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Neighbours Episode 1792 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1792
Australian airdate: 20/10/92
UK airdate: 27/09/93
UK Gold: 14/09/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Lizzie Bryant: Marilyn Chestnut
Steve Bentley: Mark Pearl
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick and Toby are discussing the horse race - Rick has a plan and he says Toby should keep playing along so they can get their own back on Michael.
Hannah is moaning that she doesn't want to go on a school excursion. Phil tells Julie quietly that it is a bit expensive(!) He asks Julie about Gaby's dress and she confesses that she hasn't told Gaby yet.
Phoebe is showing Dorothy a photo of Todd. Dorothy gets around to telling Phoebe that she wants her to see a psychiatrist. Phoebe is outraged. Dorothy still doesn't believe that Phoebe met a man at the cemetery. Phoebe is not pleased and stomps off.
Julie has come to see Gaby, but she's out. She observes that Cameron is writing another article for the paper. She tells Cameron she agreed with the last article, and isn't happy that the new article is intended to exonerate Dorothy!
Dorothy and Cathy are having a cup of tea. Dorothy is very concerned about Phoebe and asks Cathy to keep an eye on her.
CATHY: Phoebe's going to be alright. We'll see to that.
Cameron pops round. Dorothy tells him that she has to appear before the disciplinary committee. Cameron says he wants to write a good article about Dorothy, and she can read it before it goes to print. Dorothy agrees.
Rick and Toby are listening to the race on a radio- cassette and Michael joins them. The horse loses and Michael is not happy. Rick tells Michael he knows all about what's going on, and if he dobs Toby in, he'll tell Michael's parents about him using fake ID to open a betting account.
When Michael has gone, Rick and Toby laugh - it was a recording of last weeks race! Better still, Michael dropped the ticket, so they can still claim the cash if it wins!
In the corridor, a bloke called Steve approaches Phoebe to help him with his biology test. She tells him to stop pestering her.
Michael answer the phone and takes a message for Phil.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Marco tells Gaby that Julie has been looking for her. Cathy sees Phoebe and joins her at a table. Phoebe asks her if she likes the name Hattie. She says she's discussed it with Todd and he likes it too. She tells him about the man at the cemetery saying that Todd is with her all the time, so now she chats to him a lot. Cathy looks a bit shocked.
Dorothy is reading Cameron's article and thinks it is a fair portrayal. Cameron heads off to give it in to the editor.
Julie is nagging Phil to call his prospective boss about the job. Phil doesn't want to, saying the boss will ring him.
There's a knock at the door and Debbie answers it to Rick. He's got two tickets to the dance party and Debbie is very pleased.
Outside the Coffee Shop
The man from the cemetery is sitting at a table. He asks Marco about a guy who died a little while ago - Todd Landers as he wants to track down his girlfriend Phoebe - he's like to see her again. He introduces himself as Steve. Steve writes his phone number down, but Marco has already gone.
Phoebe comes in and she is very cross with Dorothy enlisting Cathy to keep an eye on her. She insists she's going to find the guy from the cemetery and prove he's real.
Julie has come to confess to Gaby about the dress. She tells her the dry- cleaners wrecked it and it's beyond repair. Gaby is a bit upset, but takes it fairly philosophically. Julie is shocked to hear the dress was worth $300.
Phoebe is looking at photos of Todd when there's a knock at the door. It's Marco, come to tell her that someone was asking about her today - a guy at the Coffee Shop called Steve. Phoebe thinks he's referring to the boy at school, and tells Marco if he sees him again, to tell him she doesn't want to know.
Michael has decided to go to the dance party, apparently Phil gave him the money. Julie is not happy, saying it costs $30, and how will they pay for Hannah's excursion too? When they've gone, Phil tells Julie that Michael needs positive encouragement - and anyway, Hannah didn't want to go on the excusion. Julie is not happy.
The editor (Lizzie) calls to see Cameron about his article. They are not going to print it, even though it's a good article. Apparently the Erinsborough News has an advertiser who wants to get rid of the present council. Cameron isn't happy that the paper has sold out.
Rick, Debbie and Michael are back from the dance party. Rick is heading off. Michael is just opening some alcohol and offers some to Debbie. Rick tells him not to be stupid. After a bit of an altercation, Rick heads off. Hannah wakes up and asks why they are drinking. She asks for an orange juice. Michael makes her one and picks up the alcohol to spike it.
<<1791 - 1793>>
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