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Neighbours Episode 1795 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1795
Australian airdate: 23/10/92
UK airdate: 30/09/93
UK Gold: 17/09/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
It seems that Lou has sent out some wedding invitations and Madge is not pleased. Lou goes on to say he's ordered Madge's wedding dress, booked the celebrant, and even booked their honeymoon!
LOU: There's nothing left for you to do, but marry me!
MADGE: Lou, if you think I'm going to be bullied into this, you've got another thing coming!
Lou says he's done all the work to make it easy for Madge!
LOU: Madge, Madge, look, you know how much I want to marry you. Please don't break my heart.
MADGE: Lou...I need more time.
LOU: That's OK. Provided you say yes by the actual date. Now, what could be fairer than that?
Outside the Coffee Shop
Beth tells Marco that it's good to be back at work. While they're talking, the man from the graveyard comes over and Marco tells him that Phoebe doesn't want to see him. He takes this calmly and wanders off. Beth wonders who he is.
Benito comes over and asks Marco for a word.
The Office
Benito tells Marco that his repayments haven't gone into his bank account. Marco says he's been finding the payments a bit of a strain and promises to bring them up to date within the next few days.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Marco tells Beth about the money that he owes Benito. He doesn't know where he'll get the money. Beth thinks Benito is very tough.
Phoebe comes along and sits down. Beth tells her she's surprised to hear Phoebe thinks the man is a nerd, she thinks he's very attractive. Phoebe says the whole school thinks he's a nerd, but Beth says that the person they're referring to definitely isn't a schoolboy. Phoebe is confused. Beth described the man and Phoebe realises it's the man from the cemetery. She is gutted.
Beth and Brad are cooking. Doug is in a very bad mood and Pam tells him off. He just says that he is having trouble at work. Beth sticks up for Doug, saying the scaffolding is very tricky, but Doug just stomps off.
Madge tells Lou to stop pressuring her. She heads off to Helen's and as she does, Doug comes in.
Doug tells Lou that he needs to talk to someone about Jill - she's being really heavy. He's worried that she'll blow the whole thing wide open. Lou hands him a beer and says that maybe Jill has gone a bit crazy after the death of her son. Lou suggests that Doug goes away for a while - and he might have an idea.
Helen is surprised to hear about the wedding invitations. Madge says she does love Lou, but Harold is holding her back - she feels guilty as Harold disliked him so much. Helen says she has to live her own life - Harold is gone.
MADGE: It's just that I loved him so much. It'd be like I'm replacing him.
HELEN: But you're not being disloyal, he'd want you to be happy, you know he would!
Cathy pops round and thanks Madge for the wedding invitation, saying she's looking forward to it. She tells them that the spaghetti sauce is going well, although the bottled version isn't the same flavour.
Doug tells Pam and Brad that Lou has offered him a job up North - in Queensland. It's only for a few weeks and it's very well paid. He could fit it in as the Day Centre job is on hold, and the men know what they're doing on the other sites. He's going to do it and that's that.
Phoebe is brooding. Dorothy is preparing for the Education Board hearing today. Phoebe tells her that the man in the cemetery was trying to get in touch with her again, but she missed him. Dorothy is worried that Phoebe will have a breakdown, but just then, Phoebe sees the man himself, in Ramsay Street, getting into a car!
Phoebe rushes outside, calling to him, but he has already driven off. Dorothy wonders what he would be doing in Ramsay Street and looks very concerned about Phoebe's mental state.
Brad is surprised that Doug is going to Queensland. He wants to know what's going on, but Doug insists everything's fine.
Pam has come to borrow a case for Doug. She tells Madge she doesn't know what's going on with Doug. She thanks Madge for the wedding invitation.
MADGE: Do you think I'm doing the right thing?
PAM:(surprised) You mean you're not sure?
MADGE: Well, Lou went ahead and arranged the whole thing without even talking to me about it! He got sick of me putting off setting the date(!)
PAM: And you're undecided?
MADGE: Yeah, a bit. Well, you know Lou. Do you think I *should* marry him.
PAM: Oh, Madge, only you can answer that one. And I'm feeling down on all men at the moment, so I'm probably the last person...
MADGE: No, no, I *would* like to know what you think.
Well, I mean, you and Lou seem to be happy enough as you are now. Any reason to change the situation? See you.
She leaves.
MADGE:(to herself) Exactly what *I'm* wondering.
The Office
Marco gives Benito a chunk of money. He asks where Marco got it, but Cathy interrupts them. She's not happy about the change in the recipe for the spaghetti sauce and wants to do something.
