arrives and sits down with him. She asks after Doug and Brad tells her that he's gone up to Queensland for work. She looks surprised and not best pleased.
Madge has come to talk to Gaby about changing the colour, design and fabric for the dress(!) Gaby has already cut out the fabric, but Madge says not to worry about the expense as Lou is paying(!) Madge offers Gaby a few shifts at the Waterhole and she gratefully accepts.
Benito asks Cathy about the international rights deal. He's worried that Cathy didn't negotiate more on the figure. Cathy tells him off for being greedy, but he insists he has skills as a negotiator. Anyway, it's not Benito's money - it's hers, because it was her idea to sell the sauce recipe. And Benito's mother gave her the recipe. And she's decided to donate the proceeds to the Homeless Children's Fund. Benito is horrified! Cathy says he'd better change his attitude, quick!
Apparently Brad has been enlisted to judge the Miss Surf Queen competition(!)
Jill pops round and Pam invites her to stay for lunch. She sits down and looks a bit shifty.
Toby and Hannah are listening to the horse race on the radio. Unfortunately Hannah's horse is in last place. Toby is very upset on Hannah's behalf - he can't understand why his system has failed. Hannah runs out, crying.
Dorothy comes in and asks what happened with Hannah. He tells her it was a sad program on the radio(!)
Hannah confesses to Helen and Julie about the $20. She explains she gave it to Toby to put on a horse so they could have money and not bicker anymore. Jim, Helen and Julie are shocked to hear about Toby's betting system. Julie is about to storm over to Dorothy's house, but Helen says she'll go instead.
Jill is just leaving. She asks if Doug has rung. Pam says she must get the phone fixed as someone keeps ringing and it clicks off. As Jill goes to leave, the door handle falls off. Pam moans about the maintenance of the house - there is a long list of jobs. Jill suggests she helps Pam redecorate - it'll be a nice surprise for Doug when he gets home.
Dorothy is making Toby delete all the files related to his gambling system. Dorothy tells Toby he'd better give Helen $20 out of his winnings, or else!
Madge is showing Gaby the ropes at the Waterhole. Benito comes in and asks why he's had a letter about an unpaid bill. Madge says she paid it weeks ago, it's probably just the accounts department messing up. Benito is surprised to see Gaby there, and even more surprised that Madge has given her a job. Madge says she has the power to hire and fire, but Benito says she's not allowed to hire anyone he's already fired. Madge stands her ground, and says that either her decision stands, or Benito can start looking for another bar managed.
Pam and Jill are looking at wallpaper patterns and having a good time. Pam tells Jill she doesn't want to impose on Jill. Jill says she has to leave the hotel, and Pam invites her to move in for a few weeks! Jill agrees. Pam says they can move Jill in today! Jill looks smug.
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