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Neighbours Episode 1794 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1793 - 1795>>
Episode title: 1794 (Julie tells Phil to choose between her and Michael)
Australian airdate: 22/10/92
UK airdate: 29/09/93
UK Gold: 16/09/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Phil follows Julie down the drive.
PHIL: How is this behaviour going to help Hannah?
JULIE: Having Michael around certainly isn't going to help her! Getting her drunk, bullying her, terrifying her...
Michael observes Julie and Phil from a distance and smirks.
PHIL: We can't let Hannah become a pawn in our disagreements!
JULIE: How dare you suggest I'd do a thing like that.
PHIL: That's not what I meant, look, we can sort this out, we just need to cool down.
JULIE: You've proved you're absolutely incapable of taking a stand with the boy.
Helen is walking up Ramsay Street and wonders what is going on.
PHIL: All we've done is disagree on how to handle him, that's all!
JULIE: No, Philip! You've flatly refused to do anything. And now it's too late.
PHIL: Of course it's not too late, we have to talk!
JULIE:(quietly) I'm sorry, Philip. I've given up. I really have.
PHIL: We *need* to talk! I am not going to let you ruin our marriage like this, it's not fair to the children, or to me.
JULIE: Be quiet.
PHIL: What?
JULIE: Don't make a scene in the middle of the street.
PHIL: I don't care about that!
JULIE: Well, I do!
PHIL: We can go back inside and discuss it. Or I'll do it here, at the top of my lungs!
JULIE: Come inside then. For a minute.
She stalks back to No.26 and Phil follows.
The Office
Benito tells Gaby to go home - she's sacked.
GABY: Sacked?! Why?
BENITO: Why?! Get a mirror. Have a look!
GABY: You said conservative clothes, that's what I'm wearing!
BENITO: What about *that*?!
GABY: This is a perfectly respectable, modern hairstyle!
BENITO: It's a joke. You did this to spite me, Gaby. I don't have time to play games. I deal with conservative people, I don't want them thinking you are typical of this company! End of story!
GABY: You can't sack me because of the way my hair looks!
BENITO: I don't have time to argue, you can pick your pay at the office in the morning. Please, pack up your things.
Gaby stalks out and Benito gets on the phone to Cathy asking her to come down to the office urgently.
PHIL: I know you've had a lot to put up with. I know Michael's caused a lot of trouble. But he's my son, I can't just throw him to the wolves!
JULIE: Then I'm leaving. I won't stay here.
PHIL: Where will you go?! You've got practically no money, nowhere to stay...
JULIE: I've got a job. I'll find a room soon enough.
PHIL: A part- time job, for a pittance. Why not give *me* a chance.
JULIE: But I have! I've kept warning you about Michael and you've kept saying that you'd sort it out. And you haven't. And I can't take any more, Philip. I've had enough.
PHIL: Give me some more time, I'll fix it, I promise.
JULIE: No. Promises have bled me dry. I've had enough.
Michael breezes in to the kitchen where Jim and Helen are sitting quietly. Jim intercepts him and asks him to go to the newsagent to get him a newspaper.
MICHAEL: Sure, happy to. Do you need anything, Julie?
PHIL:(firmly) Off you go.
He goes out of the back door.
JULIE: It's very simple, Phil. I will not stay under the same roof with that boy. It's your choice.
Rick and Debbie are chatting about what a troublemaker Michael is. Rick thinks Debbie is a good sister to Michael. She thinks Michael has been damaged by boarding school, but Rick points out that he was trouble before that - that's why he was sent away to school. Debbie tells him about the spiked juice he gave Hannah. But Michael was very supportive of her when their mother died, and she wants to stand by him now.
Just then, Michael comes along. He asks where Hannah and her hangover are and says it might even take her off the booze for life(!) Debbie and Rick are disgusted.
Jill Weir's flat
DOUG: We *need* to talk.
JILL: It's lovely of you to drop in! How about a nice cold beer for a hard- working man? There's some in the fridge.
DOUG: I don't get it. What's going on?
JILL: Sorry?
DOUG: We had a one- night stand, that was it! We both agreed!
JILL: Yes, and nothing's changed, so what's the problem?!
DOUG: Then why turn up at the pub when I'm having lunch with Pam?!
JILL: Believe it or not, that was a coincidence. Nothing to do with you, despite your giant ego. The world doesn't revolve around you, you know. When Pam started talking to me, what was I supposed to do, act jealous? Is that what you wanted? Don't worry, you can trust me. Anyway, now that you're hear, how about one cold beer, for old time's sake?
DOUG: I love Pam. That's all there is to it. It can't be any different.
JILL: Scout's honour, I wouldn't want it to be.
DOUG: Good. Because in the circumstances, I'm sure you'll understand. I can't come around again.
JILL: We're friends. You drop in, or you don't. It's up to you.
DOUG: Goodbye, Jill.
He walks out.
Jim and Helen are wondering what to do about Michael - Helen thinks he needs psychiatric help. Debbie comes in and Jim and Helen tell her that Julie packed a suitcase and left. Phil managed to talk her around but they're still working things out. Debbie says that she saw Michael in the park just now, and he didn't say a word! Hannah is apparently in her bedroom.
DEBBIE: That vodka, in her juice. It wasn't an accident.
JIM: We know.