DOROTHY: First you tell me that Todd appeared to you.
PHOEBE: He *did*, in the mirror, he spoke to me, he told me we were having a daughter.
DOROTHY: And then you visit his grave and meet a mysterious man.
PHOEBE: He is *not* a mysterious man!
DOROTHY: He said things that you felt helped you. But you didn't find out who he was.
PHOEBE: I didn't think to ask, that's all! I know *now* his first name's Stephen.
DOROTHY: And when you feel that I'm questioning his existence, you suddenly see him out in the street! But when we go out, there's no- one there.
PHOEBE: Well, the car was driving away.
DOROTHY: That could have been anyone!
PHOEBE: You *do* think I'm mad!
DOROTHY: I think you're very confused and distressed.
PHOEBE: That's just a polite way of saying I'm crazy.
DOROTHY: However you look at it, Phoebe, your actions haven't been very rational lately. This idea of wanting to have the baby on Todd's grave, that's bizarre even for you! If only you'd agree to see a therapist...
PHOEBE: Why can't you just believe in me and trust me?
DOROTHY: It has nothing to do with trust. I promised to stand by you, and I am, I'm trying to help.
PHOEBE: I know that, Mim. But I don't need help. I'm fine, honest.
DOROTHY: It doesn't seem that way to me. I admit, I'm fairly het up myself(!)
There's a knock at the door and Dorothy answers it. To her shock, it's Stephen!
STEPHEN: Hi, I was wondering if Phoebe Bright lives here?
DOROTHY: Yes, she does.
STEPHEN: I'm Stephen Gottlieb...I met Phoebe a week or so ago -
DOROTHY:(dumbstruck) ...at the cemetery.
Doug is packing his stuff to go to Queensland. He says he'll ring them when he gets there to say how long he'll be staying. Pam urges him to come back as soon as he can. Beth and Brad see him off.
PHOEBE: Well, I'm glad you found me.
STEPHEN: Really?
PHOEBE:(to Dorothy) What do you say now?
DOROTHY: I apologise, Phoebe.
PHOEBE: Mim thought I'd imagined you.
STEPHEN: Oh, no, I'm real enough(!)
Dorothy heads off for the Educational Board hearing. Phoebe explains about the mix- up at the Coffee Shop with nerdy Steve from school - she's really pleased to see Stephen.
Lou sits Madge down for a chat. Madge apologises to him and says she does want to marry him, but something keeps holding her back. Lou laughs and suggests they toss a coin. Madge takes this seriously and says they should(!) Madge tosses the coin and Lou calls heads. Madge puts the coin down and says it's tails.
LOU: Well, there we go. That's just my luck, isn't it, eh?
MADGE: You're disappointed, aren't you?
LOU: Oh, course I am.
MADGE: So am I. Oh Lou, of course I'll be there!
Lou hugs her tightly and laughs!
The Office
Benito and Cathy are reading through the spaghetti sauce contract. Cathy wants to confront the company and Benito says he'll phone a lawyer. Cathy suggests they have a word with Cameron first. Before he rings, Benito asks Cathy where Marco could get his hands on $600 at short notice. She doesn't know.
Phoebe has made Stephen a cup of tea and tells him she's enjoyed their chat.
STEPHEN: I'm sorry about Todd, he obviously meant the world to you.
PHOEBE: He did. And I guess I'm having a bit of trouble getting over it. I've always been weird, Mim says I've been even worse lately. My mind seems to go in a hundred different directions at once. I get ideas and they seem right at the time, and then I realise they were stupid. Perhaps I am crazy, I don't know(!)
STEPHEN: There's nothing crazy about you. You're just trying to get over your loss.
PHOEBE: I thought I could cope, but I'm making a real mess of it.
STEPHEN: Well, being pregnant can't help, all those little hormones running around...don't worry, you'll settle down. You just need a little more time.
PHOEBE: I hope so. I know I'm not easy to live with. Mim's got her own worries at the moment.
STEPHEN: She seems nice.
PHOEBE: She's been fantastic to me. I've given her a pretty hard time.
STEPHEN: Well, maybe you need to get out a little bit more. Take your mind off all this. How about dinner tomorrow night?
PHOEBE: ...well...I really like you, Stephen, but I don't think we should go out on a date just yet.
STEPHEN: Yeah, yeah...it's a bit soon, yet.
Dorothy comes back and says she was treated like Jack the Ripper by the Education Board.
DOROTHY: Anyway, I've taken all I can. I'm going to quit.
PHOEBE: From being Principal?
DOROTHY: Yes, I intend to resign immediately.
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