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Neighbours Episode 1796 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1796
Australian airdate: 26/10/92
UK airdate: 01/10/93
UK Gold: 20/09/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Peter Knotts: Simon Hughes
Mr Collings: Rod Dunbar
Yahoo no.1: Peter Tzefrios
Yahoo no.2: Jamie McGrath
Yahoo no.3: Anthony Engelman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cathy and Benito are thinking of suing the spaghetti sauce company over the change in the recipe. Apparently Cameron doesn't think they've got a very good case.
Phoebe and Toby have come to ask Cameron about a "hypothetical situation". They're clearly talking about Dorothy resigning. Camerone suggests that "the person" should get away for a few weeks and think things over. Phoebe and Toby thinks this is a good idea.
Phil has been on another unsuccessful job hunt. Hannah looks a bit worried at his low mood.
Phoebe and Toby are forging a letter to the Education Department saying that Dorothy is taking a few weeks off(!) "I humbly request a leave of absence for three weeks due to personal reasons". Dorothy comes in and looks for her resignation letter. Toby quickly says that he's posted it for her(!) Dorothy says that fine - she wants to make her resignation official. When Dorothy has gone, Phoebe finishes typing the letter and Toby forges her signature. Phoebe says Dorothy will thank them when she calms down.
Debbie is ranting that she needs a new pair of shoes. Julie says they can get them repaired. Phil tells her off, saying she knows there isn't any money.
Dorothy tells Mr Knotts that she's sent in her letter of resignation. He's shocked to hear he's going to be acting Principal. Dorothy says he can practice on interviewing the new janitor. He looks very unsure. Dorothy says she might know of someone who needs a job herself.
Dorothy has rung and offers Phil the janitor's job at the school. He is very pleased, but Julie is horrified. Helen tells her it's honest work and only temporary. Phil says he'll take the job - he's desperate and sick of not being able to support his family. Julie comes round and says she'll support him, but privately she doesn't look happy.
Cathy and Benito are heading off to meet the Managing Director of the spaghetti sauce company.
The kids are playing up and Mr Knotts can't control them. Phil comes in dressed as a janitor and shouts at the kids, quietening them down immediately. Mr Knotts introduced Phil as the new janitor and Phil goes to fix a cupboard. tThe kids mock Debbie for having a janitor for a father.
Some boys are taunting Debbie about the janitor thing. Debbie pulls Phil aside and asks why he didn't tell her. He says it happened quickly and they can't be snobbish about work. He tells her to ignore the kids - there's nothing wrong with being a janitor. He also admonishes her for acting up in class.
Cameron, Cathy and Benito are waiting for the Managing Director. Benito can't understand why Cameron gave up practising law - it seems like such a waste. Cameron advises Benito to take things gently with the Managing Director.
Toby is showing Hannah his betting system. She is dubious, saying her parents say gambling is bad. He gets impatient and tells her to go and walk Bouncer. Hannah asks if Toby can turn her pocket money into more. He reluctantly agrees to get her off his back.
Toby answers the phone to the Education Department, who want to talk to Dorothy. He tells her to pretend to be Dorothy on the phone, just say she's got laryngitis and speak in a husky voice.
PHOEBE: Dorothy Burke speaking. Sorry about my voice, I've got laryingitis(!) Yes, I did. Thank you very much.
She puts the phone down. Apparently the Education Department have agreed to a leave of absence. Now they just have to talk Dorothy around.
Hannah is trying to open her piggy bank. Debbie comes in and stops her from smashing it. She takes the piggy bank off her and puts it away.
When Debbie has gone, Hannah sees some money on the table left by Helen and takes some of it.
The Managing Director tells Benito and Cathy that all they've done is add preservatives to the recipe - they have no alternative as otherwise the shelf life would be very short. Cameron says that the only change has been out of necessity and advises Benito to give the company a chance. Cameron decides to leave.
Julie interrupts Benito and says Paul is on the phone and needs to talk to him urgently.
When Benito has gone, Cathy talks to the Managing Director reasonably - Benito feels that he's betrayed his family line. The Managing Director says it is selling very well - and they are thinking of launching it internationally. The Alessis could be rich!
Helen is counting her money and finds it's short. Hannah says maybe Debbie dropped it on the way home from the shops. She looks a bit guilty.
The Managing Director has gone and Cathy says they came to an agreement. She tells him about the international rights and Cathy apparently said yes.
BENITO: Exactly how much was this enormous sum of money?
CATHY:(calmly) Quarter of a million.
Benito is staggered.
BENITO: We're rich!
It seems the family honour has gone out of the window(!)
<<1795 - 1797>>
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