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Neighbours Episode 1793 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1793
Australian airdate: 21/10/92
UK airdate: 28/09/93
UK Gold: 15/09/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth asks Cameron if he thinks he's selling out, following the incident with the second article about Dorothy. Cameron is torn - he doesn't want to sell out, but he also wants to be permanent staff.
Gaby comes in and tells them she's organised a barbecue for Zed and his mates this weekend. Cameron and Beth are dubious - they don't think it's their scene.
Hannah is acting a bit drunk and Michael offers her another juice. In the kitchen, he makes up another vodka and orange juice. Debbie sees the bottle is almost empty and Michael says they can blame Hannah(!) Michael smirks, evilly.
Doug is working late on building project plans. Pam asks him to have lunch at the Waterhole tomorrow and he agrees. She says he's very quiet and asks if he's OK. He assures her he is and she kisses him on the cheek. He still looks very guilty.
No.26, the following morning
Poor Hannah is hungover, and Debbie isn't feeling great either. Julie suggests that Hannah stays home today. Debbie realises what has happened and scowls at Michael.
Outside No.26
Debbie confronts Michael about spiking Hannah's juice. Michael says Hannah deserved it because she's a pain and he thinks it's funny!
MICHAEL: I wonder what Julie would think if she found out her precious little princess has a hangover!
DEBBIE: I've a good mind to tell her!
MICHAEL: Well, go ahead! And while you're at it, tell them who drank the rest of the vodka! I hardly had any!
Beth and Gaby are late for work. Cameron moans at them for not doing their chores. He resolves to do some manly things rather than just chores(!)
Lassiter's Complex
Gaby and Beth are talking about chores. They see Doug who tells Beth there are some more alterations to do to the plans. He goes off to check the bridge (Benito thinks it might be unsafe)
Bridge (Lassiter's)
Doug is inspecting the bridge when he looks up to find Jill standing over him. She asks him to sneak over to her place tonight for a quiet dinner.
DOUG: Look, Jill, this may sound corny, but I really do love Pam.
JILL: I've known that right from the start. But what's so bad about having the occasional fling? We're not kids, we both know what we're doing.
DOUG: Well, *you* might, but I don't, and that's the problem.
Beth and Gaby come over and interrupt their conversation. Jill tells Doug that they'll meet up again soon and he should ring her whenever he wants to.
Hannah is telling Julie and Phil that she stayed up with Michael and Debbie, but she just had orange juice. Phil says that maybe the juice was off and takes her off to bed. When they've gone, Julie sees the empty classes in the sink. One still has a bit of "juice" in it and she tastes it. Then she goes to the cupboard and finds the vodka bottle almost empty. When Phil comes back, Julie shows him.
JULIE: Your wonderful son must have got our baby daughter drunk last night!
The Office
Benito has lined up a meeting with a Mr Bush this afternoon, who is a good business prospect. He tells Gaby he wants to dazzle the man, and is pleased when he hears that Julie is working this afternoon, not Gaby. Benito tells Gaby that her clothes are wholly unsuitable for the job, and asks her to wear something more appropriate in future. Gaby scowls.
Pam and Doug are having lunch. She asks him about the conference, and just then, Jill comes in. Pam greets her cordially and invites Jill to join them. She gratefully accepts, much to Doug's displeasure.
Cameron is wearing a frilly apron and holding a feather duster, having just finished the chores.
CAMERON:(looking around) Beautiful!
Just then, Gaby strops in, flings herself down on the settee, throws her back on the floor and kicks her shoes off. She tells Cameron about the incident with Benito and her clothes. Cameron can understand Benito's point, but Gaby says she's just following fashion(!)
GABY: You're just as bad as Benito. An over- the- hill, narrow- minded, conservative.
CAMERON: Thanks(!)
GABY: Oh, it burns me up! Just who does he think he is, anyway, complaining about how I *look*!
CAMERON:(reasonably) Your boss!
GABY: Yeah, well. I know exactly how to fix him. I'm really going to give him something to complain about!
Pam asks Jill if she's been seeing anyone, and she says she has - he's a builder! He's about the same age as Doug and very good with his hands(!) Doug gets very uncomfortable and leaves.
Phil is clinging to the possibility that Hannah might have drunk the vodka on her own, but Julie points out that she said Michael was pouring the "juice". Jim tells them to calm down, and that he's sure it was Michael. Phil says he'll have a "strong word" with him. Julie rolls her eyes and says Phil will have to do a lot more than that - and also breaks the news that replacing Gaby's dress will cost $300. Jim offers to lend her the money. Julie suggests that Phil rings his prospective boss, and he agrees.
When Phil is out of the room, Jim comforts Julie.
JULIE: I've had it. I can't take it anymore.
Jim says that his own kids were a bit of a handful, but not quite this bad(!)
JULIE: Michael's uncontrollable. I certainly can't handle him, and if Philip thinks he can, he's just kidding himself.
JIM: But there must be some way to handle him.
JULIE: Well, if there is, we certainly haven't found it.
Phil comes back from ringing his prospective boss. It seems that he rang yesterday and left a message that he had the job. But because Phil didn't ring him back, he assumed Phil had lost interest and gave it to the next guy. Julie wonders who look the message.
PHIL: He said he talked to a teenage boy.
JULIE: Michael!
PHIL: Michael.
Cameron is clearing up again. He tells Beth that Gaby has to start tidying up - she's a slob. Beth suggests putting all of Gaby's dirty cups and plates in her bedroom.
Jim rings up looking for Gaby. She's not there, but Jim wants Gaby to cover Julie's shift this afternoon because of a family emergency. Beth says she'll tell her.
Pam is admiring Gaby's lingerie and notices that Doug is distracted. He says he's having a problem with someone at work.
DOUG: Don't worry about it. I'm going to put a stop to it right now.
PAM: Put a stop to what?!
DOUG: The problem.
PAM: But, Doug, we still haven't spent any time together and we came home specially.
DOUG: I'm not going to be much use to you until I fix this thing, anyway.
He heads off.
Michael says that he just forgot to give Phil the message, as he didn't realise it was so important. He goes on to say that Hannah must have got the drinks mixed up with his and Debbie's by mistake. Phil is fed up and shouts at Michael. Julie starts on about the dress, and Michael says he did it because Julie didn't make him feel very welcome.
JULIE: You liar!
PHIL: Calm down, Julie.
JULIE: I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! I am sick to death of his excuses! Do you know why he didn't give you that message about the bank? Because he didn't want us to be able to afford to send him back to school.
MICHAEL: That's not true!
JULIE: Oh, you wouldn't know the truth if you fell over it!
Phil says Julie also failed to give him a message recently because she didn't think the job was good enough for him. Hannah starts to get upset. Julie says the Michael is a devious liar. Debbie takes Hannah out and tells Michael to fight his own battles.
Jim answers the phone to Benito in the kitchen. Neither Gaby or Julie are at work, but just then Gaby comes in, so Benito hangs up.
The Outer Office
Benito comes out to brief Gaby on the important meeting with his client. She has dyed, red curly hair and even more outrageous clothes on. Benito is speechless!
Phil doesn't know what to do about Michael. Jim doesn't have any bright ideas. Julie comes out of her bedroom with a suitacase.
PHIL: Jules, are you alright? What are you doing?
JULIE: I can't live under the same roof with that boy. I'm leaving you, Philip. I'm going across the street to fetch Hannah, and I'm taking her with me.
She walks out, leaving Phil looking stunned.
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