DEBBIE: I can't understand what's happened to him. I mean, he's been so sad and lonely. But how can he keep doing things like this?
The Office
Gaby is slamming her things into her bag when Cathy arrives. Gaby storms out.
In the inner office, Cathy asks why Benito didn't just tell Gaby to change her hair. He says Gaby is playing games. He wants Cathy to be a conservative secretary for his client. Cathy is not impressed and tells him to make his own coffee.
She storms out. Unluckily for Benito, Mr Bush is in the outer office. Benito tries to smooth things over saying Cathy is emotional cleaning staff, but just then Cathy stalks back in and tells Benito he'd better not be late home for dinner, or there won't be any!
Gaby is telling Brad she's thinking about legal action against Benito. Brad says that Benito will come around. Gaby says she might just string Benito along for a while.
There's a knock at the door at Lou who balks at her hairstyle(!) He says it is "very different". Gaby tells him that she's been sacked over her hairstyle. Lou says it might be her lucky day - he's here to talk to her about a lucrative enterprise!
Jim wonders if he and Helen should be involved at all, but Helen says they are all living under their roof, so they have no choice.
Lou is on the phone asking his mate Louis for a phone number. Apparently he's a builder in Queensland. Madge is distracted, looking for her purse.
When Madge has gone out, Lou rings the number he got off his mate.
Brad is telling Doug about Gaby being sacked. Doug isn't happy that Gaby is hanging around with Zed. Doug is very distracted when Jill come in and even Brad notices(!)
Jim and Julie are sitting at a table. Jim has offered to pay Michael's school fees.
JULIE: I can't help not liking or trusting him, Dad. I know how he operates.
Benito comes in and asks Julie if she can work full- time from now on. Julie says she'd love to. Benito awkwardly tells her that it didn't work out with Gaby.
MICHAEL: This is her idea! She's never liked me, and she's never going to.
PHIL: Julie and I agree, it's best you go back to boarding school. I've spoken to the school counsellor about getting you help. You can spend the next holidays with us, then we'll see.
MICHAEL: Want to make a bet? *She* won't want me, and you'll have to get her permission!
PHIL: Your situation is more your fault than anybody's! You have to accept that and do something about it.
MICHAEL: That's right, blame me!
PHIL: Think about it, Michael!
MICHAEL: That school hasn't helped me, Dad. Maybe I can change if I'm here. I can try.
PHIL: We've been through all this, the answer is no.
MICHAEL: Yeah, it's too hard, isn't it, doing something for me! I'm only your son!
PHIL: I'm not giving in to emotional blackmail! I *am* doing something for you.
MICHAEL: I'll be nice to Julie. Anything you want! Please!
PHIL: You had your chance. Now we have to wait until next time, then we'll see.
MICHAEL: She winds you around her little finger, doesn't she?! She whistles and you run, like a puppy- dog.
PHIL: It's no use, Michael. We gave you a chance, and you blew it. It's nobody's fault but your own.
MICHAEL: Sure, dump me back at school. You're a really great father, aren't you(!) You couldn't care less!
He storms out.
Jim comes in to see if Phil is OK.
PHIL: Everything's fine. I'm just a failure.
JIM: You tried to get through to him, Philip.
PHIL: It's not just Michael. It's Julie, the girls...I've let them all down. You don't expect to be on the scrapheap at my age.
JIM: You're *not*
PHIL: I might as well be.
Ramsay Street
Michael is loading his bags into the car. Jim, Helen, Debbie and Julie have come to see him off. Michael politely thanks Jim for having him and hugs Helen.
MICHAEL:(to Julie) I'm sorry about what happened.
JULIE: Goodbye, Michael. Maybe if we both keep trying...
Michael says goodbye to Debbie, who hugs him, although she's still not happy with him. He gets in the car and Phil drives him off.
Rick comes over and Debbie invites him inside.
Julie tells Jim and Helen that Michael has always had a big influence on Debbie. She hopes things will be OK with Debbie.
In the kitchen, Debbie tells Rick that it will be a relief not to have everyone fighting all the time, but feels they could have done more for Michael.
Outside No.22
Benito tells Cathy that Mr Bush saw the funny side of the incident yesterday (fortunately). Cathy calls over congratulations to Madge. Madge looks puzzled. In the background, Lou giggles.
Madge comes in and asks Lou what's going on. She opens the post.
MADGE: Lou! How could you do this?!
Lou just laughs.
Jill Weir's flat (at the door)
Doug is not happy that Jill came into the Waterhole last night. Even though it's morning, Jill looks very dressed up.
DOUG: I *mean* it! I'm sorry, I can't play these adolescent games!
JILL: I know you can't. So why not be an adult and open the champagne?
DOUG: What's this all supposed to be?
JILL: I was expecting you. I know you, Doug. Better than you know yourself. And I didn't want to miss an opportunity!
DOUG: What's the point? Can't you get the message?! I love Pam, and that's the end of it!
JILL: There's no reason you can't have both of us.
DOUG: Yes, there is! One very good reason. I don't want you both!
JILL: I think you do.
She takes his arm.
DOUG: Don't do that!
JILL: Why not? Afraid you'll weaken?
She follows him out into the street.
DOUG: Stay out of my life! Stay away from me Jill, or I won't be responsible.
<<1793 - 1795>>
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